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A down to earth straight talking, hard working friendly agency .

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 6-10 Established: 2002 Joined: 2007

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40 years experience of print and digital design, we listen, listen, and listen some more.

Then we respond deliver, implement and assess the impact.

What you see is what you get with no waffle, just great ideas that are well executed and which deliver results.

Industry Sectors

Financial & Legal, Food & Drink, Manufacturers & Engineers, Other, Health & Beauty, Tourism & Travel, Entertainment, Educational, Professional Services, Public Sector

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Private Company, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Non-profit Organisation, Corporation / Public Company, Startup, Public Sector

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Recent Projects

  • TTR Barnes

    TTR Barnes

    TTR Barnes is a Sunderland based firm of Chartered Accountants who have been providing expert accountancy advice for over 75 years. North East design agency Urban created a new brand identity for the firm followed by the design and development of a new website. Read More

  • Gateshead Business

    Gateshead Business

    Gateshead Council has set up a new forum, Gateshead Business, which is designed as “The place for Gateshead businesses to learn, share and trade”. Urban River created a website which provides a central place for small businesses in Gateshead to identify other businesses that they could work with... Read More

  • Choice and Medication

    Choice and Medication

    Choice and Medication is an informative website which helps people to make decisions by providing a range of information about medications used in a mental health setting. The site is endorsed by a number of health providers including the NHS and health organisations across the world. Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 5 Apr, 2013
    Company recommended by reviewer Innovative design and great use of modern colours and graphics. Very pleased with the new brand. Great communication from start to finish. We were involved in all the design decisions and worked closely with the designers so t...  Read More

    Katie Buckley
    — Key Wealth Management


EULDA - 2006
European Logo Design Annual

The College Marketing Network - 2008
National College Marketing Network FE First Awards


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Quirky. Passionate. Dedicated. Fun. Remarkable

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : Having just celebrated our 10th Birthday we hope that the next 10 years are just as successful. Urban River will continue to grow and develop and we will still be creating great brands, design and websites and excelling in customer service in 10 years time.

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Avoiding the pitfalls of branding
A strong brand combines a solid identity with effective communications. A bad brand is what marketers and designers would say is one of the most vital pitfalls to avoid! Most people acknowledge that making a good first impression is vital. For most companies that first impression is made by the visual identity of the company – most often their logo.

Choosing the right creative agency
There’s no doubt that enlisting the help of a creative agency to help with your business’s marketing strategies can pay dividends if you don’t have the expertise in-house to carry out such tasks… but how can you be sure you’re taking on the best agency to suit your particular needs?

How To Buy a Website
Changing your website, whether refreshing an existing or commissioning a completely new one, has the potential to become an expensive, time consuming and frustrating experience. However, with solid planning and thought you can expect the process to be simple, enjoyable and a valuable investment of your time and money.

Thinking Outside The Box
This month, The X Factor returned to our screen which means as well as the music moguls raking it in, the TV big-wigs are rubbing their hands together at the thought of this year’s advertising charges (which emptied the wallet at £250,000 per advert in the 2010 final).

Is Google+ just another Social Media site?
Along with the ‘standard’ Facebook and Twitter icons which we have just gotten used to seeing, along comes Google to trounce them all. Again. So is there any real need for a 3rd ‘share this news’ option?

An introduction to SEO
An introduction and some useful pointers about putting your website on the map.

How to make your Brand memorable
A truly great brand can increase sales, confidence and create a lasting relationship with your clients.

What’s so scary about creativity?
Creativity need not take the form of an attention-grabbing publicity stunt or an expensive piece of advertising. Neither should it deter from the founding values of your business. It should embrace the aims and objectives which support your business and be used to improve your balance sheet in the years to come.

Industry trends: Responsive design
“The internet will be mostly browsed using mobile devices by 2015”. Believe it or not this prediction by the International Data Corporation is proving to be correct as 2011 Knowledge Network studies show “Tablet owners are spending most time online”. But what does this mean for the design and creative sector, the millions of websites online and your business? Don’t panic, the way the design industry works is adapting just as quickly as consumer’s browsing behaviour is. Introducing the revolutionary way of building websites; responsive design.

The 6 most important ways to generate new customers
WWDC asks Hannah Mattinson, Marketing Manager of Urban River to rank the 6 most important ways to generate new customers.

10 Tips for branding success
The branding of a company is one of the most important aspects of a strong company when it comes to securing the goodwill and trust of your customers. By following a few simple guidelines a strong brand can add value to your company and ultimately generate sales – Carl Buckley from Urban River Creative explains how.

Benefits of a website
You own it, it’s yours, and it’s the yardstick by which your entire online business will be measured. In an uncertain and constantly evolving digital world, your website is the one thing over which you have complete and explicit control. You can change anything and everything on your website, you can tweak, it tune it and manipulate it in any way you want; you can build in many ways to track and measure all of the activity on your website.

App Privacy – how much does your download know about you?
Mobile privacy rules are currently set by the mobile application company. This leaves you, the consumer, wondering who’s regulating the app makers T+C’s and who’s looking out for your privacy. Hannah Mattinson, Marketing Manager of Urban River highlights the dangers of app privacy.

Mobile websites: Over-rated or opportunity?
Given the recent statistic that 75% Smartphone users are now making purchases via their smartphones, did you know that only 17% companies have mobile-optimised websites? 17%. That includes the big player’s right through to the one-man bands, so what’s taking them so long to realise the opportunity they are missing out on? Hannah Mattinson, Marketing Manager at Urban River ponders why…

How to retain customers
With marketing budgets suffering in recent years, it is more important than ever for both B2B and B2C sellers to look after their remaining customers. The good news is that trusted marketer Reichheld rightly claimed retention is cheaper too, 5-7 times cheaper than finding a new customer in fact! Hannah Mattinson, Marketing Manager at Urban River gets you started on the right foot…

Mobile Marketing: What is this new advertising platform?
So you’ve got your ad on Google, and have considered advertising on Facebook/LinkedIn but you’re looking to get ‘down with the kids’ and blow the competition away by adopting up-and-coming marketing trends, well done. Hannah Mattinson, Marketing Manager at Urban River reviews your options.

What would your customers want from a mobile experience?
More and more people are browsing the Internet on their mobile phones and the real trendsetters out there are launching mobile-optimised versions of their services. Our client TT2 Ltd, The Tyne Tunnels have launched an iPhone Web App which is an example of a local company going to great lengths to give their customers a great mobile experience,

Email – Friend or Foe
Email was a great invention, but shouldn’t be allowed to takeover your life.

Blogs: Should your business have one?
Urban River looks at a few reasons why your business should have a blog.

Online vs. Offline
A lot of organisations are now focusing all or most of their attention on online marketing activities and completely forgetting about their offline marketing presence. Urban River takes a look at why you shouldn't just focus on one or the other.

Responsive Design: What is it?
You’ve heard designers and developers talk about it, but what exactly is responsive web design?