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Price ranges
I'm finding it difficult to determine how much is reasonable to spend on a new website & am getting conflicting advice. As a start-up we have to be realistic but recognise that, as we need e-commerce element, under £1k may not give us what we need. Is there a reliable, non-biased, guide to price ranges and what one gets within them?
submitted by Sarah Parker at 29 November 2016

15 answers

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CMS Content Management Systems

I'm looking to set-up/have designed a new website which I would like to manage myself, but is content management difficult for a 'non expert'? Thank you Jenny...Read full question

Jenny Burns | 17 November 2016 | 14 answers

Financial comparison website in php script Development and programming

Hi, I think every website designer and developer here knows about gocompare, moneysupermarket, uswitch, and any other financial comparison website. They compare numerous of product from insurance,......Read full question

Garyie | 19 September 2016 | 5 answers

SEO and blog Social Web (blogging, social networks)

Hi, Can annyone tell me if adding a blog to my website will help with my google ranking? I have heard a few people say this. Also how easy would it be to add a blog or would I need to start again?......Read full question

Tom | 11 July 2016 | 15 answers

Photography Design and usability

When getting a website built do I need to provide all of the photography? My business is recruitment and I would like lots of images on the website but I do not necessarily need them to be photos of......Read full question

Meredith | 31 May 2016 | 15 answers

Blog to help SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Would adding a blog to my website help me get a better google ranking? I have a wordpress template website but at the moment do not have a news or blog page. I have read in a few places that this will......Read full question

Gareth | 10 May 2016 | 15 answers

Costs for building a website Choosing a website design company

For school, I need to make a businessplan for a new concept. This concept needs a website and I was wondering how much building this website would cost. The concept: a map/gps where all accomodationpossibilities......Read full question

Claire Van Roey | 20 April 2016 | 13 answers

Mobile design Design and usability

I need to get a small website made for my window cleaning business. I think most of my customers might visit the website on their phones or ipads as well as computers. Would I need to pay extra to get......Read full question

Phil | 21 March 2016 | 15 answers

What type of hosting Hosting

Hi, I am hoping to get my website redesigned soon. I have been making some enquiries and keep getting asked if I want hosting. What is the difference in buying my own hosting or getting it through the......Read full question

Selina | 11 March 2016 | 15 answers

custom urls Choosing a website design company

Any can help me what is the meaning custom urls? how can i create? What is the use of it in ecommerce?...Read full question

Nandan | 3 March 2016 | 12 answers

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