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I'm finding it difficult to determine how much is reasonable to spend on a new website & am getting conflicting advice. As a start-up we have to be realistic but recognise that, as we need e-commerce element, under £1k may not give us what we need. Is there a reliable, non-biased, guide to price ranges and what one gets within them?

submitted by Sarah Parker on 29 November 2016


Renaissance HostingPink Power Member Renaissance Hosting
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30 November 2016
Hi Sarah,

There are lots of companies offering different pricing - in terms of what you need and how much they estimate it will cost them in time and licenses.

I know many companies charge anywhere from £15 - £50+ per hour and this could be due to experience, length of time (dependant on experience) it will take etc.

E-Commerce sites; a good one is in the area of £1k+
There are cheaper options available and you can look for a freelancer who will be able to undercut many established companies but may not be able to offer the longevity or level of service for years to come.

I charge around £700 for a 2 template WordPress website (all inclusive from consultation to delivery), additional functionality does cost more. E-commerce websites are around the £1500 mark as this includes a lot of templates, e-mail template set up etc.

The best approach I can recommend is to get proposals from lots of companies, with detailed breakdowns of what they offer and get recommendations to make sure they can deliver what they promise.

If you would like a free proposal please feel free to get in touch with me at

All the best with your project, I would be delighted to hear more about it.

Pippa Christie
WordPress/WooCommerce specialist
The Brand Geeks

Design For Online LtdGold Member Design For Online Ltd
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1 December 2016
I would tend to look at your requirements, the things that add the most cost tend to be ecommerce sections, such as a shop, or the SEO. If you are looking for the initial website to be relatively straight forward, perhaps look for designers that do not offer a limit on "pages" in their costs, we offer a one price job and we do not charge any extra than our quote. We cater for startups and provide excellent service whilst also catering to a realistic startup budget.

Our price ranges from £350 and can accommodate e-commerce functions and SEO for an additional 3.

Design for Online Ltd

Web Studio North WalesGold Member Web Studio North Wales
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2 December 2016
You wont find a simple price guide, as any web development company will tell you every project is different.

E-commerce especially is a tricky type of project to quote on, as it's all down to time required and what skills a developer would have to bring to bear to complete a project.

Basically to reduce web design costs, prepare a complete price list of products, and if any product requires variations (e.g. different colours, left hand/right hand version)

Prepare high quality images for each product and descriptions of each product and the benefits.

With a complete product list and all this information a web developer should be able to produce something of quality for a budget between £1000-£2000.

If you don't have a product list, images or description for each product, or if you require hundreds or thousands of products this will ad to the cost considerably.

You will also have to budget for annual web hosting, and domain costs and if you require website management so you have a web developer to talk to with queries along the way.

Expect to pay at least £100 per month for professional website management if you require ongoing help. and don't forget to check the web developers portfolio, there can be a massive difference in quality between a one man band and a professional company.

I hope that helps! if you require any further info or have any questions you can get in touch with me

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11 December 2016
Hi Sarah

As you can tell from the lack of detailed answers its difficult to give a ball park figure when it comes to professional web design as each project is unique.

Most professional companies will give free quotations without any obligation so i would advise you to start there rather that asking for a price range.

Only package installer using drag and drop software or free open source management systems such as Wordpress/Joomla will be able to give you a set price for a project without even knowing about the features because you're getting a pre-written, out of the box website with no unique coding.

Some people do choose a package installer rather than a professional web designer thinking that it's going to be cheaper, which unfortunately isn't always the case.

My advice is to always get written quotations showing the final delivered price whether you're using a professional coder/developer or a package installer.

Kaydee Web LtdBronze Member Kaydee Web Ltd
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13 December 2016
Hi Sarah, this is quite a difficult one. When clients ask how much a site will be, before briefing I say "how long is a piece of string".

It will depend on exactly what you are asking of a web designer, but there are ways of getting online, keeping costs down.

If you contact the right designer they can do the structure and design of the site for you, but let you add products, keeping the work load down for the designer.

You could use PayPal for payments, which is much easier to set up than a full payment gateway, you just have to pay higher commission.

Also, when I create a website on the cheap side I will not customise the theme, and I also leave out search engine optimisation.

SEO is a really important part of a site, but it means clients can come back and get that done when they have the budget.

Web designers charge what they charge because we train hard in all the elements of websites.

However I do think if you do a few things in house or ask the designer to come back to them later you could get it done for under £1000.

Hope that helps!

Tmorph Digital DesignSilver Member Tmorph Digital Design
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13 December 2016
I don't know of any guides that would be useful but I would suggest a few things to consider:

Look for value for money over cheapest solution.

Be prepared to spend a little extra for experience, if your just buying a transaction time for money are your providers going to give you the best service. A website is a long term investment (not a cost like an office chair) make sure you invest in the best you can afford.

Consider what the designer/developer wants to know about your business, are they asking the right questions for you to get the right end result.

Do they understand your needs and offer practical solutions that will help with your business moving forwards.

Are they able to support you moving forward, for instance do they offer care packages that give site maintenance.

I hope that helps a little.

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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16 December 2016
Hi Sarah

Like the answers before me it really is down to requirements. When I have a client who comes to me with very little budget and wants ecommerce I tell them to look at Shopify for a short term fix - it is around $29 a month and often it works out well with them until they have the funds to then build the ecommerce webstie they really want.

Blade Web DesignSilver Member Blade Web Design
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16 December 2016
Hi Sarah
As mentioned in the previous answers, prices vary on exactly what you require from the e commerce site.

As a web designer I find the thing can reduce the costs are having customers who are willing to edit / upload there own images, product descriptions, descriptive data etc. ( basic content and prices )

Its not an incredibly difficult to put the basic site together with the chosen categories and payment options, what pushes the costs up are customers who just fire over 500 pictures and some descriptions / prices and request the web designer does everything for them.

Now thats not a problem if thats what the client wants, but then its going to push the price up to cover the hours spent in data entry

Thats the reason you will find it hard to get a set price, each project varies upon the clients needs and willingness to interact with the designer

Flair Consultancy LimitedGold Member Flair Consultancy Limited
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19 December 2016
Hi Sarah,

I don't think you'll find a *reliable* guide to price ranges, because there are too many variables to take into account before someone can quote for a website.

The price will depend on many factors, a few are:
- the agency you deal with (a more established and reliable company will likely have slightly higher prices, while those establishing themselves will charge less).
- which platform you want to build your ecommerce store on (you'll either be paying for hosting or a subscription), and so the expertise of the agency you engage
- approximately how many product do you have, are they 'simple' products, or are they available in varieties such as color, size, etc.?
- how much traffic do you expect to get, will there be traffic spikes that need to be taken into account?
- what sort of design do you want, a basic design or a high-quality design to appeal to a certain demographic?
- will you load the products and content, or do you need help with that?

This gives you an idea of the answers you'll need to have ready for companies you speak to. We go through these on the phone and also have a questionnaire we send to enquirers.

Our prices start from £1250 to >£5000, depending on all of the requirements the client has.

I hope this helps!

Web Design and DevelopmentBronze Member Web Design and Development
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20 December 2016
Hi Sarah,

It all depends.. It's like when buying houses - there are many shapes and sizes. E-commerce element it's significantly more complex to introduce for custom sites. If you are looking for budget solutions check out sites such as wix or shopify.

The benefit of hiring a consultant is that you get a tailored solution which in a long run pays off.

Off-the-shelf products are much more cost-effective but it takes time and $$$ to amend it if necesary.

I hope that helps,


IOW GeekPink Power Member IOW Geek
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23 December 2016
Hi Sarah

As a rule of thumb most web designers would need to talk through your specific needs to determine a price for the website that you need but under £1k should be achievable for an e-commerce website.

If you would like to talk through your requirements feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards


Gingerweb LtdGold Member Gingerweb Ltd
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29 December 2016
As you have been told already there are huge differences in website build prices. My advice to you would be to look at the portfolio of any company that has taken your fancy - If they are within your price range and you like there work then that is half the battle.

The other half of the battle is after sales service:
1. Have you been fully trained in the use of your new site?
2. Can you add/remove products and categories
3. Is your new site optimised (SEO) for Google
4. What are the ongoing costs and will you be charged if there is something you cannot do to your new site?

We have recently developed an Ecommerce template using Joomla CMS and Virtuemart shopping system. It has numerous additions that are proven to work in current sites (like Amazon style reviews/professional invoicing/onepage checkout)

the first build with this template was quite expensive as it took a few months to develop but i can now deploy the same shape and design for a new site with obviously differing colours/backgrounds/graphics etc so each one looks different but is essentially the same engine.

Depending on your requirements a site like this could be yours for around £800 and could be ready in a couple of weeks if you have all your imagery done already.

Drop me a line if this sounds interesting and checkout my clients for examples of this template.


GillGraphicsSilver Member GillGraphics
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30 December 2016
Hi Sarah,

Your question is an extremely valid one. It is very hard to put an exact price on how much a website will cost to design and develop, as every website requires different features and functions.

When it comes to eCommerce sites, a large factor is the number of products you have and would like to sell online.

Design agencies are able to charge what they like for their work, which sometimes can be over what is fair.

We recommend obtaining quotations from numerous trustworthy companies and finding an average pattern of price. The cheapest option is not always the best, but the mid range ones can usually give a good idea as to what price you should be paying for a well rounded website.

I hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with us any time if you have any further questions, or even if you would like a quotation!

Kind regards,

Web & Graphic Designer

DigiryteGold Member Digiryte
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5 January 2017
Hi Sarah,

Websites can vary conisderably in price depending a number of factors, from design quality to CMS type, speed optimisation, customisation, SEO readiness, service quality, ongoing support etc.

However, if you're looking for a good long term solution you will struggle to find anything under 5K for a reasonable ecommerce system. You wil no doubt get quotes much cheaper but like anything else you get what you pay for.

Personal advice from someone who's been in the industry for a while, the small amounts you can save in building a website are very likely to lead to bigger losses in lost revenue in the long run. So do it properly from the start and it'll be worth what you pay for it.

Hope that helps :-)

Signature Image ConsultantsGold Member Signature Image Consultants
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6 January 2017
that's a good question and there is no easy answer so it's always best to ask around.

We ask clients to complete a project planner to get the ball rolling and then discuss the technologies used and try to find something that meets their budget criteria. Sometimes it's easier to adopt a modular approach and develop the site in stages.

You can't always go on price though and it's best to create a shortlist, look at their portfolio, talk to their clients to find out if they're good guys to work with.

Hope this helps

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