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When getting a website built do I need to provide all of the photography?

My business is recruitment and I would like lots of images on the website but I do not necessarily need them to be photos of our offices.

submitted by Meredith on 31 May 2016


IOW GeekPink Power Member IOW Geek
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31 May 2016
Hi Meradith

You don't necessarily need pictures of yourself, your staff etc. You can buy good stock phtos from websites such istock.

Good photographs are very important though as many people will judge you and your business on the look of the website and this includes photographs.

There is an article on our blog at on the importance of good website photography.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards


Salsoftin NetworksGold Member Salsoftin Networks
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3 June 2016
Not necessary to submit all the photos, especially in case of Recruitment type website. You can have your office pics but most the photos on your website need to be illustrations and demos. So you web designing company will be arranging these of their own :)

it'seeze Leicester Website DesignGold Member it'seeze Leicester Website Design
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6 June 2016
In short, no.

At it'seeze we know that our customers don't always have the photos they need for their website, so we provide access to the extensive library of quality photos on

But do try and choose pictures yourself, to make sure it reflects your business so that any photos used are relevant.

What you mustn't do is search Google for images and think that'll do. Copyright matters.

I'm sure you wouldn't do that, but it is surprising how many people do!

Web App DesignerBronze Member Web App Designer
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6 June 2016

The answer is both yes and no, as it depends on particulars of your web design project, plus most companies do if differently.

Normally images are part of your content and you are expect to provide these. However its many clients are in the same situation as you so web designers offer to add these for you.

Note that the stock images used (which would seem to be your case) need to each be paid for... then their's the time sourcing the right images, editing them, optimising them for speed etc etc...

Just make sure its something you ask about up-front, as its one of the first questions I always ask my clients.

Cozy DigitalPink Power Member Cozy Digital
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10 June 2016
Hi Meredith,

No you dont NEED to use your own photography and most website companies, designers, developers etc. will be able to help you source good quality stock images as and where needed.

However, I feel its always helpful to use real photos as and when you can.

If someone is viewing your website and later goes on to meet you at your offices its always nice that the expectations meet up with the photos they viewed.

Sometimes stock images can come across as such and you lose that personal touch with customers.

Hope that helps.


Xperts Web DesignBronze Member Xperts Web Design
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13 June 2016
If could provide images for main pages would be better but we can arrange images for you if you become our valued customer

MyriagoBronze Member Myriago
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18 June 2016
It is something you should discuss with the designer up-front. Most designers will use stock photography if the client doesn't supply them, but the cost of acquiring them is often charged back onto the customer.

I highly recommend using at least some of your own photos, personal photography became so popularised at the moment especially by social media, that extensive use of the stock images may seem dated, faceless and less effective.

twofentonsGold Member twofentons
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20 June 2016
I'm sure I'll not be the first to say this but just make sure you purchase any images you don't supply yourself from a reputable source. My advice would try to have some images of your own and preferably get a professional photographer to do them for you and explain they are for your website so they know how to 'style' you properly.

Other sources for photos are and - I have found that Shutterstock is cheaper but they are fairly similar to be honest.

By providing all the images yourself, be they paid for or taken in house, you have control over what is on your site, I wouldn't feel confident in saying to a customer we'll put the images in that we think you'll want because without question I will probably choose the wrong ones!

Hope that helps


urteamPink Power Member urteam
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21 June 2016
Hi there,

We are in the process of launching a new business that specialises in web development for the Recruitment sector and currently working with 8 companies across the UK.

As with all our clients we help and and support in terms of images, if you look at this site this is a recruitment website that went live yesterday on its domain If you wish to talk further you can email and ask for us to call you back.

Hope this helps

Su Woodford

Bismuth Digital Solutions LtdBronze Member Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd
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30 June 2016
A lot of companies opt for stock photography. Despite stock photography being used quite often in distasteful applications, a good designer will pick the photos most fitting to your sector.

Also, most web design agencies tend to have an internal photographer or links to photographers that can deliver photos of your staff and premises at a reduced rate as part of the project.

Hope this helped!

Adeo GroupPink Power Member Adeo Group
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5 July 2016
Hi Meredith,

You do not need to provide your own photography for a website. Many web designers will have an account with an image supplier so you would be able to use Royalty-free images. At Adeo Group we have an account with Shutterstock so you can choose from thousands of high images from there to use on a site.

Not all stock images are free to use. You need to be particularly careful when you scour the web for pictures for your website, as selecting images protected by copyright laws has the potential to land you in serious legal trouble. This is why you need to be careful of simply taking images from Google image search as the person who owns the image may ask you to remove them and in more serious situations you can be asked to pay unpaid licence fees.

It is best to use your own images if possible but understandably it can be difficult to do so; and to get the high quality needed for websites.

If you are setting up a website yourself you may want to use Public Domain Images which are free to use for anyone at any time. Some of the best places to locate excellent free images include Flickr, Openphoto and Bigfoto. Whilst these are free to use, it is expected that material which is public domain, copyright-free, is considered plagiarized if you don't attribute the source. You may also find that image has been used many times across the web.

If you would like to speak to someone about more about this you can call our team 0845 241 8228 or feel free to drop us an email.

Hope this helps :)

The Adeo Group Team

Gkionify LTDGold Member Gkionify LTD
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5 July 2016
Most web designers have some sort of a stock photo library and or access to stock photos. Having said that in all respect it is always better to use original images.

When doing something, it is always worth doing it right. 80% of the people who view your business online it is the first time they view your business.

Ideally, you need a professional photographer that can provide your designer / developer with image files optimised for the web.

If that is not possible then use a mixture of both, stock and original photos. You will be surprised how good current smartphones are in taking pictures.

If that is not an option make sure that the rights for the images used are correctly acquired.

10X WebsitesBronze Member 10X Websites
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6 July 2016
In most cases the web developer will help your source the correct images for your business. If you advise what you are looking for we would be able to ensure the most professional images are being used throughout your website.

If you are looking to use quite a few images it is really important that a thought process is taken when selecting them as this will determine the overall look and feel of your site.

Blazebox MarketingBronze Member Blazebox Marketing
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7 July 2016
Hi Meredith,

You don't need to give your own images to the website designer but it's always helpful if you have some you want to include.

Kind Regards,
Blazebox Marketing

D & M Digital Creations LtdGold Member D & M Digital Creations Ltd
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11 July 2016
It depends on the developer you can of course use stock images of course which the developer should be able to lay hands on without much problem.

However, I would recommend providing team and basic images up front so you can get the best possible public representation of your business or your team (Make sure to tell the developer any touch-ups the images may require).

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