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I am thinking of launching a new business website to offer targerted email marketing campaigns for web designers and marketing companies, I was looking for some feedback as to what would be a good offer to entice web designers to want to advertise?

submitted by rob barnes on 24 January 2017


Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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24 January 2017
Any good website designer might argue they dont need to pay for advertising!!! Having said that I think it is always wise to offer different levels of campaigns starting with a basic free service then build up from there with other paid services.

Often people like to try before they buy!

Personal Website DesignerBronze Member Personal Website Designer
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24 January 2017
A catchy slogan that tells Companies how reliable you are and why they should advertise with you.

Be supportive, Helpful and useful to those who advertise with you.

IOW Computer GeekPink Power Member IOW Computer Geek
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27 January 2017
Hi Rob

If you had a system where people could try before they buy that would be best. ie free advertising for a set period then different levels of option from there.

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