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Do I need Wordpress to manage my website?
Do i need to use Wordpress/Joomla is i want to manage my own website? My company is looking for new website, we are a large investment company based in Manchester and require regular updates for our website.... We wanted a bespoke website - for reasons i won't go into here - but have been told by a couple of developers that we must use a content management system like Wordpress or Joomla which we didn't want to do.. One developer also told us that we must also sign up to a maintenance package because our site will need regular updates to fend off hackers.. to me this just doesn't seem right? Can anyone give me advice? A site we like doesn't seem to have been built by one of these systems and is updated frequently... Its a rival so we can really approach them..
submitted by Bradely Howells at 28 November 2017

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Photography website Design and usability

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Mobile responsiveness Search Engine Optimisation

Hello everybody. I work for a small education company and we are looking to get our website redesigned over the next year. We've grown over the past few years and the user experience on the website needs......Read full question

Frances Taylor | 1 June 2017 | 12 answers

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