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And Then There Was Light

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Web design company specialisig in new web site design, existing web site maintenance and online marketing.

Languages Spoken: English, German

Employees: 1-5 Established: 2003 Joined: 2007

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And Then There Was Light take pride in the quality and usability of all our websites. We design and build websites from scratch but we also offer a service called WebPlan. This service is designed to make changes to existing websites to generate a better return on investment.

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Recruitment, Tourism & Travel, Professional Services, IT

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Hosting company: Ehosting

Recent Projects

  • Santa's Parcel Drop

    Santa's Parcel Drop

    And Then There Was Light developed the complete concept for the game, produced the graphical elements and managed all of the Flash production. We were also able to advise on the best ways of capturing details for future campaigns. The game has received a great response and the company has already... Read More

  • Pharma Marketing Academy

    Pharma Marketing Academy

    We generated a number of design concepts, using the colour scheme and style of their brand to deliver a high-impact and interactive website. The site includes a number of Flash animated elements to bring the site to life and help visitors find what they're interested in. The core of these is a sp... Read More

  • My Spam Bin

    My Spam Bin

    MySpamBin is a hosted anti-spam solution that stops spam and viruses in emails before they reach a company's servers. And Then There Was Light were asked to produce a web presence that would help to promote the service and attract potential customers from search engines. Read More


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Professional, quality, fresh, exciting, innovative

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : As the best web design agency in Britain and perhaps the world!

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Six Steps To A Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign
Pay-per-click campaigns are becoming increasingly popular due to their success and ability to bypass natural search engine listings and drive relevant traffic to a specified web page. We have identified six steps to ensure a successful pay-per-click campaign:

Regulating Bad Web Design
For an industry that is so important to the world, is it not a little surprising that there is no regulation for web design?

Keeping Your Website Content Fresh
In the everyday running of a business, updating the company website is rarely at the top of a to-do list.

Web Design in the Recruitment Industry
Recruitment is probably one of the most competitive industries in the UK. There are approximately 10,000 recruitment companies operating in the UK and setting themselves apart from their competition is a high priority for many of them.

Should My Website Be A Priority?
In this day and age, virtually all forms of enterprises have some type of online presence. Figures for Internet usage continue to grow and the ways in which people use the Internet are becoming ever more varied.

The Growth Of Internet Usage
Having a website is becoming ever more important. The National Statistics Office’s figures on Internet usage in the UK show how vital a functional and professional-looking website is.

Does Your Business Need A Website?
The short answer is yes. The long answer involves a bit of discussion on what benefits a website will bring to your business.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Website?
So you’ve decided that you need a website and you have spent a lot of money getting one designed but after the initial payment how can you make sure you are getting the most from your website?

Is Search Engine Optimisation Profitable?
When about to invest in any kind of marketing or advertising, a business will ask the question: “What return on investment will I get from this”?

Measuring the Success of Your Website
When you first commission a website, you will have some idea of the benefits you expect it to deliver. Perhaps it should attract customers from search engines or present a more professional image for your business.

When Your Web Designer Disappears or Goes Bust
Has your web designer disappeared or gone bust? This can leave you and your business in a compromised position, especially if you rely on your website for business generation.

Domain Name Ownership Disputes
Domain name disputes arrive when somebody has registered the domain name for your business but has no intention of using it for any reason other than cybersquatting and making profit.

Increasing Online Sales In Your eCommerce Store
An online store can be compared to a stall that sells fruit and vegetables in your local market. If the stall doesn’t look clean or the produce doesn’t look fresh, people won’t buy.

Tell Your Website Visitors Everything
A common mistake in web design is to limit the amount of content included on a website. The belief is that visitors will be driven away by reams of text and that a website can’t look attractive with a lot of words.

Ethical Search Engine Optimisation
Members of the web design industry often talk of two types of search engine optimisation: White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat SEO is ‘ethical’ and uses techniques that search engines would approve of in order to promote websites for relevant keywords.

Rank Better In Google With A Little Help From Your Friends
Links from other websites to yours are among the most important factors Google will take into consideration when deciding where to rank your website in its search engine for a particular keyword/term.

The Long Tail of Search Engine Success
The most common question I get asked about search engine optimisation is “Why does my competitor’s website rank above mine for my main keywords?”