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Asking the right questions
Am looking for advice on some key questions to ask a prospective web designer - apart from how much is it going to cost me! I need a website for my start up business and am prepared to invest some time and some money in it, but there are so many companies on this site I'd like some canny questions to help me pick the best fit for me. Thank you!
submitted by Lucy A at 9 April 2017

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looking for design feedback Design and usability

Hi everyone, i have recently decided to set up my own little comparison website, yawnnnn, anyway, as a none designer, I have been using to build the site, what i am looking for is feedback on......Read full question

rob | 14 March 2017 | 10 answers

Pop-up boxes Design and usability

We want to create a pop-up 'subscribe to our email list' for our website - can they be done in a way that isn't annoying to website visitors?...Read full question

Gwen Gee | 3 March 2017 | 10 answers

Copy style Website Content

Do design agencies usually employ copy writers to assist with content, or expect client's to have that fully prepped ie do I need to get that done, before approaching a designer?...Read full question

Jessie | 2 February 2017 | 12 answers

email campaigns Choosing a website design company

I am thinking of launching a new business website to offer targerted email marketing campaigns for web designers and marketing companies, I was looking for some feedback as to what would be a good offer......Read full question

rob barnes | 24 January 2017 | 4 answers

Best way to use social networks Social Web (blogging, social networks)

With social networks seemingly now flooded with marketing, what is the best way to market my small company while maintaining its integrity - is social marketing still a powerful tool?...Read full question

Gavin James | 20 January 2017 | 6 answers

Price ranges Choosing a website design company

I'm finding it difficult to determine how much is reasonable to spend on a new website & am getting conflicting advice. As a start-up we have to be realistic but recognise that, as we need e-commerce element,......Read full question

Sarah Parker | 29 November 2016 | 15 answers

CMS Content Management Systems

I'm looking to set-up/have designed a new website which I would like to manage myself, but is content management difficult for a 'non expert'? Thank you Jenny...Read full question

Jenny Burns | 17 November 2016 | 14 answers

Financial comparison website in php script Development and programming

Hi, I think every website designer and developer here knows about gocompare, moneysupermarket, uswitch, and any other financial comparison website. They compare numerous of product from insurance,......Read full question

Garyie | 19 September 2016 | 5 answers

SEO and blog Social Web (blogging, social networks)

Hi, Can annyone tell me if adding a blog to my website will help with my google ranking? I have heard a few people say this. Also how easy would it be to add a blog or would I need to start again?......Read full question

Tom | 11 July 2016 | 15 answers

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