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Established 1999, we specialise in cost-effective, quality CMS websites for small-medium sized businesses across the UK

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 11-20 Established: 1999 Joined: 2009

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Established in 1999 and with over 2000 clients spread across the UK, we specialise in designing bespoke website packages that combine high-quality design, ease of use and Passionate Customer Service.

We pride ourselves on our high standards and make the process of building a website as easy as possible, leaving you more time to spend on running the business itself.

Our websites are easily updated and fully supported by a dedicated team of experts who are always on hand to answer your call within just 3 rings and will offer unlimited training and support whenever you need it!

Industry Sectors

Manufacturers & Engineers, Financial & Legal, Not for profit / Charity, Consumer Services, Sports & Leisure, Educational, Health & Beauty, Professional Services, Public Sector, Building & Construction, Tourism & Travel, Retail, Media & Communication, Food & Drink, Other, Automotive, Entertainment, Recruitment, IT

Tends to work with

Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Private Company, Startup, Public Sector, Corporation / Public Company, Entrepreneur, Non-profit Organisation

General location of clients:

United Kingdom

Content Management System:

There are no coding skills required, it's an uncomplicated system that everyone can use to update their website. We have customers young and old using the Toolkit to update their website with text, images and documents every day. The Toolkit has been developed to be feature rich, but still made it easy for you to update your website. Having the Toolkit at your fingertips means that you can update your website from any computer with an internet connection, 365 days a year. The Toolkit makes updates quick and easy, and with our extensive Support Site, backed up with our passionate customer service that is second to none, you will be editing your website with ease in next to no time.

We Recommend:

Accountant: CMACCS
Lawyer: Morgan Rose Solicitors
Printer: Green Inc
SEO expert: Build Business Online Ltd
Hosting company: Rackspace

Recent Projects

  • Wright Construction

    Wright Construction

    Wright Construction is a well-established privately owned company that hold a solid reputation on the Islands specialising in the fields of construction and civil engineering works. Read More

  • Aberdeen City Electrical Ltd

    Aberdeen City Electrical Ltd

    Electricians that work in the city of Aberdeen, they can do electrical Installation (small or large) from a bathroom fan to a complete property re-wire. Read More

  • The Royal British Legion

    The Royal British Legion

    The Bideford branch of the Royal British Legion is just one of many branches throughout the U.K. that offer assistance and support to ex service and serving personnel and their families. Most people think it's about Poppy Appeal once a year but this just isn't the case, the help offered can range fr... Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 4 Jan, 2016
    Company recommended by reviewer The guys are simply fantastic. The guys and girls helped me every step of the way and created a masterpiece. I have had nothing but compliments for my site. top job and would recommend to anyone from any industry. My website looks...  Read More

    Dov Bloom
    — DB Diamonds LTD

  • Reviewed on 3 May, 2015
    Company recommended by reviewer An extremely satisfactory relationship and production. Having been let down by my former website company, the contrast of service from Toolkit Websites was exceptional. From the start I was treated as if they really valued my cus...  Read More

    Michael Shilson
    — Honeyrock Health

  • Reviewed on 23 Mar, 2015
    Company recommended by reviewer Toolkits designed our website for us a number of years ago and throughout the process kept us informed and up to date with what was happening. They listened carefully to our brief and delivered a website that has helped take our b...  Read More

    Kate Lancey-Smith
    — JEMS


Approved Index - 2012
5 Star Rated Supplier

Southampton City Council - 2011
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Safe Buy - 2008
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Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Passionate, Supportive, Efficient, Friendly, Responsive

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : Over the last 10 yeas, Toolkit Websites has gone from strength to strength and we now have over 2000 clients across the UK. In 10 years from now, we hope and aim to be working with twice as many clients, whilst still providing our excellent level of Passionate Service. We strive to succeed by adapting to the ever-changing web industry market, utilising new technologies perhaps not yet invented and having fun on our break times with hover-boards.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : Since the business started under the name of Green Design, we began building The Toolkit, an online system that gives our clients all the tools they need to update their websites. Initially developed to allow large sailing event clients to update their websites 24 hours a day, it was soon adapted to allow all of our customers to update all aspects of their website content. Soon the system was so advanced and becoming increasingly popular, when the Toolkit was launched, we rebranded under the name of Toolkit Websites.

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The end of the click?
The way we interact with our computers is changing thanks first to touch screens and now a new laser and camera interface that takes us another step towards the man/machine.

Viewing the web on a mobile device.
Today many websites have a ‘mobile’ version of the site for use with smartphones. When you access the web through your mobile, websites will automatically direct you to the mobile version of their pages.

Get Your Website Right
Marcus Green, founder of Toolkit Websites Ltd, on how to go about choosing a web design company

Facebook’s New Graph Search
Facebook’s new search tool could be solid gold for marketers.

Google goes it alone with new Chrome
Google announces that it’s dumping the WebKit software currently used in its Chrome.

Social media in thirty minutes
Useful tips and advice on how to manage your social media.

Happy Birthday Internet!
Surely no invention in the history of humanity can have changed the world as quickly as the one you’re looking at now. The Internet was 30 years old on January 1.

Battle of the video sharing apps
If the brevity of Twitter’s 140 character limit is your thing, then the company has a new way for the straight-to-the-point among us to communicate, six second video clips.

Communicating with your customers using social media
Is your business able to react to consumers on social media? Some major US businesses are deciding that older communication channels are the best way to deal with customer complaints.

How to keep your website working for you.
So, you’ve got a beautiful website that perfectly represents your business and is easy as pie to use. Job done, right? No, job started. A static website will soon disappear in cyber space. But keeping your site vital and lively isn’t difficult; it’s a brilliant way to talk to new and existing customers and can even be great fun.

The most important panda on the web.
It’s not some viral video of the lazy, cuddly Chinese bears doing something unbearably cute. No, the most important panda on the web lurks somewhere in Google’s HQ in California and has a say in deciding whether browsers find your site or not.

Windows 8 could kill the PC, but not yet
Do you use Windows 8? It’s just as controversial as any release from Microsoft, and it’s also very different. It’s the first edition of the world’s dominant operating system designed with tablets in mind. The recent news that Google has become a ‘mobile first’ company further confirms that there is a big swing away from the traditional desktop PC.

Creativity is the key to social marketing
Mashable has put up a decent guide to social marketing from a food truck that prowls the streets of Tallahassee in Florida. That might seem rather industry-specific, but the lessons our intrepid waffle makers learned can be applied whatever your trade is.

Custard online marketing agency
The wonderfully named Custard online marketing agency has published a nice guide to getting your content read. It starts with a frightening number (which is already massively out of date): your website was just one of 644 million active sites last year. That’s an awful lot of content. Much of that content will be terrible, you’ve probably seen some of it yourself, but some of it will be great but ignored.

Hash Tags
You want your business's message to be heard on Twitter. That’s tough. You have to find a way to be more interesting to his friends than Dave’s party at the weekend, and eight million pictures of cats.

Why you must think like Google and ignore Google
If the internet has a god, it is Google. There’s a reason why Google is at the top of the internet’s food chain, it’s because the company vastly improved the way searchers could find information, and that’s the business they remain in. It's important to think like Google and ignore Google.

Guides to web design: functionality and impact
Web design is a constantly changing business, nothing in history has ever moved as fast as the web, and at Toolkit we are always working to keep on top of the latest developments.

Content specialists could be worth the cost
Would you want your plumber to fix your car? Probably not, yet companies are quite happy to hand over content production to software specialists and are in danger of jeopardising customer experience as a result say marketing experts.

Half phone, half tablet
Last week in Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress saw the great and the good of the phone world come together to prod at each other’s touch screens and match apps. One of the hits of the show was a new pair of gadgets from Asus, which are an intriguing step towards the integration of the smartphone and tablet markets.

Going viral
Going viral – as they say – is the holy grail of internet marketing.

How to use email marketing to drive business
Social media marketing grows and grows, but it would be foolish to email as a means of talking to customers and winning their business. Research shows that social media is a major draw on business time while a well-managed email campaign can be both quick and effective.

Are you optimising for mobile devices?
One in three Americans now own a tablet according to recent research from the Pew Research Centre. It’s just another confirmation that if your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices then you’re waving goodbye to customers at a frightening rate.

Why Email Marketing Still Works
Social media marketing grows and grows, but it would be foolish to email as a means of talking to customers and winning their business. Research shows that social media is a major draw on business time while a well-managed email campaign can be both quick and effective.

SEO Tip You Should Follow
You will have seen the phrase, Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, if you’ve taken any interest in online marketing. You’ve probably been offered SEO services, and told that it’s how your website gets on the elusive first page of Google results. SEO isn’t something you have to buy in; with a set of relatively simple rules, you can make your site climb up the rankings on your own.

Why upgrade an older website?
Your tired website could be costing you more than just hosting fees.

Five must-dos when transferring your domain
Down time is wasted time online. If your site goes offline while you’re moving to a new design or web address you run the risk of sending potential customers away – not only will they not buy from you, they’re also going to form a very negative image of your company. That’s why at Toolkit we’re committed to providing you with not only a great new website but also a seamless transition.

Business class mail services
The first lesson of marketing is that everything you do – every letter, every phone call, every Facebook update – should be considered a marketing opportunity. Using business class email will give your electronic messages a professional look and feel that’s priceless, but which comes at a surprisingly low cost.

Blog your way up the rankings
Blogging has been one of the most enduring creations of the internet age. With a simple but powerful platform for self-expression, a wave of writing that’s unparalleled in human history has been unleashed. Blogging is also a brilliant tool for business: companies can become individual and personal, show their expertise and talk to their customers. It’s also a great – and simple and cheap – way to send your site shooting up the search engine rankings.

How's Your Brand?
The web has given everyone the opportunity to become a personal brand – to share portfolios, to blog, upload CVs and network, network, network. Here are some useful tools for managing how you’re represented on the web.

A Quick Guide to Google Analytics
Many of us today have a website of some description. Whether you run your own business, manage an online store or you have your own blog, tracking who is visiting your website and why is vital to succeeding in the online world.

Why do I need a web designer?
Do I try and design my own website, or use an experienced web designer? We evaluate the need for and benefits of using a professional web designer.

An on page SEO checklist
Many people believe SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is so advanced and specialist they would not be able to understand or implement it. In reality, there are plenty of things most people can easily do themselves, with very little technical knowledge. In particular, there are lots of easy to implement on-page SEO tricks that will give your website a huge boost in Search Rankings.