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Purple Arrow

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Purple Arrow is the idea of a niche agency that was able to cover all facets of design and technical development.

Languages Spoken: English

Employees: 11-20 Established: 2008 Joined: 2012

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After gaining broad experience in the graphic design, web development, advertising and film industries, their aim was to apply this knowledge to provide a consistent and complete design approach for businesses across a broad range of media.

Amidst the global economic crisis, Purple forged a name for themselves and five years later is still dedicated to producing high-quality design work to both small and large businesses across India and throughout the world. We pride ourselves on bold designs, exciting concepts, simple and intuitive interfaces, attention to detail and an inherent simplicity throughout all that we do.

Industry Sectors

Media & Communication, Health & Beauty, Manufacturers & Engineers, IT, Professional Services, Educational, Other, Consumer Services, Recruitment, Public Sector, Tourism & Travel, Not for profit / Charity

Tends to work with

Private Company, Entrepreneur, Public Sector, Startup, Corporation / Public Company, Non-profit Organisation

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Content Management System:

we use CRM worthy of work to be done

We Recommend:

Accountant: ADS Accountancy
Lawyer: Holmes McKillop
Printer: 2print4
SEO expert: Adforce

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  • Reviewed on 16 Jul, 2013
    Company recommended by reviewer Purple Arrow has the unique ability to turn our briefs into creatives that are exciting, entertaining and true-to-message. We are continually amazed by their ability to deliver inspirational campaigns. The team at Purple Arrow is ...  Read More

    Paul Reul
    — Cashur LTD

  • Reviewed on 16 Jul, 2013
    Company recommended by reviewer The Purple Arrow team is the most efficient and highest quality creative agency I have had the chance to work with. In our dealings they have always met and surpassed expectations whilst having an impeccable attention to detail. T...  Read More

    — Magnificent Kashmir

  • Reviewed on 25 Nov, 2012
    Company recommended by reviewer Well i would say there website design looks really good as the website is like designed for me and the best part is that they dont start there work even after the website design is complete, they keep on updating and changing the ...  Read More

    Aijaz Ahmed Kachroo
    — Zareen Business Systems


Greater Kashmir - 14/07/2012
Valleys Youngest Website Designer and Developer

Rising Kashmir - 14/07/2012
Valleys Youngest Website Designer and Developer

JK EDI - 21/04/2013
Valleys youngest millionaire


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Designers, Developers, Deployments, Creations, Inventions

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : I really wish and hope that my company till 2022 should be a blast as i really want to change the thinking of this part of the world and people over here, now i think that there must be a walk through to the point where i want to reach, i dont actually want my company fincially be in NASDAQ or any share market but i just want my company to change the trend of the web design here.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : The name of my company has a big reason as someone who is really very nearest to me wanted to open a boutique and his favorite color is purple so she was not given a chance to open a boutique by her family, so i just asked her what if you had a boutique, what will be it named after, she just replied with PURPLE ARROW, so i just named my company PURPLE ARROW, as i was really in search of a name that time.

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