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Understanding hosting
I don't really understand hosting. I'm looking to get a website for my company and I've read that I also need to get hosting as well. I'm not quite sure I understand the concept. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks .Jose.

submitted by Jose on 22 June 2009


Templeman TwellsSilver Member Templeman Twells
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23 June 2009
Hi Jose,

You are correct, in that you need your website to be hosted. Your website is essentially an organised group of files, just like the files on your computer.

These files have to exist somewhere which can be accessed by anyone - which is where the host comes in. Their servers can store your files securely, and can be viewed as a website, by anyone who accesses them.

You do also need a domain though, which is the website address. This is the link between a user requesting a website, and the server providing it.

So, first you need a domain, then you need hosting, and then you need your website :)

Hope this has helped a little bit!

SiteZero internet Pty LtdSilver Member SiteZero internet Pty Ltd
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24 June 2009
Hi Jose,

My suggestion would be to look at a fully hosted CMS (content management system)
This way you get the website and the hosting in one package.

The advantage of a content management system is that you are able to make minor changes to your website without the need to know any programming ( just like editing a word document)

Generally this is a better way to go.

I hope this helps

Richard Norris
SiteZero Internet

Aspen Website DevelopmentSilver Member Aspen Website Development
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26 June 2009
Hello, I sometimes explain it to my non technical clients that hosting is like 'renting' a space on the internet on which to place and display your website. Once the website has been designed and you have a website address, you then need to have it hosted on to the world wide web. If you think of the internet as one big facility where lots of people have websites and each individual websites rents a space on the internet for their website. Many web design companies include hosting in their package and some you may purchase your hosting separately. Hope this makes sense.

OrangeCopperBronze Member OrangeCopper
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29 June 2009
Hey Jose,

Its Simple Buddy. Let me ask you back 1Question

1. Assume you have a website designed and its completed. And when a customer types - > Where will the Browser pick up the designed files ?

You Got it! Obviously the designed files cannot be fetched each time from your personal folder.

It needs to be on the web. For a complete website you need.

1. Domain name to be registered ( your house address)
2. web space ( like a piece of land to build a house )
3. The Designed pages ( Your House)

Now when someone types in it resolves the IP address of the server where the files are hosted / Stored on the web and show it on the Internet explorer.

I hope i made it clear.

Joshu Thomas

e-webdesignsWhite Member e-webdesigns
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29 June 2009
Hosting is basically a webserver (a computer). your website files, e.g. each page, will be stored on it. it's a bit more complicated than that but thats the basics!

basically for example you could turn your PC into a webserver (installing specific software Microsofts version is called IIS) and if it's connected to the internet you'll be able to view your site from another pc anywher around the world, (using your PC's unique name (ip address)). Thats the basics

A hosting company is a much larger scales with racks of webservers (pc's) in temperture controled rooms, but basically the same idea.

Choosing a host is a complety different questionl, good luck! although i would imagine your developer should point you in the right direction...

Elle MediaBronze Member Elle Media
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30 June 2009
Think of your website like your house. Your URL or domain name is your address, and your hosting is like your house - where you hold all your stuff.

You can have an address, but if you don't have a house or an apartment to hold your stuff and you, then people can't come and visit you.

So, you rent a domain name - many hosting companies will include the domain registration with their hosting package - and pay for hosting, and the hosting company will give you a house (or a place on their server) for you to store all your files which will be accessed when people visit your URL.

Feel free to contact me if you want some more information about hosting or hosting company recommendations.

Gatt DesignSilver Member Gatt Design
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1 July 2009
Hello Jose,

In laymans terms, whenever you type in a website address (or 'domain name') in your web browser (for example, the address bar at the top of the page in Internet Explorer), that website address is connected to what's known as a 'host' or a 'server'.

A host is essentially a location for you to store your website files, the same as say a hard drive in your computer/laptop stores your documents and pictures, or a CD which stores music.

If your domain name is not connected to a host, then people will not be able to visit your website.



ComGem - people inspiredSilver Member ComGem - people inspired
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2 July 2009
Hi Jose,

This is a question we are often asked by our clients.

Your website hosting is basically where your website is 'parked' in cyber space, so its basically like renting your own space for your website.

In addition to hosting you will also need a domain name... which is basically like your address, so people can locate your website.

I hope this helps, however should you have any further questions then please do not hestiate to contact me on 02920 30 30 55.

All the best,


Synergy InformaticsSilver Member Synergy Informatics
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3 July 2009

This is really simple.

Just like you save your files to your PC, you need to save your website files on a system which serves this file to your site visitors on request.

So here comes an Internet Server, which saves your file, and serves it to visitor computers whenever they request it. This Internet Server is thus Hosting your site.. and thus called as Hosting server.

We also provide professional hosting services to our clients. Kindly visit to view our hosting services. You can also email us on if you have more questions.


Krunal Jariwala
Synergy Informatics

AeonCube NetworksSilver Member AeonCube Networks
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3 July 2009

Web hosting is one of the most important part of your website as it allows users from around the world access your website.

When you have your website on your computer and see it locally (On one machine / network being accessed) it will not permit you to share the site to everyone in the world where as hosting are based around high end spec servers connected to high speed internet networks so your website can be viewed world wide.

You can make your home computer become a server so you can host your own website BUT as soon as your computer goes off then so does your website. Also with normal home / business broadband it can not be compared to the speeds hosting companies get for your website.

Hope this helps, but any questions give us a shout.

Best regards

Creative Logic MediaGold Member Creative Logic Media
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16 July 2009
I JUST posted an article that should be invaluable to you as a beginner...

Artlines Media Ltd.Silver Member Artlines Media Ltd.
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4 February 2010
A website is made up of files which need to be stored on a computer-like machine. This machine or Server needs to be able to keep your website files safe from attacks and allow fast access from anywhere in the world, 24/7/365 days of the year.

For example, if you stored your website files locally on a machine in the office, your website would suddenly disappear when you turned that machine off at night. Or to look at it another way, if you have a power-cut or if the cleaner unplugged the machine to plug the vacuum cleaner in. (If you've worked in Support then you'll know what I mean).

So, most commercial or at any rate, serious website owners use hosting services already dedicated for this task. Plus because of their size, the servers can host more than one website, many more. Resulting in a cost effect solution for everyone.


Smart Marketing & Media Group LimitedPink Power Member Smart Marketing & Media Group Limited
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4 March 2010
Hi Jose

The other answers are essentially technically correct but any reputable website design agency should take care of the hosting for you as part of a package or for a reasonable annual fee. Your new website, which is made up of files, will need to be stored (hosted) on a server that is accessible on the Internet.

Avoid any design company that doesn't offer hosting!

Pixel KicksPink Power Member Pixel Kicks
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27 March 2013
Hosting is simply the process of making your website publicly available to view on the internet.

You could very well host a website on a computer in your own living room with a standard broadband connection, however this wouldn't be a very good idea.

A decent shared hosting company should be able to give you fairly fast and responsive hosting, but if you have a high traffic website then you'll be better with a dedicated server.

This depends entirely on your budget and the level of traffic that the site gets. Google does view website loading speed as a ranking factor though so this is something to be considered.



Moirae Creative AgencyPink Power Member Moirae Creative Agency
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19 August 2015
Hi Jose,

It's very easy to understand hosting if you characterise sections down into little bits, so it's easier to read and also follow.

There's three sections which you should think about; Domain, Hosting and Website. Let's picture these sections as the following: Domain (Car Reg), Hosting (Insurance) and Website (Vehicle)

Domain: Let's picture your domain as the car registration. The domain is used as an address to access the information known as your website (vehicle). Without a domain, your website wouldn't have an address in which users could access.

Hosting: Now let's picture your hosting as insurance, without insurance for your vehicle it wouldn't be drivable and therefore inaccessible. Having hosting allows the mobility to have people visit your website via the domain name.

Website: Finally, your website is the brains behind everything. Without your Domain and Hosting, your website wouldn't be accessible to the world wide web.

I hope this information has helped explain everything much easier and clearer for you!

Kind Regards,


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