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NSDesign help businesses and organisations maximise their success online.

Languages Spoken: English, Italian

Employees: 6-10 Established: 1999 Joined: 2007

Babysteps to Parenting Latest Work
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NSDesign is a digital agency providing web design, social media consultancy, and digital solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Established in 1999 in Glasgow, Scotland, they offer a superb range of services, including web design, domain registration, web hosting, social media training, and SEO.

Combined with value for money prices and unrivalled customer care, NSDesign are an obvious choice for your online and digital business requirements.

Industry Sectors

Not for profit / Charity, Sports & Leisure, Retail, Other, Building & Construction, Food & Drink, Entertainment, Professional Services, Educational, Recruitment, Health & Beauty, Media & Communication, Manufacturers & Engineers, Public Sector, Tourism & Travel, IT

Tends to work with

Corporation / Public Company, Private Company, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Startup, Non-profit Organisation, Public Sector

General location of clients:


Content Management System:

As well as our own CMS system (NSBuilder) we regularly implement Open Source Solutions such as Wordpress. NSBuilder is an online Site Builder / Content Management System (CMS) created by NSDesign Ltd. It allows organisations to produce and manage a professional, accessible website within minutes.

We Recommend:

Accountant: Campbell Dallas
Lawyer: BTO

Recent Projects

  • Babysteps to Parenting

    Babysteps to Parenting

    Babysteps is "The only guide to parenting you will ever need", and combines an online interactive diary to record your baby's progress, with access to babycare consultants to help you take the right steps. A 100% bespoke website with dedicated "mobile" content allowing diary updating on the go. Read More

  • Alba Innovation Centre

    Alba Innovation Centre

    Alba Innovation Centre is a Scottish Enterprise project delivered through Innovation Centres Scotland Ltd. Alba provides incubation services and support for growing businesses in Scotland. Built upon a Wordpress framework, NSDesign designed and developed a bespoke "responsive design" site, incorpora... Read More

  • Appshare


    Appshare provide a unique collaboration platform aimed at enterprise businesses. They approached NSDesign to help design and brand not only the new website, but all promotional materials, as well as the interface design for the collaboration software itself. The website is build on a bespoke Wordpre... Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 15 Feb, 2012
    Company recommended by reviewer A great company to work with; we have been able to get through a pile of sites design tweaks and changes as well as bring up some new portals in super fast time. I love it. Collaboration is good - smartly done through there client...  Read More

    Kenny Phipps
    — v6 ("Too short", it said; well that's my company name, so can I ask you to deal with that?)

  • Reviewed on 12 Sep, 2009
    Company recommended by reviewer We selected NS Design to build our new online ecommerce Dancewear shop (Dancewear Universe - as they had provided an excellent level of support and service, hosting our existing dancewear shop w...  Read More

    Roger Shaw
    — Dancewear Universe

  • Reviewed on 8 Sep, 2009
    Company recommended by reviewer NS Design built us a fabulous website that we can easily content manage ourselves. They gave us lots of good advice in advance of us finalising our brief and then worked very closely with us to our achieve exactly what we wanted...  Read More

    Lesley McAteer
    — McAteer Photograph Ltd


Social Buzz Awards - 2011
Finalist in the "Best Social Media Stunt" category.

Herald Digital Business Awards - 2011
Finalist in the "Digital Supplier" award.

Recommended Agency Register Awards - 2011
Winner of the RAR "Best in Digital", "Best in Client Service" and "Best in Value for Money" categories.


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Innovative, Accessible, Professional, Fun, Quality

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : In 10 years we'll be over 20 years old!.. and the UK Leader in Small-Medium Business Web Development and Social Media Consultancy... we're getting there!

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : It's an official trade secret, but shouldn't take you too long to work it out ;)

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