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5 Tips to Getting a Quality Website on a Budget

Whether you are a startup company that has yet to invest in your online presence or an established business looking to freshen its image, sometimes the only thing holding you back from building a new website is the thought of spending a considerable sum of money.

So here are our 5 top tips on finding a good web design company that fits within your budget:

1. Be realistic about your budget

Well designed, basic e-commerce websites start from around the £2,000 mark. The more bells and whistles you add, the more hours a company will need to spend developing the functionality, so your budget should increase to reflect this.

2. Know your maximum budget

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how much they intend to allocate to the project. Have a (realistic) maximum figure in mind when you shop for quotes and if you’re a little bit flexible on the design itself, discuss with your designer what functionality you could compromise on to keep within your budget.

3. Buyer beware

Beware of companies offering hard-to-believe prices and read the small-print. Those companies offering a £100 e-commerce solution will often tie you in to some sort of hosting plan that involves a monthly fee and long-term contract. If you’re opting for this type of deal, do the maths and make sure the total cost still fits within your budget.

4. Get quotes

Smart companies shop around. Make sure you get quotes from a few companies before settling on one to make sure you’re getting the best balance of price and quality. If you are in a hurry or simply don’t know where to start, you could use our website quote tool to get 4 free quotes from UK web design companies.

5. Read reviews

Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s worthwhile doing some homework and reading reviews from customers who have used the web design company before to make sure they suit the needs of your business. Browse the portfolio of their previous projects to see if their design style is in line with what you are looking for.

Hopefully you now have the right tools to find a trusted web design company – best of luck with your project!

5 ways not to go over time and budget

We’ve all had it. That dreaded feeling that creeps over you like a very dark cloud when you’ve spent two days working on something that should have taken you two hours. Or so you thought. Then comes the strike of panic as you quickly calculate how terribly you’ve underestimated the scale of the entire project. What seemed like a tiny, insignificant requirement in the client’s brief has turned itself into a whopping great thorn in your side. This project is now eating into your time like a fat kid eats cake.

And dare we mention budget? You’ve undersold your services so much that you’re practically paying them to employ you.

Fear not – we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a trusty checklist that will help you get the initial communication right, saving everyone time and money.

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9 Things Clients Wish Their Web Design Agencies Would Do

Steps to Hassle-Free Web Design

Hiring a web design agency can be a stressful thing for many clients. They might not say it out loud, but most of the time they lack technical know-how and can’t tell a good agency from a bad one. Add a few stray horror tales of clients being burned in the past by shady freelancers, and you can see why many clients would rather swim in shark infested waters than go through yet another design agency hiring process.

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6 Things Designers Wish Their Clients Knew

Keys to a Happy & Productive Client-Designer Relationship

We all know that a website is a requirement for many businesses these days, the industry has expanded rapidly, so why is it then that so many designer-client relationships end badly? We know both sides need to understand each other, but if you are about to start work with a web design agency, here are a list of things that would be helpful for you to know to establish a good working relationship from your side.

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