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Newcastle web design firm supporting SME's in the region.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 1-5 Established: 2010 Joined: 2012

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Our whole ethos at BizySite is to provide high quality, low cost websites for small to medium sized businesses (including start-ups). We work together with you to fulfil your digital requirements.

Your web design and development solution comes with a content management system which features some of the best editing and management tools on the web.

We are a small company working from our home offices and this provides us with the flexibility and with low overheads to keep the costs down for you.

Industry Sectors

Building & Construction, Health & Beauty, Professional Services, Entertainment

Tends to work with

Private Company, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Entrepreneur

General location of clients:

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

Content Management System:

Website management Primrix update A feature which allows a user to update the version of Primrix when available. New features will be released and any bug fixes corrected within each new release. This will be simply a case of clicking a button to upgrade and enjoying the any new features we have made available. Site options Your website will have some predefined information such as your email address, your company name as well as more technical options such as thumb nail sizes and how your site should present the title of your RSS feed to your users. Site Map Any time you add or change your structure of your pages you should let the search engines understand how the site is put together. The Site Map generator will let you pick and choose which pages to add to your sitemap.xml file which will be available for Google (and other search engines) to read. Backup your site You are able to backup your site as and when needed to a maximum of 5 slots. If you fill the slots then the oldest is replaced. This will backup your settings, content and any files you've uploaded. Restore from backup Choose a restore point from the 5 available slots Primrix users Your login credentials can be edited Newsletter Subscribers See a list of your newsletter subscribers (if you have this enabled on your website) and download a spreadsheet for importing into email distribution software/website to email newsletters, offers and promotions to your interested subscribers Site Responses If you have any kind of form on your website then an automatic response will be used to inform you and/or the customer of the outcome. This email response text can be edited via this section. You can also populate place-holders for information such as typing "Hi ", when the user receives the email "" will be replaced by their actual name. The available place-holders will depend upon the type of response. Assets You will be given access to various folders within your site such as "/site/images" which will hold most of your images used around the web pages. Other folders such as documents and email files will hold downloadable documents or images used in your email campaigns respectively. Each folder shows a tool which populates a thumbnail view of the files contain within. Selecting a thumbnail will open further features such as: renaming, copying, deleting and also for certain types of images: resizing, cropping, creating custom thumbnails and rotating. The tool also features a search box to help you find any file. Site Menu The site menu manager allows you to manage the order of your menu items and the links associated (internal and external). Also swap out images for those menu's that are built using images rather than text as well as many other options and features. Page Content Your existing pages will be shown here where you can add, edit or delete them. Each page comes with editing options depending upon the design and features of the page. From adding text via a rich text area or changing or adding images to your page. Each page also comes with a Meta profiler which will allow you to take an extraordinary approach to SEO and making sure that your page has all of the right information and classification for both browsers and search engines. Global content Edit your site-wide content such as sub navigation areas, slogans etc. Meta Library This is a complete list of available Meta options which are used to build your Meta profiles for each of your pages. You can add edit and delete key meta information here. News Articles Create a new news article to include within your news page (if available). The news feature also has all of the structure needed to make it available (or not) as an RSS feed. From classifying your news articles in a category form to using the extensive tag/keyword analyser to make your articles have the best possible success for SEO efforts. Articles also come with a feature to turn on (or off) visitor comments which can be submitted by site visitors. Each comment can be hidden until you have approved it or shown automatically. Social Networks Add, edit, delete or reorder your social networking badges (including some other types). Simply select the icon to use from the list of official badges and then insert you link. Smart redirection Changed a name or address of a page but would like your traffic to find it using the old (and new) address. This feature allows a smart redirection to occur so that the user is seamlessly transferred from one page to another. (Please note that some features may not be included depending upon the features agreed/included on your website) Visit for more information

We Recommend:

Accountant: Crunch
Lawyer: Muckle LLP
Printer: PPD Print Group
SEO expert: Bizy Promotions Ltd
Hosting company: 1 and 1

Recent Projects

  • DA UK

    DA UK

    Construction and cleaning company that specialises in repair and damage restoration works in the aftermath of a fire or flood. Read More

  • Softwhere


    Studio-based UK band making varied styles of music including pop, dance, and ambient. Read More

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    Barkers Northumberland

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Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 5 Nov, 2012
    Company recommended by reviewer Bizysite was easy to work with, there was no complicated jargon and we got everything we wanted and more! All our requests were listened to and they kept us up to date every step of the way. It was also great to have their designe...  Read More

    J Whitfield
    — Softwhere


AWWWARDS - May 2012
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Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Professional low cost SME solutions

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : The leading agency in the North East however we white label our work so we're already have quite a reputation within the industry.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : It's actually an early name of a Partnership business setup in 2008 and we registered as a Private Limited company in 2010 as Bizy Promotions. BizySite is a diversity of Bizy Promotions.

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