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hello my question is
What is a cost of web space for launching a basic website and how much your company is gonna cost us for designing the same

submitted by shashank mittal on 20 November 2011


IOW Computer GeekPink Power Member IOW Computer Geek
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20 November 2011
Hi Shashank

The cost will depend very much on the kind of website you have in mind and how you want the website to function, if you send me an email to or give me a call on 07840 698791 so I can get some more details on the kind of site you want then I'll be happy to give you an accurate quote for hosting, web development and SEO plus details on build time etc.

Check out our website at for examples of our latest work.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Tnp HostGold Member Tnp Host
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20 November 2011
We charge alomost nil for your website . A 1 GB SPace is more than sufficient for ant website and you can get the same for just 700 Rs in our company website .
No need to contact us personally because our website is integrated with automatic instant setup facility with payment options like indian credit card and debit card .
If you are looking for designing quotation , you can log inside your account and demand a designing quotation

Renaissance HostingPink Power Member Renaissance Hosting
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20 November 2011
Hi Shashank,

We provide web space in all of our design quotes and our basic website package is only £300 + VAT.

If you would like to e-mail us to discuss your project we would be delighted to provide you with a simple quote and development process.

Call: 0161 408 4038
Skype: opendoormedia

Kind regards


Web India SolutionsGold Member Web India Solutions
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21 November 2011
Hi Mr. Shashank Mittal,

Web India Solutions is a renowned web hosting and website development company in Kerala. Visit our portfolio

Also, we do offer the service of a dedicated server at reliable price.

Comp Tek Web DesignGold Member Comp Tek Web Design
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21 November 2011
Hi Shashank,

Our web design services start at £95 including the first years hosting. We can provide you a full website built to your requirements including hosting or we can provide just hosting if that's what you require.

If you would like a quotation for your unique requirements I would be happy to provide one, just contact me via email if you prefer.


Kevin Mason
07788 887382

Joint PlanGold Member Joint Plan
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21 November 2011
Hi Shashank,

I can't stress this enough but your most important step is to understand what you want to acheive in having a website because your requirement may not turn out to be a simple / basic website. We'd like to provide a realistic price to acheive your goals.

Whether your website is for a business or you personally, knowing your goals allows Joint Plan to provide you with a realistic price.

To assist, our work starts at £495 and includes a lot of SEO research and work up front to help you achieve your goals.

Many Thanks,

Joint Plan
0800 08 07 017

nissinGold Member nissin
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21 November 2011
Hello M/s Shashank mittal

Our web design services start at 90$ including the first years hosting.

5 Static webpage
1 .com domain
100MB web space
2 mail id

Total cost is 90$


nissin technology

FirstFoundGold Member FirstFound
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21 November 2011
Hi Shashank

Our template websites start from just £299, and that includes one year's free hosting.

If you're interested, email, and mark the email "Website Design"

Yes, we do websitesGold Member Yes, we do websites
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21 November 2011
Hello Shashank,

We would be delighted to discuss your design requirments and charge £9 a month web hosting for up to 2GB of space. Our design and build service is £249.00 for set up and design and £40 a page after that.

Kind regards, Eleanor

White Rabbit DesignsSilver Member White Rabbit Designs
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22 November 2011
Dear Shashank,
I should be pleased to send you a quote if you give me a little more detail about your requirements.
My website at gives details of my costs, my design principles, examples of sites already produced, and comments from customers.
I never ask for any payment before the site is completed to a customer's satisfaction, and will provide one or two draft pages WITHOUT OBLIGATION to give clients a preview of what I can offer.
Please contact me!
Richard Harvey
(White Rabbit Designs)

Yammayap LimitedGold Member Yammayap Limited
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23 November 2011
My advice is find someone local, ask for references and look at the quality of the work in their portfolio. If they do not have a portfolio online, ask yourself why, they can't have much to be proud of.

Web hosting is a small cost, anything from £5 per month, but if you want support and help, pay a bit more so you know there is a person on the end of the phone who understands you and can help. My advice is keep control of your domain names and get FTP access to the site, get a copy of the site and then let your web designer host it for you.

Cost of a basic website can be anything from £99 up to £5k, you get what you pay for. Short list some local companies and check out what sort of quality they are producing. Set your self a (realistic) budget and ask them to supply examples of other sites in that budget region.

The reason I say local is that you can meet them, see what they are like as you will be forging a relationship with them, you want to be sure you can work with them and feel that you are important to them.

The Coder GuyBronze Member The Coder Guy
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25 November 2011
Hi shashank Mittal,

Our price for hosting is £17.99.

Our basic web design packages start from £79.

You can email me on and we can discuss more. New customers receive 10% off web design packages.

Also we have a flexi-pay program which enables you to have an afforsable pay monthly option.



TeckStyleGold Member TeckStyle
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25 November 2011
Please see our website for examples of our websites and graphic designs.

All of our sites are created from scratch (no templates) to our clients requirements.

Our hosting fee is just £25 per year (this includes free updates)

Our design and building costs start at £70 and will depend on the amount of content and features etc...

Contact us through our website or email

Stu Brook

Chimera StudiosGold Member Chimera Studios
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28 November 2011
Hi Shashank

Web hosting costs as little as £2.49 a month and our website packages start from just £149

Many thanks

eWebz - Design & CreateGold Member eWebz - Design & Create
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28 November 2011
We offer a free hosting solution to all our new clients at eWebz.

Also a free domain for 2 years, including free site maintenance and basic SEO all inclusive of our pricing.

Impossible to quote for a site without knowing the full details of the requirements, but would usually look around the £199 mark for a basic design.

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