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Best way to use social networks
With social networks seemingly now flooded with marketing, what is the best way to market my small company while maintaining its integrity - is social marketing still a powerful tool?

submitted by Gavin James on 20 January 2017


SEO StokeBronze Member SEO Stoke
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21 January 2017
Hi Gavin,

It is worth doing if your customers are most likely to be there on that same platform.
It's best to stick to 1 or 2 and do them well than spread yourself too thin, as it is easy to get discouraged when no-one retweets, repins, follows, likes, +1's you etc so focus on finding your potential customers and which platforms they favour and go from there.
They don't work for everybody so don't feel that you have to be on there as it takes time to engage and produce content worth sharing.
What is the business niche you are working in as that may well dictate the best social network to be on, if at all?

Medden Website DesignPink Power Member Medden Website Design
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24 January 2017
Yes Social Marketing is a powerful tool but as long as it is managed correctly. Know your customer and how they interact. Look at your competitors and realise you have to do what they are doing but better.

We run social marketing campaigns but we tailor them to suit the client and market they are aiming at.

IOW Computer GeekPink Power Member IOW Computer Geek
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27 January 2017
Hi Gavin

These days using the social networks is a necessary evil. It would be easy to get yourself tied up in knots trying to use all of them so the best option is to use just a couple to get things going, for example facebook and twitter. If you want to draw attention to your website via the social networks it is always best to inlcude links to your site in your tweets and posts when it is relevent to do so. If you need any further advice on this feel free to get in touch.


The Brand GeeksPink Power Member The Brand Geeks
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27 January 2017
Hi Gavin,

I would say difinitately! But without knowing what type of company you have and the audience you would be aiming at I couldn't give you any suggestions on the best platforms for your business.

If you would like to get in touch with us, we may be able to offer you some free initial advice and/or you can pick up some social media freebies on our website.

We also have a blog post which you may find helpful

All the best with your digital marketing and if you need anything please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Phillippa Christie
Web Geek
The Brand Geeks

Intrango Web DesignPink Power Member Intrango Web Design
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21 March 2017
This has become a huge question for small and medium business owners as maintaining social media takes time. But there are some other simple tools which you can easily use to deal with your social media accounts. One of such great tool is HootSuite.

HootSuite is an online platform develop by a company from Vancouver, Canada. This little online platform allows you to maintain few social media accounts at the same time. On the free version, it will allow you up to three main social media accounts. But on the paid versions you can maintain more social media accounts.

We have been using HootSuite for many years to save our time. When we have something to share or post on our social media accounts, we simply login to our HootSuite account and then after few clicks we can post on many social media accounts. You will be having an options to select the social media accounts you like before posting your post.

Since creating traffic from social media accounts is a must for better SEO, you really will have to maintain them to get the attention of people. Why not try using an online platform like HootSuite to maintain the integrity of your business across your social media accounts.

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