FAQ - How WWDC works

What is WWDC?

WWDC is a unique, unbiased and independent website by allowing clients to rate and review any web design company's services and for the web design companies to create an extensive profile about the services they offer, their projects and clients and much more.

WWDC's main aim is to provide the people interested in web design companies with best possible search results to find the company that best fits their needs.

Do WWDC sell the higher positions in the search results to web design companies?

No, noone can buy their way to the top. Companies are listed in order of their WWDC Rank which is based on the quality of their profile.

What is the WWDC Rank?

Every company on this website is given a WWDC Rank Score. This score is a percentage which is calculated based on an algorithm. In all our search results pages, companies are listed in order of their WWDC Rank.

The WWDC Rank Score is used to give companies a membership status as below (WWDC Rank Scores are shown in brackets)

Rank Table

Learn more about the algorithm we use to calculate the WWDC Rank here

How can my company appear in a higher position?

The only way your company can obtain a higher listing is by improving your WWDC Rank.

How can I improve our rank?

  • Fully complete all your profile and keep it regularly updated
  • Ask your clients to review you
  • Upload as many clients and projects as you can
  • Submit articles
  • Recommend other businesses
  • Take the interview
  • Upload photos of your team and office
  • Answer questions posted in the 'Ask a Designer' section

In summary, the more of an active member you are on WWDC the higher your WWDC Rank

Someone has written a false review, can it be removed?

We investigate all allegations of false reviews and take them seriously. Please contact us and notify us which review you believe to be false. We will temporarily 'hide' the review until a decision has been made.

Why can't I find my web design company on WWDC?

A web design company must register themselves on the website. WWDC do not add all web design companies. If you would like to review a company that is not listed here, we suggest you contact them to let them know about the site so they can register.

How much does it cost to register my web design company?

Absolutely zilch, nothing, completely free!

What if I don't agree with the review that has been written?

You have 2 options:

  • decline the review - however this effects negatively on your WWDC Rank
  • write a comment - to give your side to the story

The last remaining option is to remove your company from WWDC which you can do by accessing your account after logging in (if you register again in the future, your original profile will be reinstated).

If you receive an false, biased or abusive review, please report it to WWDC.

How do I review a company on WWDC?

  1. Search for the company you'd like to review and find their profile
  2. Click on 'write a review'
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Click on the confirmation link sent to your email address

Can the web design company delete my review?

No, web design companies can't remove reviews, it would be biased if they could! However they can report false reviews for us to investigate and of course we would remove any abusive reviews.

Web design companies can also choose to 'decline' a review and write a comment about what has been written.

Can I edit my review?

Yes, just follow the same steps as you did to write the review, and use the same email address. Make any changes to your existing review and confirm by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address.

How do I remove a false review?

If you suspect a review left on your profile is not accurate, please contact us with as much information as possible in relation to the nature of the review and we will temporarily hide the review until formally investigated by contacting the reviewer.

How do I remove my company?

Login to WWDC, then under the 'Edit my profile' section, you will find a link to remove your profile. Note that reviews left for your company name will be stored and these will be shown again if you re-register on WWDC.

How is the WWDC Rank Algorithm calculated?

The complete algorithm is comprised of the following components which are added up to give a percentage WWDC Rank Score:

Rank BreakdownWeightCalculation
Reviews55%Takes the average rating out of 5 given by the client when writing their review (with adjustments made for how long ago the review was written and the total number of reviews written)
Client Projects15%Takes into consideration each project uploaded, how long ago it was uploaded and the total number of projects uploaded.
Company Profile5%Points gained by completing sections in Company Account, Company Services, Team and Office sections.
Articles5%Takes into consideration each article uploaded, how long ago it was uploaded and the total number of articles uploaded.
Interview5%Each answer written scores 1 point. If all 16 questions are answered the company will receive maximum points (ie 5%).
Recommendations5%Each recommendation of another business service gives the company 1 point. If a company gives a recommendation for all the 5 other business services they will receive maximum points (ie 5%)
Ask A Designer5%Takes into consideration each answer written by the company in our ‘Ask A Designer’ section, how long ago it was written and the total number of answers written.
Activity5%Maximum score given if a company has logged in within the last week, 0 points given to companies who have not logged in in the last 6 months