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I would like a new website built
Hi, I am after a new wordpress website that I own and manage - like my Virtually Anywhere one above. I have the hosting sorted and have bought the domain. So my initial thoughts for my website are: • To have my own header with logo my designer is sorting this • I would like to offer a sign up under the header that goes across the width of the home page, but a right side bar on all other pages • I have picked a responsive theme I think this means it changes as per the device it is seen on • I want to be able to have links to other pages on my home page to other pages with a short description, I have seen this theme how can you tell if it can be changed as to my requirements. I have seen a few other themes that I like but I know they are customisable and this is the style I like. Other things • Share buttons on blog like this • Link to mail list in side bar • Linked to Google Analytics - I can get this done separately if needed. • SEO plug in I have all in one SEO but also heard of • Blog • Back up the site / antivirus • Contact form • I would also like a pop up contact me button on each page I think I hope this all makes sense, I have a budget of £300 can anyone help. Once the main part is all set up I can go in and add pages and I can add some plugins. I would love to hear from you, Jade
submitted by Jade Pluck at 12 November 2014

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