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Do design agencies usually employ copy writers to assist with content, or expect client's to have that fully prepped ie do I need to get that done, before approaching a designer?

submitted by Jessie on 2 February 2017


Onestop WebshopGold Member Onestop Webshop
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4 February 2017
Hi Jessie.

Some agencies and designers employ copywriters or will have copywriters on their books who they can outsource to, while others don't. Any good agency will be able to put you in contact with a copywriter if you require assistance in this area - and their expertise can be invaluable in bring content to life.

In answer to the second part of your question, I would defintiely suggest that you don't delay approaching web designers until your content is ready if you do decide to write the content yourself. In my experience, when clients write the content both this and the process of designing the website go hand in hand and take place at the same time, with the client working on the content while I work on the website design / development. I find this approach works well, as it facilities dialogue as we discuss their business and refine both content and the design of the website to ensure it meets the needs of the business.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,
Onestop Webshop
eCommerce specialists

Larus DigitalBronze Member Larus Digital
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4 February 2017
Hi Jessie,

Quite often the expectation is that copy exists before design work begins, this allows the designer to create a website tailored to your content, rather than creating a design with lots of predefined boxes for you to fill with words and photos — if that makes sense?

Most web design agencies are able to put you in touch with a professional copywriter if they don’t offer that service themselves.

Hope this helps.


Calm DigitalGold Member Calm Digital
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6 February 2017

Different agencies work in their own unique way. We offer both solutions to our clients. Our in house digital marketing team can support our clients with copy writing or we can leave that up to our clients if they want to do it themselves, but we can advise or check the content for you.

Happy to have a chat and give you a bit more details on the process if you like. Our number is 01642 903030. I can ring you if you like

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Vivinspire Web Design MayoBronze Member Vivinspire Web Design Mayo
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7 February 2017
Hi Jessie,

In my experience, usually the clients prepare the content. It's good to have an idea of what pages and what content you will want to include in the website, before contacting designer. I usually require client to have full content ready within 3 weeks after agreement.

If you need an assistance with writing your copy, you can ask designer if they offer copywriting service or if they can recommend any reliable copywriter. When working with copywriter, you still have to prepare some material, answer some questions about your business etc. In the end,you know best what your business is about.

I hope that helps, all the best.

IOW GeekPink Power Member IOW Geek
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15 February 2017
Hi Jessie

In most cases you would be expected to contribute to the text content of the site, simply because you know your business best and you are the best person to give your business a narative. Once you have provided basic text content we would work with you then to edit that text content to make sure it is as search engine friendly as possible and of the correct length and quality to be effective.

Waiting for text content would not normally hold up the development of a website as there is work that goes on in the background to develop the site, create the design, build in all the functions that the site needs before adding any actual content to the site.

If you want to talk this over further feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards


Pixel Patch - Creative Web Design AgencyGold Member Pixel Patch - Creative Web Design Agency
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16 February 2017
Hi Jessie,

This really depends on your budget to be honest.If you have the budget then in-house copywriters can provide that professional copy for your website. It might feel like the place to cut corners but having professional copy is as important as a great looking website.

If you don't have the budget for it, then it's best to really sit down and think your content through. You mustn't just put down what you are thinking, you have to research the words you are putting down to make sure they are relevant and are what people are searching for on Google.

If you need any further assistance feel free to give us a call.

Best regards,
Pixel Patch

DigiryteGold Member Digiryte
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21 February 2017
That depends on the design agency. Some do, some don't, you just have to ask

Generally, as business owners understand their business, products and services best, it is recommended they provide most of such contect themselves. This ensures the information on your website is correct. Saying that, you don't have to have this at hand before starting a website project. All modern websites have a content management system that can be used to update content at any stage. So you can work on the content while the agency works on the designs.

Copy writing services are best utilised for providing information on 3r party sites, like social media articles or even blogs. For more legal information (i.e. your terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.) It's always best to consult a legal professional

Hope that helps

DraggardGold Member Draggard
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22 February 2017
Some do and some don't.
But the best is to consult with developers and SEO specialists, and then either write yourself or hire someone dedicated.
The trend in 2017 is for honest, personal copy, and nobody can describe your project, business or product better than yourself.

EMS Internet LtdSilver Member EMS Internet Ltd
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23 February 2017
Hi Jessie,

It depends on what your requirements are as a business. Ideally as a business we like to package in the writing of a website copy as this play a huge part in your long term positioning on the search engines. If you are speaking to the correct web design agency. They should be able to help you with this.

We always speak to our clients first when writing the copy as who knows your business better than you?

Feel free to give us a call if you need any help or further advice 0333 305 7275

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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6 March 2017
I agree with all of the the above. We have worked with both copywriters and clients to acheive great content. Remember no one knows your business like you. Having said that most developers can steer you in the right direction.

urteamPink Power Member urteam
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16 March 2017
Hi Jessie,

I hope you are well.

As an agency we provide this service if a client requires, however we advise or clients to draft up copy for the site as we are developing the designs and the development.

We first of all complete a design and development meeting with our client and then we discuss messages and site/page goals with the client. From this the designs are created with a good understanding of content per page that is needed.

We then ask the client to work with the content areas to help them create the right content for the site. However we have already discussed what will be needed per page before designs created.

Our clients then provide content we then tweak and then add to the site. Here you can view a Beauty Hub website we are developing and content has just been added to the site -

I hope this helps, if you require any help then just get in contact.


Evolution Design® Gold Member Evolution Design®
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7 April 2017
Your chosen agency should always be happy to give you advice but don't feel bound by it. The advice should be all the way between:
Your copy is fine, just needs some tweaks, stronger headlines, bullet points etc. All the way to advising a complete re-write by a professional, and lots in-between.

These days few design/web agencies can employ full time Copywriters, they tend to use freelancers - as our clients only want to pay for exactly what they use. So ask what type of copywriter are they, consumer, industrial, high tech, financial services etc. So you don't spend your time educating the copywriter about your industry. But if you are from a really obscure industry don't expect a perfect match.

Expect to spend a lot of time briefing them and taking their questions, it's very worthwhile to the end result.

Don't under budget it really takes time to get it right, but once done it ought to work on your website and across literature an even in your proposals. They will probably identify your key sales propositions, something to base your entire marketing effort on.

Hope that helps.


Neale Gilhooley
Evolution Design

DoodleIT North WalesPink Power Member DoodleIT North Wales
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1 June 2017
Often it's you the client who know best when it comes to your business.

However, if you're struggling to put good content together you can come up with key phrases / bullet points containing facts and knowledge to help somebody else elaborate on this and provide good SEO friendly content.

Content writing is often expensive and required much research especially if your business services / products are technical. Do what you can yourself and ask for help to complete may save you money!

Thanks and good luck,
DoodleIT Ltd

Turtlereality LtdGold Member Turtlereality Ltd
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23 July 2017
Copy writing is a very important part of a web site. Increasingly we are seeing the two most important aspects of a web site are good photography and we'll written copy. The photos are for people and the copy is firstly for Google and secondarily for your visitors.

Good web site text will explain your offering to both people and search engines, good photography then reinforces the image of your business.

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