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Web designers hosting or other?
My web designer has suggested I use the hosting he provides on his server. He is charging

submitted by Dave on 29 December 2008


Mark Cloyd DesignsGold Member Mark Cloyd Designs
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30 December 2008
Hi Dave,

I agree with Emma, that price seems pretty steep for hosting, and like Emma says, there should be a lot that comes with that price.

That being said, I only host sites that I develop and I do encourage my clients to allow me to host their sites, because I do have full access to my co-located servers and am better able to maintain the sites I host, and I know the capabilities of my server(s).

In the event that a client wants me to develop a site but they want to choose their own hosting, I typically will take a look at their hosting package and see if it has all the elements needed for the sites I develop, if so, then if my client doesn't mind letting me have access to their site FTP information, I am happy to upload their site to their server, (in the event of changes being made).

I never charge my clients for phone calls or if something needs to be addressed on my servers, I handle that for free... however if a client has a site hosted elsewhere, the server maintenance is completely up to them and if I need to adjust anything on their server, or contact their hosting company, I will charge a fee for my time.

So, while hosting should be very reasonable, and any server maintenance should come with that hosting fee, (assuming it's the developers server of choice), you should be able to host your site where you would like, just be aware that for developers maintaining sites across multiple servers is not desired and there may be additional or higher fees for any maintenance to sites hosted on servers other than your developers.

Hope that helps!

Best regards,
Mark Cloyd

TheraisaK.comSilver Member
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1 January 2009
In most cases, designers (including myself) prefer to use their own hosting or hosting services that they know are reliable and convenient for their clients. Designers will generally push their clients to use their choices for a variety of factors, but generally it boils down to how convenient it is for the designer to access, use and learn the ropes. It may not always be the cheapest route, so you can either shop around for a better hosting provider and convince your designer it's worth their time and effort to agree with your choices, ask your designer to find a secondary or tertiary hosting provider that they like and is within your budget or maybe you need to find a designer that works for you and not him/herself! (hopefully it's not the latter, but in some cases maybe the best option for client / designer relations).

Crazy ChameleonBronze Member Crazy Chameleon
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1 January 2009
I have always been of the mind that my clients should control both their own hosting and domain names. As long as the hosting company supports the site needs and is reputable I have no issue with clients "shopping around". I do recommend hosting companies that I have worked with and will try to dissuade them from going with companies just because they are cheaper.

Why do I think it is important for the client to control his/her own domain name and hosting? Far too many horror stories of clients loosing their websites and domain name because a relationship has gone south with their developer.

My advise:

Should you choose to go with your designers hosting company,

Be sure to always have a backup copy of your site and data. If the developer is making regular changes to your site have the developer send you a copy of the site when the changes are made. Save this file to an external source. This should include a copy of your database if applicable.

If your site is relatively static and original copy should suffice.

Also, keep in mind how important your domain name is. Always have complete control of your domain name. Where is it hosted (ie Go Daddy), always have the passwords and usernames and make sure that you and not your developer owns it.

That being said...

Your relationship with your developer should be built on trust. If you trust your developer is giving you the best value with hosting and support, then by all means use his hosting. Just be aware, and be safe. And be aware that you do have options. No developer should "insist" on his hosting. It is after all your site, and you should be in control.

WebHeads WDC AgencyGold Member WebHeads WDC Agency
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7 January 2009
Like most things you pay for what you get and the same is very much true with hosting.

If you company needs 100% uptime, speed and resilience, then you need to pay for it.

Our hosting costs us in excess of

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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28 January 2009
There are always cheaper options out there - you just need to weigh up the costs for you personally.

We offer our clients hosting (most designers do these days) although we dont charge anywhere near what you are being asking for. In our hosting package we include text changes in the price. Most of our clients find this really helpful.

I think you should find out exactly what is included in this

Mark Palmer Design LtdGold Member Mark Palmer Design Ltd
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29 January 2009

Fonant LtdGold Member Fonant Ltd
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30 March 2009
If your designer charges his time at a reasonable

Willows ConsultingSilver Member Willows Consulting
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5 August 2009
It depends what the designer is offering for

OneWebGold Member OneWeb
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8 May 2014
We can provide super-secure web hosting on Linux or Windows and without limitations. We have free time period deals available too. Feel free to contact us at

Moirae Creative AgencyPink Power Member Moirae Creative Agency
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20 August 2015
Hi Dave,

They'll always be cheaper options available for hosting but all comes down to the service you require. if you are wanting a good service that provides good uptime and fast speed, then yes some hosting providers will charge more for those specific services.

You should have a understanding what the designer is offering with the hosting and compare with other hosting companies.

Hope this information helps Dave.

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