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New Design Integration minijob and slides
We have had a new design made for our site and are looking for someone affordable to integrate some content from our old site into the new design, make some tweaks and make a new slideshow banner for us. The Old and New Design can be found here on my Dropbox:

We thought something like $350 would be reasonable considering the main design has been done and its mainly integration.

Article Section – new page
Buttons/Headings for different types of articles
A content area used for the actual article (images and text).

Timetable integration
Integrate the old timetable into the new design, with some slight tweaking.

Home Page tweaking
We would like the sign up form to be much more attractive and to stand out.
We also want the testimonial section to look a little better.

Coach Section
Coach overview page – Simple page giving an overview of the different coaches we have (old design has this)
Coach Page – Simple page showing coach related information.

Poker Deals Page – new page
An area giving an overview of the different poker rooms we offer, with a summary, and some other details below.

We have two slideshows, we already have ideas and some drafts, probably in total 10 slides (5 each slideshow)

SORRY for the confusion but we are not asking for programming purely for a design to be made.

submitted by Aaron Murray on 7 January 2012


Web Factory StudioGold Member Web Factory Studio
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6 January 2012
Hello Aaron,

What you are asking is not a minijob. Even though you have a design already, the backend of the site you are requiring is quite complex. Any time you are requiring integration of an older program to a new one, it is time consuming. You may also find that the older programming is no longer the best option and may be hindering and not helping your goals for the website. You may, if your budget is not flexible, find someone who is willing to do this work, perhaps a freelancer. I would be very wary however of any company who tells you this is very quick job, requests all the money upfront, and then disappears.

It appears as though your design is a template, if this is correct, then you will also have the extra task of removing the unnecessary programming included, which also hinders your site performance.

I would advise you to take a look around the web for a more accurate pricing range. If you are flexible with your budget, please feel free to contact us with more details and we will be happy to provide you with a realistic, reasonable proposal. You might also want to be aware that your current site is offline.

Thank you.

Lush Creative DesignGold Member Lush Creative Design
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11 January 2012

seems a pretty big job, personal I would charge around the £650 mark for this website as there seems to be lot going on and there seems to be a lot of graphics and high-end web technology being used. Iv had a quick look at the designs and it seems to be very commercial which means the pricing range will be higher than standard website such as a band or hair studio.

I feel it would take anything above 1 month to create so therefore the time going into the website needs to be taken into account as most designs charge a fee per hour along with other cost of creating your website, personally I charge on how big the job is and it seems big.

Try contacting some designers and asking how much they would charge for that sort of website and that way you can get the best price for what you want, also have a look at their portfolios to see if they made something along the lines of that before.

Xpress MediaBronze Member Xpress Media
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24 January 2012

Although you wouldn't really get as you put it a "minijob" done for £350 you would be looking around the £600-700 mark for something like this but if you are really stuck we could do a compromise at say £500 if you'd be interested.

But pretty much like the other guys have put it's not really a mini/simple job to do and after all you pay a web designer/developer for their time.

Chimera StudiosGold Member Chimera Studios
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26 January 2012
Hi Aaron

As already stated above this isn't a mini-job by any means.

If you want to pass us the details we'll happily take a look


Toby Gunston

Brainy SitesGold Member Brainy Sites
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29 January 2012
Hi Aaron,

Based on your requirements, we can complete the project at £450. If you're still looking for a designer, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.


OrkTechGold Member OrkTech
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12 August 2013
Having read your question correctly, I believe we can do exactly as you have asked. We are experts in CSS3 and Graphic Design, so placing graphics into webpages becomes seamless and effective with this technology. We can produce this for the target budget you have requested.

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