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High Quality, CMS Driven, Bespoke, Search Engine Optimised Websites & Support. Call 0800 1588 236.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 6-10 Established: 2005 Joined: 2010

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Currant Web is a UK based company that offers professional website development and web design to full web systems and related applications. We deliver the highest quality, cost effective, consistent, result-oriented web based and e-commerce solutions for a wide variety of companies and individuals.

Industry Sectors

Retail, Educational, Gambling, Professional Services, IT, Sports & Leisure, Public Sector, Media & Communication, Building & Construction, Not for profit / Charity, Tourism & Travel, Automotive, Health & Beauty, Food & Drink

Tends to work with

Startup, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Public Sector, Private Company, Corporation / Public Company, Non-profit Organisation, Entrepreneur

General location of clients:

United Kingdom

We Recommend:

Accountant: Hayes & Co
Lawyer: Evans Philp
SEO expert: Monthly Web
Hosting company: iWeb Hosting

Recent Projects

  • LawnsOne


    LawnsOne is a lawn care company boasting an exceptional level of lawn service and an enviable record of results. LawnsOne has become one of London and the South East’s premier lawn care service providers. Our Technicians are highly experienced, turf grass professionals with decades of exper... Read More

  • Annabelle Holland

    Annabelle Holland

    Annabelle set up her design studio in March 2010 following the filming of ITV's 'The Next Big Thing in Interior Design' where she was shorlisted by Editor of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehin, and the infamous interior designer and presenter, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. With distinctive and indivi... Read More

  • Kitchen Coordination

    Kitchen Coordination

    Kitchen Co-Ordination is a London based Design Studio specializing in Rational Contemporary – Modern German Kitchens. Kitchen Coordination designs stunning, quality, contemporary kitchens to fit around your life. Every one of our kitchens is unique. Designed to suit you and built to last. Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 26 Aug, 2011
    Company recommended by reviewer I found MonthlyWeb when searching for low cost website design last year. Amongst all the companies offering generic template designs I finally found MonthlyWeb. They quickly responded to my email with a comprehensive report and re...  Read More

    — Project WORD

  • Reviewed on 22 Oct, 2010
    Company recommended by reviewer Thank you Jamie at Monthly Web for providing us with such a well designed, easy to navigate, informative website. We are delighted with not only the end result but you consistent support and professionalism whilst in the process...  Read More

    Kelly Harper
    — Pole Position Training

  • Reviewed on 18 Oct, 2010
    Company recommended by reviewer From first contact to the final site MonthlyWeb showed us what customer care really was. No request was too large for them no question too hard, and the final site was delivered on time and exceeded all of our expectations. Th...  Read More

    Craig Clifton
    — Firstmile Technologies AB


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Creative, Dynamic, On-Time, Supportive, Passionate

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : Very, Very busy. I imagine to have thousands of happy clients alongside a huge workforce. We would look to dominate the market for small businesses.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : Our company is about pioneering new ways to deliver the very best in dedicated service and professionalism. The Venture brand represents a daring journey towards these ideals, with all of the unexpected excitement and possibility along the way.

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How an SEO Company Can Help You
Whenever a website is really struggling and the money is tight, outsourcing work can be unthinkable. A lot of people look at SEO like it's just a luxury, a thing to be had if you got the money, but can do without otherwise. This is totally wrong. And let us tell you why...

Get Results With Effective SEO Copywriting Tips
SEO Copywriting is a skill and an art-form for developing web content in a way that's appealing to the search engines, and at the same time logical and still interesting to human readers. One way to put it would be to say that you're serving the target market with good fresh content, and enabling the search engines to find it. But for anyone who believes that SEO is simply stuffing their content with keywords, they really are mistaken. Real SEO copywriting builds content around your keywords.

SEO Mistakes to Definitely Avoid
The main thing that's good about search engine traffic is that it's free. And it carries a high rate of conversion for offers. But sadly, a lot of internet marketers are running their sites with little to no SEO knowledge. They're all fired up to have a business up and running and don't bother to take time out to learn what really needs done. And this most always causes problems. Well, here are some ways to avoid such problems.

Why Spend Time Link Building
Search engines use spiders or 'crawlers' to continuously search content on various sites and then rank them in relation to importance. The secret of how to get searched by the spiders is having other sites, most preferable already deemed to be important, linked back to your own. These links will help search engines see what the other sites contain. If you have links from good sites and they lead the spiders to your site, then you have a better chance for getting listed and ranked by the search engines.

A Few Tips For Effective Web Layouts
There are two ways that web pages get evaluated, by content, and by layout. The esthetics alone aren't going to guarantee success, it's the content that is vitally important.

Are You Searching For Cheap Web Hosting?
It is not fair to always equate cheap with low quality service for there are also dedicated web host providers that provide quality service. The initial step that you need to do is gather as many providers as you can over the Internet and compare the packages that they offer as well as their rates. Use your instinct and logic when choosing a reliable provider. All web host providers claim that they are the best, but it is good to personally check how good they really are.

Time to Optimize That Website
To properly optimize your website, you need to have a grasp on what the various elements are that get consideration when viewed by the search engines. They look for meta tags, the right keyword placement, good quality content, and descriptions. All of these are elements of good site optimization. And the better your site is optimized, the more traffic you are going to get from your niche keywords.

Basics of Internet Marketing and SEO
Many people say that internet marketing along with SEO is an art form. But in reality it's probably more in the line as a science. Because the ways you go about it are very precise. Building a buzz and attracting traffic require making the right moves. You have to gain an understanding about how it all works and what to do as well as what not to do.

Creative Ideas for Niche Websites
Internet marketing is a very competitive world. It has become very innovative and specialized as compared to the old days where you learn by trial and error. Today the niche websites are the new breed of sites for doing business on the net.

Points of Focus While Website Designing
A vital part of web development is web design. It involves the content presentation surrounded by an attractive layout and suitable design. It means supplying your visitors with an interface that is easy to read and easy to navigate, so they can move from one page to another effortlessly. It requires having a good plan of attack by creating web pages that are effective, with good content development, attractive graphic design, and some SEO work as well.

All About Business Websites
Do you have an online business that you have a website for? If you don’t, you are losing out on a very good way to make money. One thing that you can do is to find out what you can about web designing so you can be able to really work on the website that will help you earn those extra dollars. There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy from learning about web design.

Free Methods of Website Marketing
Are you familiar with the methods of online website marketing? If you are the owner of a website that requires some additional exposure to your target market, you have come to the right resource for it. There are only a few marketers who are able to build consistent and quality traffic going to their sites. This article will tell you more about how to generate high amounts of traffic to your site which can all potentially lead to sales.

How to Get Links from Web Content
A person will only return to a website that he or she has visited if there is something useful about it. It can be a service that they find or an entertaining information or video clip. That is why you will notice that the websites that are useful fare better than those that are not.

Increase the User Experience With These Web Design Tips
Why do some sites attract lots of customers and make create tons of business, while others don’t seem to work at all? Sites tend to fail when the designers think more about look and less about giving the users what they really want out of the site. In order to make your website work to increase your business, you need to focus on building a site that will provide visitors with what they need. Here are some excellent tips for building smarter and more user-friendly websites that help to build business for all types of companies.

Keep Up-To-Date With Website Trends
Right now it’s easier than ever to create a presence on the web, and everyone everywhere is getting online with blogs, personal or business websites, social networking sites, and other platforms for personal profiles. Finding your niche is important no matter where your market is, and of course online is no exception.

Legal Photo Usage for Webmasters
There are a lot of home-based or small online businesses that have to get by with a small start-up budget. Oftentimes they have to work with zero cash when they start off. This is why they look for free content, services, and tools to get them on-track.

Marketing Success with Web Legal Documents
The legal contracts, forms, and other documents on your websites are in fact a tool to help you gain marketing success. How does this happen, you may ask. Read on to find out.

Affordable Techniques For Small Businesses
Whereas in the past small businesses were generally limited to small markets in local areas, the Internet has allowed expansion into worldwide markets, and even small companies can benefit by taking advantage of access to expanded markets and customers all over the world. Online business may appear risky and expensive for small businesses but there are three solutions that can make your marketing efforts effective and affordable.

Top Seven Tips For Effective Websites
Design is important for the ability to attract visitors to your site and keep them there. Your website is your company’s online identity, and making this site attractive, interactive, and engaging will keep visitors coming back to your site and your business. Designers need to aim at creating sites that are easy to use and easy to find on the web.

User-Friendly Websites Are Good For Business
How can you increase your business by making your website more user-friendly? For both website designers and customers, the usability of a site often takes a backseat to both content and technical details. Making a site that is easy for users to navigate is often a factor that gets forgotten.

Free Fonts
A good font can make a website or a company logo. The fonts you have installed on your machine right now probably won't be exactly what you are looking for. Do not worry, there are lots of great websites that allow you to search/browse through different fonts where you can even try your required text with each font. On many sites you can then download them, completely free.

Are You Searching For Cheap Web Hosting
It is not fair to always equate cheap with low quality service for there are also dedicated web host providers that provide quality service. The initial step that you need to do is gather as many providers as you can over the Internet and compare the packages that they offer as well as their rates. Use your instinct and logic when choosing a reliable provider. All web host providers claim that they are the best, but it is good to personally check how good they really are.

Cheap Reliable Web Hosting
There’s no simple way to identify which among the several types of web hosting offer cheap and reliable web hosting service. Even if you use the Internet to get fast results, it is not actually as easy as it seems.

Six Mistakes With Web Design That Should be Avoided
Everyone has a different idea and different vision for how their site should look, so this makes web design and imperfect science. Plus there are some mistakes that designers often make that they tend to do repeat often.

Various Aspects of Web Development Worth Consideration
In your larger organizations, you have special teams that are dedicated to the whole process of web development. This team will either be very large or very small, the steps involved in the process remain pretty much the same. But the magnitude of this process can vary in many cases.

Must-Knows About Making Websites
The hottest thing going online today is making websites. It can generate some good cash. If you are new to this game, or if you would just like a bit more information about it, then read on and check out the tips below for making a website:

Why is SEO so important?
Find out why good use of SEO can dramatically increase the visibility of your website on major search engines.

Currant Web is the new face of Venture Web Development
Venture Web Development has joined forces with Currant Ltd to form our new company Currant Web!

The Growing Importance of Responsive Website Design
So you may ask, what is a responsive website? Responsive website design is the art of creating an optimal viewing experience for websites. It allows individuals that use computer tablets or mobile phones to see the same content that they would see on a full size computer screen but without the added hassle and clumsiness of needing to pan or zoom in or otherwise manipulate their display.