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Costs for building a website
For school, I need to make a businessplan for a new concept. This concept needs a website and I was wondering how much building this website would cost.

The concept: a map/gps where all accomodationpossibilities are shown, and if you click on one, a pup-up comes up that shows basic information about the accomodation. You can also klik on the pop-up, which opens a webpage with the full information about the hotel/camping/....

I think it's a good idea to use google maps for the website.

submitted by Claire Van Roey on 20 April 2016


Moirae Creative AgencyPink Power Member Moirae Creative Agency
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20 April 2016
Hi Claire,

Thank you for the question.

We wouldn't be able to give you cost for the build as all our websites are bespoke to the business.

But from what you have listed above, your describing similar functionality to 'Airbnb' with an integration of Google Maps.

I hope this information helps Claire.

Why Not Silvester CreativeGold Member Why Not Silvester Creative
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21 April 2016
Hi Claire, you're right in thinking about using Google Maps, this would be the best and most cost effective solution. Google maps hold all of the GPS information you would need for the project, you just have to find the right web developer to write the appropriate scripts to run the queries you need to interrogate the Google API to display the correct map information.....or something like that, I'm not a developer. So if a developer can work out how much time it would take, then cost this project from there. I'm not a developer but estimate the daily rate to be around £250 then times that by a few days of work? You'd have to budget for a designer as well, you want the website shell to look branded and aesthetically pleasing - that's where we would come in :)

Heart IT Web DesignBronze Member Heart IT Web Design
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22 April 2016
Hi Claire,

Building such a website would cost you roughly £500 as a good starting point. This would give you the functionality you need as well as the ability to expand the business concept in the future if need be.


Joe @ Heart IT Web Design

Fraser Renton Creative MediaGold Member Fraser Renton Creative Media
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24 April 2016
Hi Claire,

It is difficult to quote without seeing a full outline for the business, however, it sounds like you are looking for something similar to AirB&B

Should you have an outline to forward I would be in a position to give you a breakdown of costs once I know full functionality required.


IOW GeekPink Power Member IOW Geek
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26 April 2016
Hi Claire

Sounds like an interesting project.

I'd be happy to give you a price for this but would be best to have a chat first to get an accurate picture of what you need.

Feel free to call any time on 01983 755067.

Best Regards


Adeo GroupPink Power Member Adeo Group
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4 May 2016
Hi Claire,

Google Maps have an API integrations (free and paid options). Depending on what you need there are different APIs - e.g. The Google Maps JavaScript API allows you to customize maps with your own content and imagery.

You can see the full list of Google Maps APIs here:

Adeo Group have worked on a similar project for the company MotoGoLoco which provide motorcycle routes. You can see it here:

For more information please feel free to contact us.


Nott Development StudiosSilver Member Nott Development Studios
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9 May 2016

It's Rob from Nott Studios.

Based on your description, website like that could be done for about £800, however, there are a lot of questions which need to be answered, and depending on those answers, the price may go up.

1) Would it require a booking system?
2) Would you like to update the website yourself or would you like somebody to do it for you?
3) Is it just a demo page or does it need to be full product, ready to use?
4) What would be the timeline and deadlines?
5) Do you have hosting and domain name?
6) How about branding? Does it already exist or would it need to be created?
7) I'm assuming web design company would be asked to design the website as well?

Like any website, both sides need to fully understand what is the purpose of it. Lot's of people ask us to design websites, yet they don't know what they want on it, and what message it should convey. Developing a successful website takes a lot thought from both sides, you as a client and us as people implementing it.

If you would like to receive a more in-depth answer, write to us on



urteamPink Power Member urteam
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8 June 2016
Hi Claire,

If know you submitted this some time ago but if you still require help then please get in contact. We work with many new businesses and charities and support these and although you are neither of these we may be able to do this at cost or even at no cost at all.

Kind regards


Cozy DigitalPink Power Member Cozy Digital
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10 June 2016
Hi Claire,

its difficult to estimate projects until a fuller brief but for what you are looking to achieve could be done for about £750 plus design on top.


Bismuth Digital Solutions LtdBronze Member Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd
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30 June 2016
Hey Claire!

The website that you're looking to build sounds rather simple and possible without and bespoke technology being put into place. Which would definitely save on cost.

Google maps can be posted, and allow custom markers placed on to for the particular map on your particular page. Here's an example of this technology being used :

All in all, if you're using existing technologies, the associated quote should not be high at all.


Omasha TechnologiesGold Member Omasha Technologies
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5 August 2016
Hi Claire,

It is difficult to quote an amount without seeing a full outline for the business, however, it sounds like you are looking for something similar to AirB&B as per suggestions.
It's better to get in touch with our Facebook Page you can find it through our company name Or get in touch with online chat available at our website.

Omasha Technologies

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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16 December 2016
Not sure if you are still looking for answers but if you are - drop me a line at

Suffescom SolutionsBronze Member Suffescom Solutions
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26 December 2016
Hope you got, what you want to know. All answers are appertained

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