5 places to look for client reviews and recommendations on a Website Design Agency

Reviews sites are popping up left, right and centre to help the consumer choose a product or service based on recommendations.  We’ve created a list of the top 5 websites which offer independent reviews of Web Design Agencies from their existing clients.

#1 Which Web Design Company
A website exclusively for Web Agencies. Existing clients can leave reviews and rate the company’s services (customer service, on time, on budget and end result satisfaction) which together give the overall rating. All companies are listed in search results in order of their WWDC Rank Score. A company’s profile also consists their clients and projects, photos of their team and office, an interview, articles they can upload.

#2 Freeindex 

One of the largest Free Business Directories with listings of around 20,000 companies providing web services. Existing clients can write reviews and rate the companies services out of 5. A client looking for a web designer can browse the directory, or enter their details and request a quote from 5 companies.

#3 Recommended Agency Register

As well as providing a register of all agencies who have at least 3 recommendations from their clients, they also provide a consultancy service and online resources to help marketing professionals source and select the right agency.  They have a directory of marketing agencies, of which web design agencies form part of it. Their market is predominantly larger corporate brands as opposed to SMEs.

#4 Trust Pilot 

Trustpilot is an open, review driven community connecting online consumers with the companies they buy from. The majority of their reviews are for the retail industry, but they are a growing company. Their listed Web Agencies are under the “For Companies” section and divided  into Webdesign, Ecommerce and CMS. Existing clients leave reviews and rate the services out of 5.

#5 ReviewCentre
A large community of customers who review products and services. The B2B sector is not big for them, but they have do have a database of a few hundred companies which have been reviewed on here, so worth checking out.

And just one extra (although it’s not a reviews website): #6 UKWDA

Although not officially a reviews website,  it deserves a mention has it hosts a directory of the largest number of web design agencies and companies in Europe. You will have no doubt seen their badge displayed on many web design agency websites.


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