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Over 10 years’ experience combining technical insight with creativity & innovation to build exceptional websites.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 11-20 Established: 2003 Joined: 2008

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Adeo Group is a friendly and dynamic digital agency with offices in Glasgow, London, Newcastle and Dubai.

Formed in 2004, we are now leading conversion specialists providing a range of web design, web development and digital marketing services to small businesses.

We are confident in our team's technical abilities and as a result we have even built our own CMS and Ecommerce platform, Redback allowing us a platform to continually develop bespoke, new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of online users and the individual needs of our clients.

Industry Sectors

Recruitment, Educational, Health & Beauty, Financial & Legal, Retail, Professional Services, Food & Drink, Building & Construction, Tourism & Travel, IT, Media & Communication, Other, Automotive, Public Sector, Not for profit / Charity, Entertainment, Sports & Leisure, Consumer Services, Manufacturers & Engineers

Tends to work with

Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Private Company, Startup, Non-profit Organisation, Corporation / Public Company, Entrepreneur, Public Sector

General location of clients:

Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Canada, Dubai

Content Management System:

Our Content manager and ecommerce solution is fully SEO compliant, we have developed this over many years to provide a CMS/Ecommerce solution which we believe is one of the best on the market.

We Recommend:

Accountant: K.A. Javid & Co.
Lawyer: Macpherson Maguire Cook
Printer: Forward Graphics
SEO expert: ICT Advisor
Hosting company: Tagadab

Recent Projects

  • Avalon School

    Avalon School

    Avalon School of English is a British Council accredited school in the heart of London. For over 20 years the school has developed a reputation as a fun and friendly school that welcomes students from all over the world. We are famous for improving students’ speaking and listening skills and ha... Read More

  • Churchill Optical

    Churchill Optical

    Churchill Optical has provided first class eye care, designer glasses and contact lenses in the heart of Glasgow city centre since 1921 and is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. Adeo Group recently rebuilt the Churchill Ecommerce website to be mobile responsive so ... Read More

  • Heavenscent Gardens

    Heavenscent Gardens

    Family Run landscapers specializing in design & landscape architecture. Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 17 Sep, 2015
    Company recommended by reviewer We have worked with Adeo Group on creating 4 websites for all four our dental practices. They did an excellent job in making what we've envisaged happen and we (and our customers) love the sites. Heather, our designer, was very pa...  Read More

    Matt - Marketing Manager
    — Inverurie Smile Care

  • Reviewed on 1 Mar, 2012
    Company recommended by reviewer I've been impressed with Adeo Group from the very start of our relationship. From our first meeting around 5 months ago to the launch of the re-designed this week, Gordon, Yusef, Jonathan, Pam and the rest of the te...  Read More

    Craig Harrison
    — HB Markets Plc

  • Reviewed on 7 Nov, 2011
    Company recommended by reviewer Adeo build our site from an idea with 1 week.The content management system is very easy to use and allows us access to all the text and images on the site. The expertise and advice from Adeo was excellent, helping us along the way...  Read More

    Blake Brad
    — Lister Munro


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Always pushing our boundaries

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : I see our company as being one of the leading web companies in the UK, we have built a CMS/E-Commerce platform for the web that is second to none and this will be the key to our success.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : Adeo is Latin, meaning: to approach, visit, come to, undertake. I thought these were appropriate words for our business and to any potential clients.

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12 Design Tips for Building a Small Business Website
A short article on some considerations that may help when coming to designing and building your website

Web Optimization 4 Common Problems Stopping your Success
This article will give you a rough overview of 4 common problems that may arise when optimizing your website for search engines.

Avoiding Top SEO Mistakes
Following are the 9 Biggest SEO Mistakes which Web Designers & Web Developers should avoid.

Simple Successful SEO Strategies On Page Optimization
SEO doesn't have to be complex and by following these simple on-page optimization techniques you can give your SEO campaign the perfect start.

Ecommerce 404 Page Test
A user arriving at your site with a 404 error can be bad for conversion. This is a page that used to be there and has been indexed, however for one reason or another you have removed it, this could have been a product that’s discontinued etc.

Is your ecommerce shop performing 1
Is your ecommerce shop performing, steps 1 & 2

Is your ecommerce shop performing 2
Is your ecommerce shop performing 2 - Step 3 & 4

Is your ecommerce shop performing 3
Is your ecommerce shop performing 3 - Steps 5, 6 & 7

Conversion is the Key to success
Focusing on ‘Page Conversion’ will increase profits exponentially.

77% Europeans go online daily
Due to the large uptake of social media and online entertainment such as video, IAB Europe research has now shown that the majority of Europeans go online 6 to 7 times a week now. Northern Europeans go online more frequently than Eastern Europeans who tend to go online for longer periods.

Creating Website Landing Pages
Spending money through PPC can be even more costly if your site doesn’t deliver what the user is looking for when they arrive at your site. Creating specific landing pages will help convert more visitors to buyers.

Taking Payments on your Mobile
Taking Payments on your Mobile in Retail Stores or on the move.

Email Marketing & Maximising the conversion
So you have sent out your email with your great offers, the subscriber opens the message, likes the offer and clicks through to the site to make the purchase. What now?

Importance of Social Media Marketing
We’re hearing more and more over the past months about the importance of social media being implemented into your site. So what is the importance of using Social media as a marketing tool?

Migrating your site to a new Ecommerce Platform
I’ve been asked by a number of clients who already have a trading website how best to tackle the migration to our RedBack Ecommerce platform so thought id write up some tips for a successful migration which pretty much applies to any migration.

Facebook Timeline Checklist for your Business Page
Facebook Timeline Tips

How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram
With 300 million users Instagram has outgrew Twitter this year. However what was more surprising - and perhaps more important – was the amount of engagement the social media platform generated; 58x more engagement than Facebook and 120x more engagement that Twitter. Instagram can be a powerful tool to help support your digital marketing strategy. This article explain tips you can follow to use it effectively.

Why Responsive Web Design
Mobile usage is growing at a fast rate and now more than ever, it is important for every business to adjust its website for mobile commerce. Read an article and find out why.

Virtual Branding Means Real Business
As more and more of our trusted brands become wholly virtual enterprises, the importance of graphic design is quickly becoming apparent. Brands like Amazon and Ebay, without a real world store or shop to provide a real-world presence, rely solely on their online branding, with logos and advertising campaigns becoming their modern store front.

Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business?
Social media is a great tool for building your audience and growing your brand online. In recent years we have experienced an influx of new social media platforms. It was thought that Facebook and Twitter would remain the dominant players in the social media field, however Instagram has now overtaken Twitter in both numbers of users and engagement. Instagram is a social media tool that focuses on sharing images and is a great way for businesses to share content and promote their site but do you know how to use it to your advantage for your business?

How To Write Effective Content For Your Website
Content is still King but do you know how to write effective content?

How to Build Your Business's Video Marketing Strategy
When you think video you probably think YouTube. And you wouldn’t be wrong in making that connection. Not only is there over 6 billion hours of video watched every month on YouTube but the social network has also become the second largest search engine on the web.

Why Should You Invest Time Into Creating Infographics
Content comes in all varieties from text (blogs) to video (YouTube). Infographics, a creative representation of your data or topic point, have seen an increase in popularity in the past couple of years. They are an effective content marketing tool that can have a positive effect on your click-through rate (CTR).

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a digital marketing technique whereby an ad you have created features on search engine results pages (SERPs) and you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked on. The most used PPC method is Google AdWords however there are versions available for other search engines including Bing and Yahoo.

How to Decide What to Post on Your Blog
Blogging is an important tool that you can add to your digital marketing strategy. Google’s Freshness Update meant that websites which provide fresh, unique content and are updated regularly will be positively returned by their resulting rank. Not only does blogging aid your SEO efforts but it also helps you to stay up to date with your competition and the latest industry trends.

Have You Considered Using LinkedIn Ads?
You have probably heard of, or currently use, Facebook or Twitter ads but have you considered advertising on LinkedIn? The ad service provided by the social media network is often overlooked however with over 295 million members worldwide it can provide a unique way to reach your audience.

How To Use Google's Keyword Planner Effectively
Keywords are the back-bone of a good SEO strategy. They help you to understand what your customers are searching for when looking for products/services similar to those offered by your business. Google often relay the importance of using keywords within your content and even created their own tool that SEO marketers use daily to understand the best way to target their websites and content. Using it will help develop your digital marketing efforts, boost your traffic and increase your sales.

The Development of Back / In-Bound Links
Inbound links are important to your business as they help your SEO efforts and increase the number of visitors to your site which will increase your traffic and impact positively on your sales.

How Can YouTube Help Your Business?
Creating videos for your business has a number of benefits. Not only is it a great way to inform your customers but videos uploaded to YouTube are indexed and displayed in search engine results pages, so creating your own can benefit your SEO efforts.

Using Images on Your Website
If you are designing a website it is more than likely that you are going to include images. Images have proven to be a successful way to grab people’s attention, as they are processed 60,000 times faster than text. However using too many images or using images which are too larger can impact your website's usability which will reflect negatively on your business. To avoid this you should look to implement techniques to make sure you are getting the most from using images on your website.

How to Choose A Website Design Company For Your Business
When looking to create a website for your business you might find the amount of potential agencies you have to pick from overwhelming. Whilst there are a number of standard website platforms you can use to build a free website yourself from, many businesses would rather outsource this work with an agency to save time and also so that they can create a bespoke design that truly reflects their business and works in the most user friendly way possible to increase traffic.

Is Your Website Accessible?
Web accessibility refers to the process of removing barriers which prevent people with disabilities to use, navigate and interact with the Web. It is important that you consider web accessibility when designing your website not only to improve your user experience (UX) but also to comply with laws and policies in certain countries.

What is the Benefit of Social Media for Your Small Business?
Social media can help your business in a number of ways including increased exposure and brand awareness, improved SEO, potential partnerships, marketplace insight and development of loyal fans who can become brand advocates.

Bounce Rate Over 80%? Follow These Tips
Your website’s bounce rate is a measure of the amount of people who land on one of your webpages but then leave without clicking anywhere else. If visitors bounce, it suggests they either didn't find what they were looking for, or the website was too complicated to use.

Mobile Searches More Popular Than Desktop
Earlier this year Google released new information that showed more search requests were carried out 10 countries, including Japan and the US. The announcement was made on May 5th, 2015 indicating the how the world’s most important and influential search engine has reached an important point in the shift to smartphones.

The Importance of Local
Often large brands will tailor their content for different geographical areas and create separate social media pages to interact with the local market. Even if your business is a sole trader you can take advantage of 'local', tapping into the nuances of the unique local feeling, context and culture in the area your business operates in.

Organic SEO Using Keywords
Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process that you can used to gain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). There are a number of ways that your business can take advantage of organic SEO methods which, most importantly, are completely FREE to use.

How To Write Killer Blog Post Titles
There are a number of reasons that you should spend time crafting a good quality blog post title. Most importantly being that a good blog post title has a sever impact on the click-through-rate of your blog posts. There are a number of elements that you can follow to make your titles more clickable.

How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Business Online
Pinterest acts like an online scrapbook where users can Pin pictures to boards for reference later. The social media has become very popular since launching in 2009, accumulating over 90 million users. Since 2012, the number of online adults using Pinterest has nearly doubled, from 15% - 28%, and growth is set to continue.

Do You Use Slideshare as a Marketing Tool?
If not, then you probably should.

What Is Parallax Web Design?
Parallax design works by making the background of a website move at a different speed to the rest of the page. It has allowed web designers to create visually enticing designs to guide visitors through a website, encourage them to scroll through an entire page, direct them to CTAs and provoke their curiosity.

5 Online Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore
Online marketing has experienced a catastrophic boom in past few years. Businesses that do not have a social media presence are viewed as traditional and those without a website? Prehistoric. The online world is continually evolving making the marketing landscape extremely difficult to compete in. In order to do well your business needs to stay ahead of competitiors. This article explores some of the recent online trends and how you can use them to your advantage.

Why Should You Include Testimonials on your Website?
Customer testimonials can be one of the most convincing and beneficial sales tactics you can employ online. They effectively work as an online form of word of mouth and have proven to encourage better conversion rates. Better yet they can be very cheap and once they are uploaded do not require any maintenance.

How to Run Your Social Media like an Agency
Seven tips and tricks for improving your social media services for your small business.

Long Tail Keywords
If you know anything about SEO you have probably heard of keywords research and the importance of correctly optimising your website and content to improve your chances of ranking on search engines. But have you heard about Long tail Keywords and their importance in gathering targeted customers who will be more likely to engage with your brand?

5 Signs You Need a New Website
You won’t be surprised to learn that technology is always moving forward. But have your properly considered how your website has moved forward with these changes?

Is Your Website Slow to Load?
If you run a website there are many things you need to consider: content, layout, design. However one of the key areas that you should not overlook (but often do!) is your page load speed. The speed at which your website loads can have an effect on your search engine rankings and can deter customers So how can you speed up your website to ensure you’re providing visitors with the best experience?

How to Write Effective Product Descriptions
IF you have products or services you are wishing to promote online then you need to know how to effectively connect with potential buyers. To do this you will need to engage their interest through images and descriptions. Boring descriptions = no sales, so knowing how to write to convert is key.

Brits Spend Nearly 3 Hours a Day Online
A recent study of 73,000 people found that Brits spend almost three hours per day on the web, with most accessing the Internet through mobile devices. The study's results released this week focused on direct internet use, discounting time when users were carrying out other tasks (such as typing a word document) with a web browser still open in the background.

Only ~6% of Ecommerce Visitors Add Items to Their Carts
If your ecommerce business is struggling to convert customers, then don't be disheartened. Research has shown that only around 6% of people add items to their online shopping carts. Seperate studies indicated the average cart abondonment rate is just under 67% and average ecommerce conversion is just 2%.

How to Create Engaging Content for your Website
Around 79% of readers scan a web page instead of reading it word for word. This is according to the research performed by Nielsen Norman Group in relation to content marketing. When it comes to a typical web page, a reader has time to read at least 28% of the words on the page. But only 20% is most likely to be covered. Another surprising thing about the art of skimming is that readers focused on the left side of the page. An estimate of 69% of readers did so.

Social Media Rule of Thirds
One of the most common complaints that customers have about brands is that they post too much promotional content. The art having a good social media channel is to strike the balance between engagement and promotion. It is important that you understand the tone and expectations on different channels before delving into posting – and of course – you should have a strategy in place of what goals you want to achieve and how you are going to measure these.

Content Marketing By Numbers
Content Marketing has been the chosen preferred online marketing method for a while now. Is your business STILL missing out? Here's some stats to convince you content marketing is the way forward...

How Does PCI DSS Affect Your Ecommerce Website?
Run an Ecommerce website? How much do you know about PCI compliance?

Think Global Act Local
The Think Global Act Local (Glocal) ideology has been around for many decades and has developed into a focus of how businesses should frame their marketing efforts. The belief is that even if your business operates on a global scale, each individual store should be in tune with the local economy and provide a unique, tailored experience that reflects the local values, sense of humour, humanity and experiences.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Local SEO
In the past the best way to advertise and promote your local business was through word of mouth and local ads. However, in today’s digital fueled world local ads in newspapers and radio can only offer so much, and are comparatively more expensive than the new techniques many businesses use today.

Is Your Business Embracing the Mobile Revolution?
The first Internet revolution in commerce came with the arrival of the web, where online shopping grew from humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with web giants such as Amazon turning the way we shop upside down. Nowadays it is a rarity if a business doesn’t have an presence online, and for many the online arena is a vital source of generating sales.

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use SEO More Effectively
The great thing about SEO and other forms of online marketing is that it has given small businesses a real chance to compete against big players in the arena. Here's five steps you can follow to improve your small business's SEO strategy.

Is Your Business Embracing the Mobile Revolution?
The first Internet revolution in commerce came with the arrival of the web, whereonline shopping grew from humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with web giants such as Amazon turning the way we shop upside down. Nowadays it is a rarity if a business doesn’t have an presence online, and for many the online arena is a vital source of generating sales.

Content is King but DISTRIBUTION is Queen
If you are looking to implement a digital marketing strategy to engage customers online then you are probably aware of the importance of great, unique, quality content. However whilst 'content is king' does it really make a difference if the content can't be found?

How to ensure your online business leadership?
The rise of new technologies in mobile as a force in business is indisputable. Consumer shopping habits are rapidly changing with the introduction of the smartphone and tablet. Reports are showing With the expansion of the mobile market has come the demand for cross-portability and responsive web design.

Content Marketing Through An Outstanding About Us Page
Businesses often grapple with the problem of writing the About Us page, wondering how to strike the balance between blatant self-promotion and necessary information. Here are some suggestions to help you create the perfect About Us page, and develop an effective content marketing and SEO strategy.

How to improve your landing pages for your PPC campaigns?
If your business relies on online sales, then you know that improving PPC conversion rates is vital. You might think you’ve already done everything right. Negative keywords have gone, you’ve a great heading and your button colours are right, but you’re still not getting enough leads and sales.

Your Social Media Calendar: November 2015
Do you run social media accounts for your business but sometimes run out of ideas for what to post? If you run a small business then it is unlikely you will have the resources to employ a digital team to run your social media channels. Instead, it is more likely you will have to run these channels yourself.

How to speed up your site?
When it comes to running a website there seem to be a million and one things to think about; content, layout and page design (to name but a few). However, there is one thing on the top of that list that so often gets missed, and it is one of the most important. The speed of your site can impact your search engine rankings and even put potential customers off from purchasing. So, how do you speed up your site, to ensure you’re providing visitors with the best experience?

Click And Collect Services
Ecommerce is changing and improving at a rapid rate with changing technology and retail capabilities. What customers expect today, retailers must follow through immediately with if they want to beat competition. One of the new trends particularly popular in the UK, is the Click and Collect service that many retailers are offering. Click and Collect gives customers the option to pick up purchases wherever and whenever is convenient for them. This means no waiting around at home for a parcel or rushing to the sorting office before it closes if you have missed a delivery.

How Does Social Media Impact Search Engine Optimization?
Every webmaster or business owner knows that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays a vital role for increasing the visibility of a website in the online environment. There are tens of millions of blogs and websites on the Internet, and properly implemented SEO can make a huge difference. There are several very important aspects to consider if you want to make your website stand out from the rest: content marketing, SEO, social media, link building or keyword optimization are only a few of them.

A Deeper Insight into The Secrets Of Great B2B Content
Creating efficient, original and appealing B2B content that will benefit the reader, keep him engaged and interested until the end and help you diversify your target market can be a lot more difficult than some people might think. Here are some of the best tips to consider when writing outstanding B2B text for content marketing:

Are you a Sage user?
Sage integration can help you effectively run your online business, with ease and little effort. From raising invoices when an order is placed to automatically importing sales orders, products and customers from other systems to checking stock levels and inventory to quickly up-dating product prices on your website, Sage integration offers a plethora of benefits for both small and medium businesses online.

Choosing Your Website's URL
Before you decide on a brand name and employ a designer to create you a logo it is a good idea to check that the domain is available. Having a different domain name from your business name can confuse visitors to your site. Here's our tips for choosing the right domain.

How to create powerful ‘About Us’ page?
When the majority of site owners finally get around to adding an ‘About Us’ page to their website, it usually comes across as being more of an afterthought rather than a proactive part of their website intended to purposefully generate leads and customers. This is a tremendous pity as a powerfully created ‘About Us’ page with a compelling narrative and savy marketing can be one of the most effective pages on any website.

How can Ecommerce increase your sales?
In many ways an e-commerce website is no different than having a bricks and mortar store. The key principles are the same, but unlike a traditional store, now you have a much broader audience. This is where you, through targeted actions, can bring in more customers.

Content Marketing to B2C
Content marketing is the strategic creation, sharing and use of media and published content with an intention of drawing consumers to try out your products or services. Content marketing for B2C refers to creating high quality and informative content to be published on the company’s website and shared on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. Some of the B2C communication channels are listed below.

SEO for the Landing Pages
Would you like boost a visibility of your page? With the introduction of a number of new ways of reaching potential customers today, online marketing has become an almost basic tool for any marketer. One of the best ways of making sales and generating leads through improved online presence despite the increased competition is by creating well-crafted landing pages for this sole purpose.

Responsive Web Design
As modern handset devices such as tablets and smartphones are becoming more common and prevalent, it is apparent that sites designed and constructed for display on desktop computers using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers, are unreadable on these mobile devices.

Why do customers abandon your site?
In today’s highly competitive digital world, just creating a superb website isn’t enough. To increase the conversion rates that add to your profits, you should certainly focus on building a website, which is highly interactive, user-friendly, and offers seamless user experience across all devices and platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop. Here are 3 proven tips to take care of, so that your visitors don’t forsake your site, but stay and contribute to your profits.

What makes your online business successful?
Starting a new website may seem overwhelming at first, but it is really quite simple once you discover the right tools and strategies for the job. A content management system is the perfect way to do that. CMS empowers you to create exactly what you want and allows you to change it however often you like.

Responsive Web Design Keeps Customers Happy
Since the introduction of the smartphone and tablet PC, the web design industry has had to make a number of fundamental changes to ensure it continues to produce high-quality sites that function on many different devices. Thankfully they have risen to the challenge and, with the advent of responsive web design, we are all able to enjoy fantastic web design in the palm of our hands.

Is Your Business Embracing the Mobile Revolution?
The first Internet revolution in commerce came with the arrival of the web, where online shopping grew from humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with web giants such as Amazon turning the way we shop upside down. Nowadays it is a rarity if a business doesn’t have an presence online, and for many the online arena is a vital source of generating sales.

How Can Your Small Business Benefit From Moving Online?
The rapid growth of the Internet as a digital tool from the 1990s through to the present day has left many businesses and charities struggling to come to terms with creating a digital presence. The shift experienced by leading countries – including the UK – towards a digital based economy has been led by larger companies and organisations. These large companies and organisations are able to invest large sums in developing an integrated online strategy, providing consumers with much more than simply a Website advertising their products or services.

Why Choose E-commerce?
With the ever increasing use of the internet and its popularity among all demographic segments, electronic commerce is by all means the way to go for virtually all businesses. Creating an online presence means that a business owner or company can reach to potential customers and expand business operations, gaining a significant authority in the marketplace.

What Does iOS 9 Mean for the Future of Online Ads?
The debate over blocking online ads has gathered heat and momentum with the recent release of iOS 9 earlier this September. Amongst the changes to the software, including a 6-digit pin, the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS also includes tools programmers can use to create apps which block content such as ads within Safari’s mobile web browser.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency
If you’re planning a redesign of your website or looking to build a website from scratch, deciding which website agency is right for your business can seem like a difficult decision.

What Should You Consider When Picking A Website Domain Name?
Does using relevant keywords in your domain help in improving your website's ranking? And what is the basic structure and rules you should follow when choosing a domain?

Copywriting Tips to Convert More Customers
Regardless of which industry you are in, or what you are selling, simple tweaks to your website copy to make it more persuasive and engaging is a proven way to increase conversion rates. Whether you are just setting up your website, or have had your website running for some time, adjusting the text on your website is a quick, simple and, most importantly, free method that you can use to improve your website’s conversion rate. You might be surprised at what a difference a few simple changes can make. Here's our tips.

What Should You Consider When Picking A Website Domain Name?
Some people are more savvy when it comes to SEO and suggest the idea that using relevant keywords in their domain to potentially help in improving the website's ranking. But is this SEO technique a smart idea in today's digital world? And what is the basic structure and rules you should follow when choosing a domain?

Why Is A Website Theme And Website Maintenance So Important?
A website can be crucial to the success of any modern business; it is an enterprise’s online brand, attracts interest, helps sell services and products, and can even be used to reach out to a worldwide market. However, in order for the website to be effective and garner maximum benefit it needs to be attractive, easy for the visitor to use and free of technical problems.

Design A Website for Your Small Business In 4 Easy Steps
A website is a necessity for all small businesses. Regardless of the other marketing methods you decide on, enabling your customers to find you through Google or by searching your company name is a key part of nurturing and developing your customer list.

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid
Building a website can be a daunting prospect. Regardless of the industry you operate in a crucially important step to the success of your site is the usability. Keep this in mind and you will be on the right path to satisfying your customers' needs online, decreasing your bounce rate and improving your conversions.

Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Website Sales!
So, you have a wonderful online store that attracts a great deal of Internet traffic and you’re making the most of internet marketing but you still find one consistent problem: your website experiences a huge number of lost sales through online customers abandoning their shopping baskets.

Why Is Packaging Important for Your eCommerce Website?
As an eCommerce business owner you may – quite rightly – spend the majority of your time thinking about the look of their products. But have you ever given similar consideration to your product packaging?