About us

How it all started...

WhichWebDesignCompany was setup by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs; Radoslav Toth and Nasrin Hafezparast.

The idea for WWDC came about during the time we designed and developed websites for clients. We thought the web design industry was under fire and receiving bad press. We had clients coming to us after paying money to another company (or a computer enthusiast working from his bedroom) who just could not deliver. It resulted in us seeing hideous websites which did absolutely nothing, in fact had a negative impact on the clients business. But how was the client supposed to know? The web designer would tell them he would create a website, it would cost $200, and it will do everything they had asked. Did the 'company' really understand the clients business, their target audience, the graphical and functional aspects of usability and did they create a full specification for the client based on this? Some know how to develop a site with a bit of PHP code, but do they have an eye for design? From what we saw, we thought that something was going seriously wrong ...

Businesses with little knowledge of the Internet and websites were losing faith in the web design industry. We decided to create a central resource and database of web design companies with the main focus of allowing clients to independently rate and review the services provided by a web design company. And at the same time, to create a website which can be easily used to help clients search for a web design company that meets requirements and criteria - whether that's location, budget or services required. And so WWDC was born!


Since it's creation in 2006, WWDC has been providing an online service of top ranked web design agencies around the world, ranked and listed based on ratings and reviews from clients.

9,438 web design companies registered
10,891 client reviews
39,826 client projects uploaded

Radoslav Toth - Rad has been developing websites since the Internet first came about, and yet he's still pretty young and only just got married! (Congratulations!!). He has a strong drive towards achieving the almost impossible and is involved in a number of successful web based projects. The technical brain behind WWDC.

Nasrin Hafezparast - Nasrin went into the web design industry after a degree in Computer Science. She was the partner of a web design company for a number of years, involved mainly in project and client management. Four years ago she left this to pursue a career in Medicine, but actively works on a couple of online projects simultaneously. The creative mind behind WWDC.