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Specialized in Mobile Development, Drupal development, Android and iOS applications.

IN, Kerala, Trivandrum

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Key Facts

Clients & Projects: 21
Reviews: 13
Average reviews rating:
4.7 Stars

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi and Malayalam
No. of Employees: 21-50
Established: 2009
Joined WWDC: 2010

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- Branding
- Design
- Hosting
- Online Marketing
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Development
- Social Media
- Mobile application development


We have worked extensively with Drupal Development and have provided Drupal based solutions to our clients ranging from almost every business domain, and from every part of the world. Our skilled and proficient Drupal Developers has unparalleled experience building high performance, secure and scalable Drupal platforms.

Industry Sectors

Tourism & Travel, IT, Professional Services, Entertainment, Manufacturers & Engineers, Media & Communication, Retail, Educational, Building & Construction, Other, Health & Beauty

Tends to work with

Startup, Private Company, Entrepreneur, Corporation / Public Company, Non-profit Organisation, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)

General location of clients:


Content Management System:

We use third party Open source CMS only upon clients special request. For the rest cases we manage everything with our own brand CMS.

We Recommend:

Accountant: Bolden & Long
Lawyer: Thomas Higgins & Co
Printer: HP
SEO expert: Devbridge
Hosting company: GoDaddy

Recent Projects

  • Kunsthaus


    Kunsthaus is a London based online gallery. Our online platform is designed to explore the artist as an individual and understand the context of his/her artwork. Read More

  • MilkPal


    Milkpal's prime objective to find effective and efficient marketing systems to help dairy farms so as to get best price for the quality milk they produce. Milkpal ensure the quality of milk based on total bacterial count, somatic cell count, freezing point, protein etc and gives best payment for the... Read More

  • Superb Concepts

    Superb Concepts

    Superb Concepts Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Reviewed on 19 Aug, 2013
    Company recommended by reviewer Its a pleasure to work with them. They have good knowledge in Drupal, Codeigniter, iOS, android and BlackBerry development. I have completed around 13 projects with them so far. Nice Guys with awesome thoughts. They proved that th...  Read More

    Linus Pratty
    — Kunsthaus

  • Reviewed on 31 Jul, 2012
    Company recommended by reviewer Lightrains understood what we wanted to build intuitively. They offered advice on features and UI as we were building and created a fantastic platform which was robust, fast and scalable. We had such a hard time finding someone to...  Read More

    Alexey A
    — Hard case

  • Reviewed on 8 Dec, 2010
    Company recommended by reviewer Hi guys, I am happy to find you there. Sree krishna Education Foundation was formed in the year of 1994 and has come up to become one of the most trusted educational organization in the world "World of knowledge". Now the trust h...  Read More

    Soniya S
    — SK Education Foundations


Q : Describe your company in 5 words.
A : Not just interactive its innovative.

Q : Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
A : We are sure that our company can become an MNC in the next 7 Years. Our team makes me think like this.

Q : How was your company name chosen?
A : Everyone starting their business in a vision that it will grow. We helps to grow your business tree by providing light and rain. Hence the name lightrains

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What Is Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is a process of choosing the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases related to your site and ensuring that this ranks your site highly in search engines so that when someone searches for specific phrases it returns your site on tops. It basically involves fine-tuning the content of your site along with the HTML and Meta tags and also involves appropriate link building process.

4 Most Important PHP Security Measures
We can say that PHP is a mature language with lot’s of useful, but potentially dangerous features. The rapid growth of the language and the dynamic nature of the Web let people easily create dynamic web pages without any prior knowledge in computer science or the architecture of the Internet.

.htaccess - Have you tried it ?
.htaccess files (or "distributed configuration files") provide a way to make configuration changes on a per-directory basis. A file, containing one or more configuration directives, is placed in a particular document directory, and the directives apply to that directory, and all subdirectories thereof.

New web trends
In the past 12 months, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the world of web design. Growing popularity in the mobile device space — including smartphones and tablets like the iPad — have refined the way many users access and interact with content. Likewise, the formal adoption of web standards like HTML5, web fonts and CSS3 by browser makers means that more and more users are now able to take advantage of the latest and greatest features on the web.

Social Media Trends for 2011
Marketing's no longer a monologue. Social media channels - from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube - have turned that old one-way road from you to your customers into a series of two-way highways with numerous intersections.

10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Development Company
10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Development Company

Typography | Web Page Design for Designers
Choosing a typeface can be tricky. The beauty and complexity of type, combined with an inexhaustible supply of options to evaluate, can make your head spin. But don’t be baffled — and don’t despair. While there are no easy-to-follow rules on how best to choose a typeface, there are many tried-and-true principles you can quickly learn and apply to make an appropriate typeface choice.

How to fix WordPress Malware Script Attack.
Our server was hacked, and all PHP files were infected. The infected PHP file was injected with a malicious code / malware, see below, the code calls another PHP file and run it’s program. In order, to clean the files I need to removed the malware or malicious codes on each files. It is really frustrating if you have hundreds of infected files. so, what I did is, I created a script that will do that automatically.

Cross platform mobile application development
The idea of cross platform is one of the most beautiful and innovative concepts introduced into the smart phone industry. “Build one and run on all.” this was available in plain sight like a diamond covered with dirt, but no one recognized its true potential back then, Hats off to the person who introduced this spark.

Specify custom module dependancy in Drupal 7
How to specify custom module dependancy on a specific dev version in Drupal 7

Google Search operators
If you're not finding what you're searching for after using our basic search tips, try a search operator.

Why IPV6 ?
When the inventors of IPv4 designed it , They never thought that the internet is going to be a big hit and the address space wouldn't be a constrain.