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A high quality digital marketing agency, specialising in multilingual web design and SEO-friendly web design.

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Employees: 11-20 Established: 2000 Joined: 2014

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ExtraMile Communications Ltd is a high quality digital marketing agency. We give clients the tools they need to connect, communicate and grow – offering services from Web Design to E-mail marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Business Development Consultancy. We also offer cutting-edge multilingual websites for those that need to communicate with an overseas audience.

We stand out from other agencies due to the quality and efficiency of our work, which is maintained and consistently improved with our ISO-9001 accreditation. We're proud to be the only company in the West Midlands to be selected for the UKTI HVO Creative Task Force.

Industry Sectors

Retail, Health & Beauty, Media & Communication, Consumer Services, Public Sector, Food & Drink, Manufacturers & Engineers, Professional Services, Tourism & Travel, Sports & Leisure, Building & Construction, Financial & Legal, IT, Not for profit / Charity, Automotive

Tends to work with

Private Company, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Non-profit Organisation, Startup, Public Sector, Corporation / Public Company

General location of clients:

Staffordshire, Midlands, UK, Europe

We Recommend:

Accountant: Piper Hulse
Lawyer: Beswicks Legal
SEO expert: ExtraMile Communications Ltd
Hosting company: ExtraMile Communications Ltd

Recent Projects

  • Business Safety Systems

    Business Safety Systems

    Business Safety Systems exists to provide services and solutions for our clients, managing their risks in terms of non-compliance, reducing their costs in terms of claims made against them and the risks of injury or illness for their staff and workforce. Read More

  • NCH Europe

    NCH Europe

    NCH clean and conserve water, save energy & deliver premium maintenance solutions with a focus on hospitality, industrial and infrastructure businesses. Read More

  • GRM Consulting

    GRM Consulting

    GRM is a design engineering consultancy, providing product analysis and software solutions. Within its core is the development and application of design optimisation methodologies to solve complex engineering problems in the most efficient, cost effective way. Read More


Sentinel Business Awards - 2015
International Trade Award 2014/15


Which greeting should I use in marketing emails?
One of the great things about email marketing is that it allows you to deliver the right message to the right client. And one of the major problems with email marketing is that you can send entirely inappropriate messages to all sorts of clients. How should you achieve the former and avoid the latter? The simple answer is with care!

Translating for web and email
Oh how we have all laughed at the mangled English translations on menus in overseas restaurants: 'Tomato sandwiches without tomato', 'Rugged potatoes' and 'Roasted duck let loose' are among my personal favourites. However, imagine the boot being on the other foot. Would you really want to send out a message to your clients in Spain having translated using a combination of GCSE Spanish and guesswork?

Small businesses - what do they want from their suppliers?
Small businesses need to rely on good suppliers to support them - but what makes a good/great supplier? We know what WE think that small businesses want from their suppliers, but is it correct?

Clever tools to simplify your online marketing life.
Getting to grips with social media is time-consuming and at times frustrating. You know you should be tweeting regularly, or making posts to Facebook, LinkedIn or to your blog, but you really don't always have the time.

Measuring the success of your website or email campaign
Unless you measure your marketing, how do you know how successful you have been? The secret is to build in measurement tools to everything you do - and that's something many people don't do.

Respect your subscribers
If you're practising permission based email marketing then congratulations, you've taken the first step in respecting your subscribers. If you're carpet-bombing email addresses collected from a variety of sources (that you may or may not have permission to email) then please contact us, your subscribers (victims!) will love you for it.

The interconnectedness of everything in business e-marketing
Your business's online strategy should focus on your website as the hub of your campaigns, your email marketing and social media as the drivers for visitors to your site, and your blog as the repository of great content that shows you know what you are doing.

Why should business owners blog?
There are so many reasons to blog that to list them all would be impossible. It's a question we get asked a good deal by clients, and the answer we give them is rarely the same. So, below are our top 9 (top 10's are so passé!) reasons for a business to blog:

Your website and email marketing *will* be read by pedants.
Whilst we have yet to find a living, breathing pedant, trust us, they are out there and they'll be reading your marketing emails and looking at your website. And nothing annoys the pedant more (...beginning a sentence with 'And...' aside...) than obvious and avoidable errors in grammar and spelling, especially if combined with messages that are either out of date and/or totally inappropriate.