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Immersive Media

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London's Top Rated Web Design & SEO Company, 20 Years Experience, Results Driven SEO campaigns.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 11-20 Established: 2001 Joined: 2007

Builders Merchant Online Store Latest Work
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We are the UK's top rated Web Design & SEO agency based in Greater London. Delivering high quality websites with attention to detail. We have successfully launched and supported Websites for a wide range of clients in different industry areas. We are the one-stop-shop for all your Website and electronic marketing needs. With over 20 years experience within the industry and having delivered hundreds of engaging, functional websites and e-commerce shops complemented by our SEO campaigns we really know what works for your company.

Industry Sectors

Consumer Services, Building & Construction, Media & Communication, IT, Recruitment, Educational, Entertainment, Manufacturers & Engineers, Tourism & Travel, Health & Beauty, Professional Services, Sports & Leisure, Food & Drink, Gambling, Other, Public Sector, Financial & Legal, Retail, Automotive, Not for profit / Charity

Tends to work with

Entrepreneur, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Private Company, Startup, Corporation / Public Company, Public Sector, Non-profit Organisation

General location of clients:

Surrey, London, UK and International clientbase

Content Management System:

We can integrate open source and bespoke website Content Management Systems (CMS) into any website, whether its a 5 page brochure website or an all "singing and dancing" e-commerce online shop. We empower businesses to develop and maintain their own web solutions, which can be administered with little or no technical knowledge using online WYSIWIG editors with intuitive Microsoft Word like controls without requiring the skills or paying the costs for regular website changes and modifications. Using a Content Management System is also a great way to ensure that your website is constantly updated, providing the user with fresh content which follows hand in hand with web marketing & SEO best practices.

We Recommend:

Accountant: JMH Financial Services
Printer: Star Signs
SEO expert: Blog Online Marketing
Hosting company: Heart Internet

Recent Projects

  • Builders Merchant Online Store

    Builders Merchant Online Store

    An online store for the building trade of the supply of building materials Read More

  • Tony Scaffolding

    Tony Scaffolding

    A London based scaffolding company that had a website that was designed and coded incorrectly which was failing to gain customers within the search engines we have completely redesigned a mobile friendly CMS website which is now working effectively within the search engines Read More

  • BH Lookalikes

    BH Lookalikes

    A world-renowned lookalike character, actor and voice over artist Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 7 Mar, 2017
    Company recommended by reviewer Good service, no issues, Masters of the Internet! Professionalism at its best! My previous website was so badly ranked that you needed two days to find it in any search engine. Now with the new website my business is positioned in...  Read More

    Gary H
    — Allmat (East Surrey) Ltd.

  • Reviewed on 28 Oct, 2016
    Company recommended by reviewer Totally recommended! I needed a new website built for my business really fast. From start to finish the guys at Immersive Media did it in less than 3 weeks, I am really impressed with the new website! to begin with I had problems...  Read More

    — Tony Scaffolding

  • Reviewed on 28 Oct, 2016
    Company recommended by reviewer Immersive Media were good listeners who were happy to come up with solutions and exhibited patience with a technophobe who doesn't really understand the terminology or processes. Delighted with the end result. The best website com...  Read More

    Brian H
    — BH lookalikes


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Professional, Friendly, Experienced, Honest, Affordable

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : Progressing and expanding as a business like we are now. I have seen the results that we achieve. What we provide is affordable to any business and the more people that know about us the better.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : When you include our 360 degree Virtual Tour photography and video service in the mix with a professionally crafted website we really produce online media which truly 'Immerses' the viewer.

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Good Design – Secret Of Website Success
First opinions count... the key to a successful website is simply one that is user-friendly and that has a quality design.

So many to choose from...which web company is right for me?
Have you chosen the right website design company for your project? Choosing the correct web design company for your next business venture is certainly not a choice to take lightly. In fact, it is the first step towards a successful online business.

SEO - Info For Those Who Don't Know?
What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation is an art and science of constructing the website code and copy in such a way that search engines like them and as a result rank your pages highly for relative search terms. If all goes to plan your website could be listed on first page of search engine’s free listings also called as “natural” or “organic” listings.

Page Rank
Page rank info

SEO & Meta Keywords
In your HTML file, in between the tags there are two meta tags you can use which were created to help inform search engines about your website:

Researching Keywords
Choosing the right keywords to focus on can be the difference between being ranked highly for the most popular terms and being buried on page 3 or below.

On-site & Off-siteSEO
On-site deals with all the variables you can control as the site’s webmaster. These are primarily based around your use of keywords: Off-site deals with the variables on other sites search engines use ranking your site.

Geographical Keywords
If you serve a limited geographic location, optimise your website’s SEO for the geographic locations you are targeting.

Anchor Text
When determining which keywords your site should be shown for and how high you should be ranked, one of the variables the search engines analyse are the keywords used in the anchor text.

Anchor Text & SEO
When you link from one page to another in your own website or you link to someone else’s website using non-descriptive terms such as ‘click here’ or ‘find out more’ as the anchor text you are not providing the search engine’s spiders with information about what that page is about. As a result you miss out on taking advantage of one of the most important SEO ranking factors.

Anchor Text & Usability
Getting in to good habits naming your anchor text also improves your site’s general usability. Research conducted in to how people read online content shows people don’t, they scan.

Link Juice
Link Juice - This term describes the authority passed from one site to another through a link.

Although their thunder has been stolen by the search engines, directories are still a great source of both traffic and incoming links for SEO.

Affiliate Marketing
Also known as pay per performance, setting up your own affiliate program in-house or using a 3rd party network can be an excellent way of generating sales with the added bonus you only pay out per lead or per sale.

Email Marketing
Building a list of email addresses is a relatively cheap method of getting your product/ service in front of your target audience.

Social Media
Social media has exploded on to the scene in the past couple of years with user generated content and instant interaction forcing site owners to re-think both their site’s content and how they communicate with their audience.

Google Penguin 2.0 effects...
Google Penguin 2.0 effects

Your website’s design and HTML can affect your SEO
Did you know that your SEO can be affected by your website’s design and HTML? If you are a website owner then its important to understand how Google and the search engines view your website.

Creating an HTML page
Details on creating an HTML page

What are the Benefits of Ecommerce Design?
E-commerce technology is rapidly evolving and advancing, making it hard to keep up. If you are relatively new to this field.

10 common paid search (PPC) terms explained
Whether you're a new or seasoned Marketeer, PPC acronyms and terms can be confusing at first. Well let us set the story straight and explain what are probably the 10 most useful ones you need to understand to start managing your campaign successfully.

What is a CMS?
The world of web design is full of many confusing acronyms - with so many you could write a book about all the web design acronyms. A common acronym that businesses or customers looking for a potential website will commonly come across is the acronym "CMS". CMS stands for content management system.

PPC Planning The basics of a solid campaign
Every business is looking to maximise its return on investment with whatever marketing budget is available.

Is your website responsive and mobile ready?
There are a few steps you should follow for all your web pages to test effectively for both mobile and desktop browsers.