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We've been working with the Internet since 1995 and have steadily built up our customer base to what it is now.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 6-10 Established: 1995 Joined: 2007

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We've been working with the Internet since 1995 and have steadily built up our customer base to what it is now. We believe strongly in keeping our clients happy, no matter what. The part of our business we are most proud of is the number of new accounts that we create each month through word-of-mouth. Advertising on sites like Google or Yahoo is great; but you can't beat real people telling real people how good we are!

Industry Sectors

Consumer Services, Media & Communication, IT, Food & Drink, Building & Construction, Not for profit / Charity, Tourism & Travel, Entertainment, Educational, Manufacturers & Engineers, Professional Services

Tends to work with

Private Company, Entrepreneur, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Startup, Public Sector

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Accountant: Dean Statham LLP
Lawyer: Knights LLP
SEO expert: HyperSubmit at
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    Promo Pocho UK

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    Wheels The Driving School

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Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 27 May, 2009
    Company recommended by reviewer We have been dealing with Simple Web Hosting for many years now. They were responsible for the web design of our first two company web sites and my personal web site for my holiday villa in Florida. We would highly r...  Read More

    R J Melkin
    — R J Melkin & Sons

  • Reviewed on 27 May, 2009
    Company recommended by reviewer i was very happy with the website from simple - they were easy to talk to and didnt use alot of jargon like some other companies!! they were also able to correct my numerous spelling mistakes before making the site live!! if you n...  Read More

    marie evans
    — flowers by marie

  • Reviewed on 8 Nov, 2008
    Company recommended by reviewer I was over the moon with the end result of our site redesign handled by Paul at simple web hosting. The look is perfect and exactly what we were after. He couldn't have been more helpful and was able to fill in the gaps that we le...  Read More



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Ranked UK No. 1

Web Host Directory - April 2006
Number one UK Unix Web Hosting provider

Web Host Directory - March 2006
Number one UK Shared Web Hosting provider


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : professional, caring, helpful, friendly, value!

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : We plan to continue our success of the last five years over the next ten. We strive to ensure our customers are happy with us and with their website.

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What domain name(s) should I register?
One of the questions we get asked most often by new customers is “What domain name(s) should I register?”

Why UK web hosting is best for UK web hosting customers
In the ever-shrinking world we live in, we’re constantly being told that we can buy just as easily from across the pond as we can in our own high street.

Why Having a Professionally Designed Website Is Best
In this day and age, a website is an important, almost essential feature of any business. Having a web presence gives potential customers somewhere to go in order to find the information that they need on your company without having to go through the hassle of contacting you or travelling anywhere. They simply need to type a few words into a search box and all of the information that they need is right there in front of them.

What a Blog Can Do For Your Business
With the surging power of the Internet, businesses are now being forced to harness the power of the web in order to show that they are in touch with the modern age. The Internet also allows for a second level of communication with prospective customers, which can humanise a business and make your organisation and therefore your products more personable as a whole.

Why Web Hosting Uptime Is Important
Picture the scene. You are looking for a website as you want to buy (for example) a book on how to market your business. The first thing you do is put “marketing books” into a search engine of your choice. Slowly, you begin to work your way through the results that the search engine throws up. Most of them are rubbish, but you find one that looks good. You click the link.

The Power of Ecommerce and How Easy It Is To Start Selling
Before the turn of the century and the beginning of the new millennium, no-one would have been able to tell you what ecommerce was. Now though, ecommerce is big business. More and more companies have decided to utilise the power of the web in order to get their products to their customers in a way that is more convenient for everyone.

What to Look For In a Web Designer
The visual appearance of your website is an integral factor to its success. If your website is not pleasing to look at, then visitors aren’t going to want to stay on the page for very long and therefore they won’t get the information from the page that you want them to get. For this reason, you must ensure that your design is excellent. If you aren’t particularly good at web design yourself, then it is a good idea to hire a professional to do the job for you.

What to Look For In a Web Host
The most important organisation involved in your website is almost unquestionably the web host. These are the people that are responsible for putting your site on the Internet and also keeping it online. Without them, there is no way that anyone else could see your website and thus there would be very little point in working hard to produce reams of content. It is of no use to you if it cannot be seen.

Why Subtlety Is the Holy Grail of Web Design
The online world is packed with terrible websites. Many people simply don’t know what they are doing when they design their website and thus the end result is unspeakably awful. Indeed, a few hours browsing through search results and you are almost certainly going to find that a huge proportion of the websites online are very poorly made.

Do You Really Need A Content Management System?
Many webmasters actually don’t know anything about the code a website runs off. A lot of the people who do the day to day running of a web page have absolutely no idea how HTML or PHP work and would be completely flummoxed if presented with the code that controls all of their flashy JavaScript effects. How do they run the site then? Well they simply use something use something called a CMS.

How to Write the Best Website Content
So you’ve created the perfect design for your website. It looks beautiful and you are sure that a page this pretty is going to draw in hundreds of new customers to send your revenue flying through the roof. But there is one problem. Your website currently lacks content. How are people going to find out about all of your amazing products? You are going to have to write something and it has to be good.

Harnessing the Power of Popular News Stories
In these days, underestimating the power of the news media is a very dangerous thing to do. Consumers have more access to the news now than they ever have before what with television, radio, internet and the basics of word of mouth. With so much access to this material, popular news stories or those that are particularly interesting/distressing spread like wildfire, soon being the thing that everyone is talking about.