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Pixel Productions Inc.

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A website design company that will help you find the right balance between price, style and functionality.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 1-5 Established: 2004 Joined: 2010

Casa de Case Latest Work
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We know businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to partnering with a design company, so what makes Pixel Productions different? Good question… Pixel is a well-established design company, not so small that you need to worry about where we’ll be in a year or two and not so large that you’ll be passed off to an account rep.Secondly, there are no surprises with us. We make sure our clients have a good understanding of the design process, development schedule and costs involved to achieve project bench marks.

Industry Sectors

Food & Drink, Professional Services, Automotive, Entertainment

Tends to work with

Private Company, Corporation / Public Company, Startup

General location of clients:

United States

Recent Projects

  • Casa de Case

    Casa de Case

    Distributor of high quality Italian Olive Oil. This was an eCommerce solution and brand identity facelift for Casa de Case. We created a custom eCommerce site on the BigCommerce platform that they could use for both wholesale and retail sales. Read More

  • The Pawn Stars

    The Pawn Stars

    The History Channel’s break away hit, Pawn Stars, is one of the most-watched shows on cable TV. The show focuses on the dealings of a family-owned business called the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, run by three generations of the Harrison family: Rick, his son Big Hoss, and Rick’s dad, The Old Man. Pe... Read More

  • Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Medford

    Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Medford

    Medford's Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change promotes trust, reliability, and service for customers. Pennzoil team members are knowledgeable about your vehicle and do their best to make sure your services are expertly performed as quickly as possible. Finding the time to service your vehicle can be a cha... Read More


Are You Referencing a Website or Copying a Website?
Being able to determine the difference between using a site as reference and blatantly copying a website seems like a clear case of common sense. So, why does it seem that when it comes to material online, so many people are making the decision to just “take” what they find?