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Blog to help SEO
Would adding a blog to my website help me get a better google ranking? I have a wordpress template website but at the moment do not have a news or blog page. I have read in a few places that this will really help boost SEO, can anyone confirm?

submitted by Gareth on 10 May 2016


WebSiteOutletGold Member WebSiteOutlet
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10 May 2016
Hi Gareth,

Absolutely! A blog for a website is a major asset and in time will help to better rank in Google.
However there are some principal to remember, the most important one is “continuity”, it is imperative that once you start a blog, the articles have to be published regularly; the worse thing many website owner do is to start a blog with great intentions and then end it up publishing an article a month.

This not only doesn’t help with the possible audience, but most definitely is not something Google “will appreciate” on a long run.

So my advice will be to put in place a good management of your blog and if you don’t have time , there are so many companies, included ours!, that can manage your entire social media on your behalf leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Hope the above can help.

Dani Saxon-Mills

IOW GeekPink Power Member IOW Geek
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11 May 2016
Hi Gareth

Yes being pro active with your blog will most certainly help your search engine positions.

Blogging is just one of a number of things that you need in place for a good overall SEO strategy. Other things include being pro active with the social networks, making sure your website is mobile friendly, making sure your site loads quickly and ensuring your blog posts are key word rich.

If you need any further dvice feel free to get in touch at any time.

Adeo GroupPink Power Member Adeo Group
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13 May 2016
Hi Gareth,

Having a blog on your site is definitely important for a number of reasons:

- It gives your site new content, which can help with your ranking(s).
- It can improve your chances of ranking as your blog post will most likely be about a particular topic.
- It might be an idea to review your current posts and add in more keywords.

You can even outsource your content marketing to a digital agency.

If you have any more questions you can reach our team

Adeo Group

SR DigitalBronze Member SR Digital
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14 May 2016
Hi there thanks for your question

adding blog can increase the rank of your website as you have more chance to add relevant keywords into your titles and your blog posts. sometimes this causes your blog to have a better ranking than your homepage for example but if this it what your looking for then great. also posting regular content can again help with your rank but be sure to keep up with the updated to keep your rank


SR Digital

urteamPink Power Member urteam
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20 May 2016
Yes, 100% is the short answer. In terms of the search engines content is king and the more pages and content you have the better, however as with everything that is just the start. But don’t worry its fairly straightforward to get this right, if you follow this very simple guide below or contact us if you have any questions:

1. Think about why you want a blog, who your looking to attract and what is the ideal goals when the visitors hit your site.
2. Create a list keywords/phases that your customers may type to find your business (see note below).
3. Then create articles or news posts around these keywords and phrases and this will help increase the number of words that your website will be indexed in the search engines for.

NOTE: The one element to this is to be realistic, if you are a garage and operate in a local area then don’t try and rank for the word ‘Car Servicing’ as this is too generic and you probably have national and local firms who have been targeting these words for some time. The search engines now take in to consideration local search so this is fine but what would be better would be ‘Car Servicing Croydon’ as an example.

One last point, please make sure this is original content and not taken from another website!

I hope this helps


Mays-MediaBronze Member Mays-Media
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24 May 2016
Hi Gareth,

As I'm sure you are aware, SEO is dependent upon many different interacting requirements. On it's own, a blog won't necessarily help, but if the blog posts contain relative content to your website, and you link between them and share on social networking platforms, then yes it can help slightly. If you have the time then there is no harm in doing so. Saying that, you will need to make sure you set your Wordpress blog to have you moderate every comment before posting as spammers attack Wordpress sites alot, and I mean alot! It would be a good idea for you to add a reCaptcha plugin to any contact or comment forms to avoid 99% of spam. Good Luck!

Hillyfield ProductionsBronze Member Hillyfield Productions
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28 May 2016
Without doubt it influences Google Ranking,
Write catchy titles, a good tag line, a keyword intro sentence and SEO the back-end of posts and add categories to each post, do this every day for two weeks and you will see the difference.
I always try and use a great image and video to.

Osca WebsitesGold Member Osca Websites
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9 June 2016
Hi Gareth
Adding a blog can certainly help you as google loves content, however have you though about adding new pages to your existing website to make it more engaging?

Cozy DigitalPink Power Member Cozy Digital
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10 June 2016
Hi Gareth,

In short yes having a blog can help but you need to commit to adding fresh, unique content on an ongoing regular basis.

Dont write thinking about improving your seo results. Write good content that your customers will be interested in and the rest will follow.

hope that helps


Wingnut WebsitesGold Member Wingnut Websites
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18 June 2016
As mentioned by lots of people beforehand, a blog is a great way to improve your SEO on Google. However, consider the negative impact it can have if you run out of new content and the blog becomes very stale or is not updated frequently. Consider how you would feel if you visited a website and the last blog post was over six months old.....

Bismuth Digital Solutions LtdBronze Member Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd
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30 June 2016
Hi Gareth!

I would reccomend researching LSI or latent semantic index. Google ranks pages according to the density of not only your chosen keyword, but the terms commonly searched alongside it.

For example : When google is ranking sites about carpentry, it looks for associated commonly searched keywords alongside it such as "mahongany" or "polished". Having a blog will help you fill out these associated keywords and also bump up the overall word count of your site, which can be a massive help.

Hope this was helpful!
- Tom at

D & M Digital Creations LtdGold Member D & M Digital Creations Ltd
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11 July 2016
Google search engine said it best. Content is king putting it simply the more you add to your site the more the search engines rack up internal links and content...

Every little helps right. In this case its definately true posting those blogs and posting post links on social media is a sure fire way to kick start any seo campaign

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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4 August 2016
Yes of course it will because it is adding content to your website. I recommend it to all my clients.

It doesnt have to be war and peace and can just be a simple paragraph about the job you are working on etc.

Good luck

Blush DigitalGold Member Blush Digital
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15 November 2016
Adding a blog to your website will definitely increase your search engine rankings, if you keep it up to date with good, consistent content.

It's also extremely easy to do as you're currently on WordPress.

Key DesignsPink Power Member Key Designs
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7 December 2016
Blogs do help with SEO but not as much as they used to around 5 or 6 years ago before Google's updates that targeted poor or black hat SEO practices.

A blog on your own website won't necessarily help your site climb the rankings but it can bring in extra visitors or potential clients especially if you use some good titles so Google can index your blog posts for what's know as 'long tailed' search terms.

A separate blog that links to your main website is good for helping your main website to rank higher, it must however be linked to the same niche to give the backlinks credibility.

Some people say backlinking is dead, its not, poor backlinking is dead, I still backlink for my clients and get very good results, of course this is part of a campaign that involves onsite SEO, traffic building and article posting.

Hope this info helps

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