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Guerrini Island Design

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Visual Communication Strategists

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Employees: 6-10 Established: 1993 Joined: 2009

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Guerrini Design Island is a communication and design studio that uses an effective and personal approach to create brands, achieving this added value by bringing new areas of knowledge to the act of design.

Industry Sectors

Food & Drink, Other

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Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Non-profit Organisation

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Recent Projects


The Mysteries of Design
A brief insight into the 3 mysteries of design

NGO Visual Identity
A brief look at how to successfully brand an NGO

Myth, Images and Power
A look at how underlying cultural assumptions are transmitted through myths

Image in the mirror
How we grow into subjectivity

The Thing
A look at the common links used to bond the individual member os a society, often represented in the form of a symbol such as a flag or natioanl emblem.

What is Culture
An explanation of culture from the point of view of the common symbols, images and ideas used to create it.

Frequent Questions and Answers regarding Organic Branding
A q&A format article answering some of the more profund aspects of creating the image necessary to represent and organic producing organisation.