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iTec Web Design & Marketing

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Business-oriented web design & marketing company focused on maximizing leads and conversions

Languages Spoken: English, Polish

Employees: 1-5 Established: 2010 Joined: 2010

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Grow your business with marketing and ROI focused web design & development.

We specialize in integrated web solutions, on-page SEO, content marketing, lead generation and conversion optimization

Our entire web design process is geared towards helping small - medium businesses grow and find customers online. We build websites that are high ranking and conversion optimized so your business can succeed.

Industry Sectors

Other, Educational, Professional Services, Consumer Services, IT, Building & Construction, Recruitment, Financial & Legal

Tends to work with

Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), Non-profit Organisation, Corporation / Public Company, Private Company, Entrepreneur

General location of clients:

North America

Content Management System:

We specialize in Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal. Each system has it's pros and cons depending on the type of business. Wordpress is the most popular and work best for MOST small businesses. Which CMS is best for your business?

We Recommend:

Hosting company: Arvixe

Recent Projects

  • Outdoor Displays

    Outdoor Displays

    Outdoor displays, sells TV products which we categorized into a simple catalogue format. The website is fully responsive and easy to navigate. Read More

  • Sublimety


    Sublimety used storytelling to highlight single product services through blogs and seo.. Read More

  • Cash for Gold

    Cash for Gold

    Cash Company is design as a money making site. Not to mention the AdWords campaigns were extremely successful in its business. Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 31 Jul, 2014
    Company recommended by reviewer Dear Anna: I would like to thank you for the creative design that you developed for my web site. I have received positive feedback on the web design and functionality from the professionals/client base that I deal with. You l...  Read More

    — timoridge group

  • Reviewed on 30 Jul, 2014
    Working with Anna at iTec Web Design has changed the way I work with 'suppliers'. Without my realizing it, she has improved the way I communicate my ideas, which has - of course - had a very positive effect on the end results! ...  Read More

    mary claridge
    — FirstCall

  • Reviewed on 4 Jul, 2014
    We are very happy with the website designed by iTec Web Design. Anna was great to work with. She designed a logo for us that is way better than anything we tried before. Other designers just couldn't give us a logo that present...  Read More

    Doug Adamson
    — Adamson Writers & Editors


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : We help your business grow.

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : Hopefully with a ton of satisfied customers and successful businesses under our belt.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : iMac, iPod, iPad.. iTec?

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