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To turn a web site into a business
Hi All
A friend and I have a web site that has been live for over 10 years, it’s just a hobby. We design model kits for ourselves and put them on the site so any model railway enthusiasts can download them for free. The site is Wordsworth Model Railway which now defaults to my friends web page has we were trying to update the site to look better
We are now thinking of getting the site done professionally and turn it into an ecommerce web business where we can sell some of the kits and still have some for free but also be able to have an affiliate feed so we can sell other products to bulk up the site and also be able to sell individual products that we may want to sell ourselves, we have a budget of £1500 max.
Not too sure on the info you need so please get back to me with any quote

submitted by Chris on 8 December 2011


Web Factory StudioGold Member Web Factory Studio
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8 December 2011
Hello Chris,

There is much information required prior to being able to provide an accurate quote. I can tell you though, that we can definitely work under your budget for a high quality e-commerce website. Things to consider, what kind of functionality will the site require, other than sopping carts, shipping and tax calculators. Will you also want features such as video clips ? or other tutorials in which you might want to demonstrate the models.
I would like to be able to discuss this in much more depth with you, if you have a few moments.
You can visit our website, and our portfolio by visiting

Give us a call at 213-283-7937.

Hope to hear from you soon.

IOW Computer GeekPink Power Member IOW Computer Geek
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8 December 2011
Hi Chris

Your e-commerce site idea sounds like a great project and we would be happy to quote you for this.

The budget you have specified is more than enough for the kind of project you have given an overview of.

You can see from our profile and reviews on here that we have created many top listed e-commerce sites that are getting outstanding worldwide search engine results, the search engine results that your site gets will be one of the most important factors in selling successfully online.

Take a look at our reviews on here and visit our website at

Best Regards


TeckStyleGold Member TeckStyle
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13 December 2011
We can offer you a professional and very affordable option to sell products online. We can also duplicate you website shop into your facebook page for the social media contact you have (we can setup a business/enthusiasts age for you if you dont already have one).

The cost of putting together a website that you need will depend on the amount of content, design input, amount of items available in the shop and other features, but for a rough example we can provide a 5 page website with the necessary contact features and a shop with up to 10 products for between £160 to £210. The margins are very different as we would have to quire a bit more information from yourselves about the features you want, design style, pages etc... but this will give you a rough idea of a price if you decide to choose

We have been credited highly on our reviews, please take a few minutes to have a look.

Thanks for your reading time.

Chimera StudiosGold Member Chimera Studios
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17 December 2011
Hi Chris

Sounds like you guys have this well planned out.

We'd love to get involved, just get in touch at and we'll offer you a FREE breakdown of the current issues your site has and how we can build you a new site optimised for maximum effect.

All the best

Toby Gunston
Chimera Studios

View Web DesignGold Member View Web Design
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27 December 2011
Hi Chris,

Note sure if you are still looking for a new website, we can design and build you a eCommerce website well under stated budget..

please check out our clients on the following link:

We have designed and planned a number of eCommerce online shops and have an excellent ongoing yearly package, enabling clients to keep their website updated 24 hours a day..

Kind Regards


Signature Image ConsultantsGold Member Signature Image Consultants
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29 December 2011

Your project sounds interesting. Your budget is on the low side if your aspiring to something like which we could build using Magento. If you have a few products then an enterprise solution like this is not for you and you might want to consider a WordPress shopping cart plugin instead as an entry level solution or perhaps an eBay shop if you're on a tight budget.

Getting a professional website launched is only half the story and you need to set something aside for website marketing which in a competitive market like yours is likey to exceed yor site development budget.

Hope this helps,

Ridge-media: web development.Silver Member Ridge-media: web development.
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31 December 2011
Hi Mike,Martin

Hope all is well, My names Mark and ive just started up as a freelance web designer, i trade as web wizard warminster and have just added my profile to WWDC.

I have on my profile a couple of eCommerce sites i have previously completed and even more on my website.

ive just read your question and if you havent had an answer already, i would be able to assist you with your site and keep it within your budget.

please feel free to contact me back if it is of interest to yourselves

many thanks


Adorn Consultants - Web Design IndiaBronze Member Adorn Consultants - Web Design India
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6 January 2012
You must concentrate on SEO for better growth in visitors and in conversion

Metalfrog Ltd.Gold Member Metalfrog Ltd.
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11 January 2012
Hi Chris
This is not a problem for us. We have built over 400 e-commerce sites in the past 16 years. The latest one is Some others include:

All totally unique. All with commercial focus in mind. All with SEO In mid. Beware that you will not get SEO services within budge which deliver page 1 results. It is not possible for valuable terms. Your guarantee from us is that if we cannot get your site to the top of Google for valuable terms within the period of a legal contract then you get our services free. In 10 years of optimisation this has never had to be honoured.

Please checkout our website for more.

Chris Wheeler
Metalfrog Studios Limited

Lush Creative DesignGold Member Lush Creative Design
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11 January 2012

You could get a e-commerce website which will be well under your budget. Best thing to do is have a professional looking website with information about your business and an online store where people will be able to buy your products.

Most design companies will charge per 10 products, so maybe you could get some on their for now and pay for extra ones as your business grows even more and as you create new products to sell.

I would contact companies which create e-commerce sites and can understand your needs, personally i feel it wouldn't cost you a great deal and you could have something which stands out compared to your current website.

Designers like myself ask for website you like the look of, some if you can provide them with a few links of what you like and will help them design a site with something you like, so try and have a few link ready, maybe google your business sector to see what others have done on their website.

Nutcracker Design & MarketingGold Member Nutcracker Design & Marketing
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26 January 2012
Hello Chris

I am unsure if you are still looking to update your website.

I would just like to mention that we recently did a website for a company in the same industry as yourself there's is a very complex e-commerce site.

Once you have things in order, would you possibly exchange links?



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