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Think Tank is a web design agency offering print & online creative services to medium size companies. Call 909-393-6363

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Employees: 1-5 Established: 1998 Joined: 2009

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Think Tank is a web design agency offering print and online creative services to medium size companies. We act as a virtual design department for businesses who may not want to hire design staff. We also help in-house designers with overflow work, or sometimes just to offer another perspective.

We provide these design services:
• Web Design (ecommerce, site maintenance, cms, redesigns)
• Graphic Design (packaging, catalogs, sell sheets)
• Consulting
• Email Marketing
• Website Audits

Visit our website and fill out our get a quote form or call 909-393-6363 to discuss your project now and receive a free quote.

Industry Sectors

Health & Beauty, Retail, Manufacturers & Engineers, Automotive, Building & Construction, Food & Drink, Entertainment

Tends to work with

Private Company, Corporation / Public Company

General location of clients:

california, united states, Southern California, Inland Empire, Orange County

Content Management System:

We create websites that you can update yourself. You own the site. Absolutely no monthly fees. Works with brochure websites, ecommerce websites, content management systems (CMS), databases or anything else you need.

Recent Projects

  • Stewy's


    Stewy's is an online store that carries a full line of stylish apparel and accessories for young men and women. Stewy's came to Think Tank as a referral from an existing client. The company had plans to create an online store but didn't really know where to start. Think Tank created logical site ... Read More

  • Madre Labs

    Madre Labs

    Madre Labs is a whole food dietary supplement developer and manufacturer. The client was looking for a website so to market their products and maintain the site themselves. The website compliments their existing packaging while unifying the products under one brand. We also created additional packag... Read More

  • T-Reign


    T-REIGN Outdoor Products manufacturers retractable gear tethers and cases to secure tools, electronics and accessories when hiking, hunting and fishing. These tethers make it possible for people to keep track of their accessories while enjoying their outdoor activities. T-REIGN came to Think Tank... Read More


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Where Ideas Grow

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Top 5 Mistakes Made When Building a Website
We've included five of the most common mistakes made when building a website.

Top 5 ways to increase your email campaigns' effectiveness.
Email marketing should be succinct, targeted at the right people and valuable in some way to the recipient. If you follow a few guidelines your email campaign will be successful. Here are five things to consider while creating your email campaign.

5 ways to improve your website's effectiveness.
Sometimes the smallest change to a website can have a profound impact on it's effectiveness. Below are five often overlooked things you can do to improve your website.

More Tips to Increase Email Marketing Effectiveness
There are many advantages to email marketing. It's affordable, good for the environment, user friendly and when implemented correctly, can drive highly targeted traffic to your website. But email marketing must be done properly to realize it's full benefits. Here are 5 ways to make yours more effective.

Frustrated with your website?
Think you could be getting more business with your website but don't know how? You most likely need to optimize your website. Optimization doesn't have to be complex but it is an ongoing process. Simply put, try something new, evaluate the results, adjust your website accordingly. Repeat. Before we start, there are a couple things you need to understand. You're never done with your site. Website optimization is an ongoing process. Remember: It's not about you. It's about your customers.

How to get more from your online store in tough times.
In today's sluggish economy more and more online businesses are fighting for fewer and fewer consumer dollars. Today, running a successful online store means being in tune with your shoppers needs. To do that, you must put yourself in their shoes. Experience your website from their perspective and ask yourself the following questions:

How To Create An Informative and User Friendly Website
The other day we got a phone call from a marketing director at a local company. They wanted us to diagnose what was wrong with their website. We listened as they told us how frustrated everyone was by how low their sales were and how it never had the return on investment they thought it could have.

Is SEO Dead?
I have been meaning to write a post with this title for some time now. Until last week I hadn't thought much about it. But last Thursday I attended a seminar directed towards creatives. Truly a magical day. When we all sat down to lunch we talked about what's happening in the industry and when one of them found out I was a web professional they asked "So what do you think about SEO?"

Creating A Positive User Experience On Your Website
The visitor is in charge. It's all about them, not you or your ego. Web users view the internet as the next best thing to reality, and in some cases it's more efficient, more user-friendly, and faster. If that's the case, then why do as much as 80% of visitors leave a site within eights seconds of arriving?

What is Responsive Web Design
There has been much time, research and development that has gone into creating seamless user experiences across multiple devices. No longer can Web Designers afford to create sites that look great on just desktop computers. Now they have to also accommodate for tablets and smart phones. And this doesn't even account for the subtle differences between the makers of these devices. Keeping up with all this can be daunting.

How To Create An Effective Call-To-Action
One of the most often forgotten elements of an effective website is a strong call-to-action. Effective call-to-actions help your customers find the products for which they are searching and propels them through the checkout process. Effective call-to-actions help your customers understand what's next and where to go to accomplish their goals.

How To Properly Plan A Website
Why is having a process to design a website important? Because 4 out of 5 or 84% of online adults who experience problems with online transactions share their experiences with others. This greatly amplifies the impact of a bad online experience. Some use word of mouth. Others use online tools like the company's website, email, rating and review websites, online message boards or a blog or social network. So in order to give your customers the best experience possible, you need to start your Web Design project with a period of discovery and proper planning.

How To Write Effective Website Headlines
Roughly 80% of website visitors will look at your headlines. But do they understand what you're talking about? Most websites suffer from the writer's in-depth knowledge of the topic. This can be a bad thing and usually causes you to speak over your visitor's head. Once you know something, it's difficult to imagine what it's like not to know it.

How To Choose A Web Designer
When you go to find someone to create your website it can be very confusing. What do you look for? What questions should you ask? How do you ensure that you've found the right people to design your website? Here are a few questions that will help you find the right web designer for you.

The Importance of Keeping Your Browser Up-To-Date
In working with clients I have found that it is very common that they do not keep their browser software up-to-date. What is a browser you ask? A browser is the software application you use to access the internet. This is different from a search engine. You use the browser to access the search engine as well as any other website online.

What To Look For When Finding Hosting
Very seldom does a day go by that we do not get a phone call from a prospective client who asks us about website hosting. Although we have a trusted web host that we use for our clients we do not handle hosting in-house because it's not in the best interest of our client. Before you signup for hosting consider the following:

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Building A Website
When it comes to mistakes, we all make them. "Three fourths of the mistakes a man makes are made because he does not really know what he thinks he knows." With this in mind, we have included five, but definitely not all, of the most common mistakes made when building a website.

When Do You Need A Brand Identity Expert?
It's been speculated that the average American encounters approximately 6,000 pieces of marketing in a day. It's safe to say that marketing has become deeply engrained in our society. But have you ever stopped to think about the science behind these marketing messages?

How Identity Works
Vision plays an important role in all of our lives. And repeated exposure to a strong visual identity can help consumers make an association and perception about a company, their services or products and their values. Even more effective connections are made through repeated exposure to specific colors and symbols. If we take a moment to reflect on some of the most successful brands we think of companies like Apple, Nike, Target, and McDonald's.

Why Is Branding and Identity So Important?
The term "brand" is often thrown around but does anyone really know what it means when they use it? Alina Wheeler in Designing Brand Identity describes a brand as "...the promise, the big idea, and the expectations that reside in each customer's mind about a product, service or company."

What Is A Competitor Analysis?
A competitor analysis is a vital part of every company's marketing plan that offers a way to evaluate your competitor's strengths and weaknesses. It can help to determine what makes your products or services unique. What will provide you a competitive advantage? How to prevent against future competition? And how to exploit competitor weaknesses?

What Is Primary and Secondary Research?
The labels "primary" and "secondary" may imply an order in which the two types of research occur. But this is not the case. They instead refer to who does the research. Let's examine the difference between both methods of research in more detail.

How Can Research Driven Design Benefit Your Company?
More and more companies are now understanding just how important graphic designers are to their overall economic success. At the same time, clients are also expecting more in the way of assurance that their money is being spent wisely and they are receiving a good return on investment. Most see research driven design as the answer.

Conducting Market Research
Many books have been written on the topic. But it takes more than just reading those books. You also need to actually implement the suggestions. In short, market research is the gathering, evaluation and interpretation of data to understand attitudes, awareness and behavior of potential and existing customers.

Customers Buy Benefits, Not Features. What's The Difference?
Are you still describing your products' features to your customers and overlooking the benefits? If so, you're most likely not realizing your full selling potential. Although customers are interested in the detailed features your products have to offer, they're more likely interested in how these features will benefit them.

Is Your Website In Danger of Being Hacked?
Your initial answer might be no. You may think there's no reason for anyone to do that to you. We aren't politically controversial, we are not promoting some top secret product, we are just a small company minding our own business. A lot of companies think the same way. But in the past year, we have received numerous calls from frantic marketing directors with hacked websites. In each instance their website remained unavailable to the public while we investigate the exploit and shore up any vulnerabilities.

What You Need To Start An Online Store
I had a long conversation today with a prospect who wanted to start their first online store. They were very concerned about what they needed in order to get started. After detailing each item with the prospect we decided to put together this article to help others in the same position begin to build their online store.

Do Coupon Codes Drive Online Sales?
In the past 6 years use of online coupons and promo codes has doubled. Since 2005, the use of online coupons has almost doubled. Online retailers are finding many benefits to offering online coupons and promo codes.

Should You Allow Negative Reviews On Your eCommerce Website?
We've been getting this question a lot lately. The more we heard the same question, the more we felt we should address this on our blog. The short answer is yes but first you need to understand why you should leave those negative reviews for all to see.

How To Create Great Product Images That Sell
In the real world, customers are able to interact with a product they are thinking they might want to buy. They can go to a store, see the actual thing, touch it, play with it and ultimately decide whether or not they want to purchase that item. When shopping online, this is not the case but online retailers can help customers get comfortable with purchasing a product they can't physically experience by following some simple rules.

How To Increase Your Online Sale (Part 1)
Approx 40% of online marketers are not happy with their site's conversion rates. That means that 60% of online marketers are either happy with their current conversion rate or they don't understand what this means. What is a conversion rate you ask? Your conversion rate is the rate at which you convert visitors into customers. This may include things like buying a product, filling out a request form, calling for more info or subscribing to your newsletter.

How To Increase Your Online Sales (Part 2)
Late time, we began part 1 of a 3 part series on how to increase your online sales. In part 1 we covered barriers to increasing conversion rates which included 14 different reasons why customers may choose not to purchase a product online. This time, we'll focus specifically on creating descriptive product pages and the elements that have been proven to increase online sales.

How To Increase Your Online Sales (Part 3 of 3)
In part 1 we covered barriers to increasing conversion rates, part 2 discussed how to create descriptive product pages. In this 3rd and final installment we will be discussing the elements of a user-friendly checkout.

How Do Online Retailers Find Problems With Their Carts?
Usually one of two ways. 1) Checking/testing on a regular basis or 2) when customers start to complain. The latter is not the ideal time. By then, who knows how much money you've lost. Remember, most customers won't take the time to report the problems they have at your website. Usually they just leave and buy from your competition.

Is Your Website Effective For Today's Online Shoppers?
We get numerous calls each week from online retailers who ask us what they can do to boost their sales or ask why their sales are lagging. They tell us that they just aren't getting the sales they want and think something must be wrong. Perhaps they are just too close to the problem to "see the forest through the trees" so to speak. This is all too common.

5 Tips To Optimize Your Website
Think you could be getting more business with your website but don't know how? You most likely need to optimize your website. Optimization doesn't have to be complex but it is an ongoing process. Simply put, try something new, evaluate the results, adjust your website accordingly. Before we start, there are a couple things you need to understand.

What Is Cart Abandonment And How Do You Stop It?
Your online store has been open for some time now. Maybe months, perhaps years. You've got traffic. You've got some sales. But you wonder why so many people add items to the shopping cart and never actually buy these products before leaving your website. You realize you're leaving money on the table and are frustrated to have that money in-hand and watch it disappear before your eyes. The fact is that approximately 75% of all shopping carts are abandoned. Some even as high as 90%!