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WWDC Affilliate Program 19 February 2010
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Company login has moved 4 January 2010
You can now login by using the link at the top of this page.

New WWDC Rank and memberships 11 October 2009
Some of you have already noticed that we've done away with the starred ratings and we've now implemented the new membership system to replace it. We've improved the way your WWDC Rank calculated and you're now awarded a membership status depending on your Rank : White, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Pink Power. More details can be found on the FAQ page.

FAQs updated 5 July 2009
Just arrived? For a quick overview of WWDC read our small list of frequently answered questions which simply explains exactly how the site works. Read FAQs

Take the interview 10 June 2009
We've updated the interview questions for web design companies to answer. Just login and click to update your profile where you will see the new full list of questions. Your answers are what will truly distinguish your company from others and allow clients to gain an insight into the backbone and thinking of an individual company.

Changes to the ratings 28 March 2009
We've changed the way the ratings work! Clients will still be giving you star ratings when they write their review, but these will no longer be shown on the website. However, they will still contribute to your ranking score - so you had better keep them happy! Love it or hate it, do let us know ...

New feature to search by client 24 March 2009
We've now made it possible for you to search for a clients website and then contact the web design companies who have designed the sites you like. Just click on 'Find a web design company' on the menu.

Meet the Team! 13 January 2009
We've just added a new section in each company profile so that web design companies can add photos and information about their project managers designers, developers and everyone else so that you can get a better feel for the team.

What we hope to achieve in 2009 3 January 2009
WWDC has grown consistently over ther last 2 years with over 1700 companies individually registering and creating profiles. Our aim is to be the top independent reviews website for web design companies worldwide. We'll be working with you all so that WWDC will remain an important resource for all businesses.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 22 December 2008
...to all our members and users. Thanks for all the feedback and support you've all given us in improving and growing WWDC. We hope you are all enjoying the new features! All the best for 2009.

We've upgraded! 5 November 2008
So it's finally here - although we hope that you've already noticed! We have made some big changes to the way the site looks but also to how it works. We hope that it's made things quicker, simpler and easier (afterall that's what life's about!). We'll be performing various updates over the coming weeks to fine tune it, so please do send us any feedback you have. Enjoy the new site!

we're working hard! 4 August 2008
Just a brief update on the progress of the new and improved WWDC ... We have now completed the usability testing and design changes and working towards getting the site coded and tested and hope to get it all live for you to as soon as we can! So keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, comments, ideas - whatever - then do let us know.

A New Year and some big changes! 7 January 2008
Happy New Year to all our users! And with the new year, we are planning some big changes to WWDC. Just to let you know what's happening, we are planning some extensive usability testing throughout January and February, and entering a third phase of improvements in March. We hope you will see a much improved design, better usability and some new features! We love hearing feedback from you - so if you have ideas for improvements or any comments at all, send us an email or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

WWDC is back 20 September 2007
Thanks to everyone for being so patient while we upgrade WWDC. You may have noticed that we've expanded to allow web design companies and businesses from other countries to use our services. However, the UK sub-site will remain completely separate from all other countries. We've also made many other improvements. We hope you enjoy the site and as always let us know of any feedback you have!

WWDC gets a great new look 20 June 2007
Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback! We decided that we needed to redesign the home page to take into consideration the evolving website content and give visitors immediate information about what they can do. We hope you like it and of course we would love to read your feedback.

More Updates 13 February 2007
Based on feedback we've received from you, we've added a whole load of functionalies. The user menu has now been improved and so highlights areas that are not complete. This new news section when you login so you can be kept up to date with the latest happenings ... and lots more! Please keep continueing to give us feedback to help the site grow and improve. Thanks.

WWDC in .NET magazine 22 January 2007
Watch out for WWDC in the next edition of .NET magazine out on 6th February.

WWDC Updates 19 December 2006
We have now created a more detailed profile section where you can distinguish yourself from other Web Design Companies. We have also given you the ability to accept or decline reviews (a declined review doesn't contribute to your overall rating) and also comment on a review.

Review Requests 30 November 2006
WWDC will automatically send out emails to your existing clients so they can review your services! The more great reviews, the more business you can generate! To send emails to your existing clients use the "review requests" link on the menu on the left.

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