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I'm looking to set-up/have designed a new website which I would like to manage myself, but is content management difficult for a 'non expert'?

Thank you

submitted by Jenny Burns on 17 November 2016


Antarees TechnologiesGold Member Antarees Technologies
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18 November 2016
Absolutely not in fact you can use any ready made CMS like Wordpress, Joomla etc that is completely free as stand alone installation or with any standard hosting package and good thing abt it is that you can manage your entire website your self without much technical know how .....just a basic tutorial from yourtube will get you going smoothly
hope this helps

Bennetts Website DesignBronze Member Bennetts Website Design
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18 November 2016
Hi Jenny,

The more popular CMS system being wordpress if setup correctly is very easy to make changes to text and images for a beginner.

The beauty is if you make some changes and don't like the look of them or something goes wrong you can revert back to a previous version of your site.

I hope this helps, there are lots of tutorials and videos online about this. Anything else i can help with please do let me know.

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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18 November 2016
A CMS should be easy to use if it is set up properly. We use Drupal and Wordpress and provide video tutorials for our clients to help them with anything they might find difficult but in 10 years I have never had a client have an issue with one.

Ariel Software SolutionsGold Member Ariel Software Solutions
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21 November 2016
Hello Jenny,

I can assist you in managing your website's CMS. Can we discuss through Skype. My Skype is ariel.bizz

Capital Web LtdGold Member Capital Web Ltd
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29 November 2016
Hi Jenny,

It depends on the type of content you want to manage. Beyond the initial design of the website, layout, graphics, sliders etc., bits like the copy/text are easy to edit, add to or change and similar with replacing images. If you want to run a blog, news or diary then yes, it is very easy once you have been shown. Depending on the chosen CMS there are plenty of tutorials on the web including YouTube.

Hope this helps,


Dynamic Digital Design AgencySilver Member Dynamic Digital Design Agency
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29 November 2016
Hello Jenny

As with any type of new learning process, it can always be a little tricky getting to grips with understanding how something works.

The brilliant thing about Wordpress (one of the leading CMS options) is that it is so simple to learn, you can literally be running your own content, imagery and personal touches to the site within a matter of minutes!

It's super user friendly, but if you ever get stuck there are millions of articles online for you to gain help, so it is really a friendly system to work with.

I hope that helps.


Renaissance HostingPink Power Member Renaissance Hosting
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30 November 2016
Hey Jenny,

A lot of people have already answered, but I'll add some extra reassurance.

Content management systems are meant to be set up to make the editing process, for non tech folk like yourself, a doddle.

If you are looking to set up yourself then WordPress is a great place to start. There are great sites out there like Themeforest where you can buy a theme and you can pay a small fee for installation.

Levels of service which may help....
I have completed works for low budget projects involving setting up templates and giving training on how to continue editing. We also offer full customised templates and bespoke templates for custom functionality.

If you're looking for specialist WordPress hosting, we can also offer a package which includes WordPress full set up for you to add a theme and build yourself.

No matter your budget, we can help.

If you would like to chat about what you might need please feel free to email me at

All the best!
WordPress Specialist
The Brand Geeks

Design For Online LtdGold Member Design For Online Ltd
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1 December 2016
I agree with the other answers on this query. Definitely stick to an open source and popular platform such as Joomla and Wordpress, tons of guides for both and also very easy to self manage.

Key DesignsPink Power Member Key Designs
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7 December 2016
An off the shelf CMS like Wordpress can get complicated and become difficult to use especially if the site is quite large and the has a lot of features.

The thing about Wordpress is that it is a DIY website builder not just a content management tool and it is possible to make a mistake and bring down your whole site.

A professional web design company would not use a DIY web builder like Wordpress, its like hiring a professional carpenter and then finding out he has gone to IKEA and bought flat packed DIY furniture.

It is however a good way to sort out the amateur 'have a go' web designers from the true professionals.. Wordpress = DIY = Amateur

A professional web designer will be able to build you a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) that will only allow to you manage your content. You won't able able to bring down the site and as its bespoke it will be very easy to follow.

Bespoke web design may not cost as much as you think.

Tmorph Digital DesignSilver Member Tmorph Digital Design
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13 December 2016
Hi Jenny,

Most importantly of all make sure you find a CMS that you like and will enjoy using, otherwise you will find it a task to make changes or add content to your website.

I have been designing websites for over 20 years for large and small clients and in that time have used many CMS solutions including two of our own design, programmed from scratch.

If your budget stretches to a bespoke CMS make sure you have a fantastic relationship with the company that develops it for you. Think ahead to how you will manage and support that piece of bespoke software if that relationship fails.

If you're using a solution off the shelf like WordPress there are a host of designers and developers at different levels who can support and help you improve and develop your website. With careful customisation WordPresss can be really simple to use and to avoid any system problems make sure you let the developers take care of software updates and maintenance and security.

Good luck with your search.

IOW GeekPink Power Member IOW Geek
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23 December 2016
Hi Jenny

The simple answer is no.

When we build your website for you we also provide tutorial videos for the content management system which take you through step by step how to add images, edit text, add news etc etc. We also provide 1 to 1 tutorials and free updates if you struggle with anything.

The most important thing about the content management system is that you can not break you site by using the CMS, it is a safe system.

If you would like to talk it over fee free to call anyt time.

Kind Regards


DigiryteGold Member Digiryte
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5 January 2017
The whole idea behind having a CMS system is to keep website updating and editing simple.

However, different CMSs offer different levels of control and, hence, their complexity can vary. If you need to keep it simple, Wordpress is quite ideal for beginners. It provides a reasonable amount of control and is very simple to use once setup correctly

urteamPink Power Member urteam
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11 January 2017
Hi Jenny,

It does depend but generally CMS websites such as WordPress as an example are very easy to edit and manage. However if you have never done something before then it can be impossible.

I would suggest that who ever you use that you ask for training and guides to help you now and later. This way you will understand how to use the website now and later on if you need to update something you have not done in a little while then you will gave a guide to look through.

Onestop WebshopGold Member Onestop Webshop
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14 January 2017
Hi Jenny.

Most of the answers here have focused around Content Management Systems (CMS), including the ever popular Wordpress (blog / publishing platform). But to answer your original question, no content management is fairly straightforward, providing you use your preferred content management system regularly. On of the features of CMS systems is that they remove the complexities of actually building web pages, and make it easy(ier) for non-developers to manage a website.

It is worthwhile investigating a few different content management systems and spending a few days gettting to know how each works. A good content management system will allow you to:

- find and amend articles, media (images, etc.) and other resources
- update content using either WYSIWYG (simple editor) or HTML mode
- update page templates (or at least use different templates depending on the pages purpose - home page, content, blog page, etc.)
- view and restore previous versions of an article
- manage users, and give different users different levels of access (i.e. so that users can only access / amend content for which they are resonsible

And above all, the CMS should include a good user manual / support forum to help guide you through the different features and help if you 'get struck'.

I hope that, along with the other answers here, help.

Kind Regards,
Onestop Webshop
eCommerce specialists

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