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Ape Red Media - Hampshire

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Web Design & SEO Business - No Monkeying About! Client focused, value driven, no nonsense! Romsey, Hampshire

Languages Spoken: English (with notice - French, Spanish, Portuguese)

Employees: Freelancer Established: 2009 Joined: 2009

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A service ‘you should expect’ at ‘prices you wont !’ Building websites since 1997, experience is not something we’re short of. Services include; Web Design, SEO, Print and ‘Interactive Print’ Design, website, print and socialmedia management.
We prize value, strive for down to earth practicality, and love design and marketing!
We don't speak world wide hyper waffle or blind clients with tech or marketing multispeak, always setting realistic expectation levels.
We’re neither the most expensive nor cheapest, but our clients would agree that you’ll get more than your monies worth!
Down to earth, to the point, no monkeying about!

Industry Sectors

Entertainment, Professional Services, Building & Construction, Automotive, Other, Tourism & Travel, Sports & Leisure, Media & Communication, Health & Beauty, Retail, IT, Food & Drink, Consumer Services, Financial & Legal, Manufacturers & Engineers, Not for profit / Charity

Tends to work with

Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Entrepreneur, Private Company, Non-profit Organisation, Startup

General location of clients:

Hampshire and the UK in general with the odd European Client

We Recommend:

Accountant: Thompson Jenner
Lawyer: Kirklands
SEO expert: SEOMOZ

Recent Projects

  • Jonathan Owen IEP

    Jonathan Owen IEP

    Independent Estate Planning Read More

  • Paul Keld

    Paul Keld

    Ground Works Estimator and Quantity Surveyor, a freelancer looking for a simple web presence, cost effective but with the ability to grow as and when necessary. Started of with a single page device responsive site on offer at £49 plus £15 per month hosting and site care Read More

  • Gould's Farmhouse

    Gould's Farmhouse

    A landlady wanting to have her own web presence as well as using directory sites. Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 8 Sep, 2016
    Company recommended by reviewer I looked on Google for website designers in the Romsey area, found 2 and left messages. Ape Red was first to reply. Discussed my job, Ape Red suggested I look at 'standard images' for my type of profession. The pictures all look...  Read More

    Paul Keld
    — P Keld Limited

  • Reviewed on 6 Sep, 2016
    Company recommended by reviewer Just a little note from marketing to comment on the website. It is wonderfully thought through and the proof in the pudding for me is the A4 slim fold card flyer you have designed and we have received today. The imagery used on th...  Read More

    Sam Adams
    — Assured Wills Southampton

  • Reviewed on 6 Sep, 2016
    Company recommended by reviewer I was delighted with the website. Jem provided me with lots of helpful guidance but was always quick and responsive to any changes I wanted to make. Jem always explained things to me in a way that I could understand. I thought it ...  Read More

    Nicola Pye
    — Personal website


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Growing, Reliable, Efficient, Artful, Trustworthy

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : Helping clients achieve their objectives and adapting their web offering in changing times. (Assuming we still call it the web in 10 years and not the cloud.)

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : Why on earth would anybody be interested in how the business was named? If the name or its supporting logos catches the imagination then hey, we're happy.

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Increasing Competition & Failing Web ?
About to be published in the Hants Business News the article asks the question, what is a business to do with their web presence in these difficult times to get it working for them. The answer is OASIS.

Top 6 Reasons ....
An article called 'Top 6 Reasons You Should Fire Your Website Designer' was posted on an inbound marketing blog which attracted 130 plus responses. This article disects the first three reasons highlighting some common if not incorrect impressions about designers at the same time highlighting some guide lines for those looking for a new design or redesign.

The 7 Basics of Safe Redesign
7 Essential Basics to set in action to avoid damaging any established ranking on the search engines when redesigning a clients website

The Panda is looking at your website!
The Panda Algorithm (Google’s latest tweaks to its ranking detail) makes it clearer than ever that if great design is to be seen, it should be furnished with great content.

Explaining the basics of SEO naturally leads to up-selling
Content and an explination of SEO functionality helps clients see how many pages their site requires to help achieve their online objectives.

Save Your Clients Money
It's very important for a client to understand their website requirements before diving in so to speak. Creating a website that your client wants is very different from creating the website that the client actually needs. This brief article highlights 8 points that will help your client save money on their design costs and help forge a strong long term business relationship.

The Process of Web Design
Clients often like, and need, to know the process of web design, what you do, how you go about doing it and a map of the general playing field.

Smoke and Mirrors
Business Owners Ignorant of SEO are vulnerable and designers should try as best as possible to give their clients the 'heads up' to prevent them falling foul of Hurt & Rescue marketing by SEO Snake Oil Salesmen

Design featuring in Search Engine Ranking and Results

In Reply to the Email about changes and developments at WWDC and the GBBO site

A design brief by telephone or email
Customers are often unaware of how best to get quotes from companies, this design brief by phone or post makes the job easier

I don’t think my customers use the internet.
In our business we’ve talked with a lot of businesses about building websites and as would be expected we’ve come across a range of objections, (to use the sales term) and have found some more popular than others. It might be helpful for new designers heading into the freelance world to hear how some of those objections are answered. This is not a sure fire sales closing tool, our objective is always to engage with our customers in a conversation to identify their needs.

; I’ve got a page on I don’t need a website.
Every county across our country has Yellow Pages calling and visiting a couple of times a year when it’s their turn! The directory has suffered because of the internet and Yell now heavily promote and various web services including Google Adwords at a premium.

Converting a No Money Objection into a Design Project
Often when talking with clients what may sound like an objection or a condition that will stop the customer having a website made may actually be a reason for them to have a site up and running as soon as possible. One of the most common stumbling blocks tripping up the customer on their way to a new website can actually be a spring board waiting for them to run and jump in with purpose.

8 out of every 10 UK adults uses the internet
UK’s Office for National Statistics show 41.6 million of the UK’s adults use the internet, with disability, old age and low income making up the majority who have not yet used the internet,

Converting a No Money Objection...Part 2
An account of the cosultative approach highligting how cost effective a webite could be for a customer

Word of Mouth has changed, Directive Advertising has changed
Figures released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics show 41.6 million of the UK’s adults use the internet and 8.43 million have never used the internet. 41.6 million adults equals 83% of the adult population!

Top £ Advantages to a website
The UK government has recently reported record numbers of registered self employed people. Those who are becoming self employed to deal with the problems thrown up by the current economical pressures on our country will be well advised to have a website.

To Klout or not?
A brief look at the notion of Social Media Measurement with Klout and Kred and some linked articles both positive and negative from 2012 and 2013.

5 Key Reasons why Device Sensitive Sites are a Smart Idea
As smartphone use explodes and sales continue to soar for both iPhones and Samsung, it's time for business websites to be smartphone friendly. Logos, business names, key messages easy to see without expanding the screen with fingers, telephone numbers that dial when ctapped with the finger making it so easy for customers to contact businesses.

Is a responsive web site a good idea for my business?
Responding to an article in issue 208 of Web Designer aking whether or not RWD is here to stay/worth the hype from a web designers point of view, the following article highlights the most basic of business advantages provided by a responsive website. Your competitors may already be ahead of the curve, if they are, be sure to catch up, if they're not, then steal the march and get ahead now.